hi!!!!!guys iam soooooo sorry iam so late because i was so busy … last i will ask u one question about my ff i depends on u of next episodes…..


here all comes to garden and serves paratha&lassi and eat and chitt chat…..

while twinkle eating paratha some food stuck in her lips kunj says but she doesnot get so he cleans her lips by his hand smothly both r in the eye contact (sajana ve plays)

just ishan (kid)come and says chachu u r giving a chachi goodnight kiss how mom gives to dad….

they come in scence all laugh bebe says badmash ……(noty boy)

nisha says lets game …..
twing,nisha,uv,niki&cherry play truth(or)dare….

They bottle the fire between them it stops to uv….
nisha questions…
n:t or d
n: u have choosen dare so u have to pour a bucket water over his head but he should not wearing his shirt he say that he will not do..
all says need to do….

just cherry gets water and he pour it over him he screams(ahhhhhhhh) all laugh…..

the bottle spins again….
it stops to twinkle …..
question by nisha…..
n:t or d
n:do u have any boyfriend?
do u love some one????
kunj gets shocked and eagarly waiting for name of a person..
t:he is my bro uv ….(funny voice)
all what kunj what syappa queen tune tu mujhe darhe diya….
t:why if i have any boy friends u have any prblm???u know in teeneage all has atleast one boyfriends or girlfriends
k:y i too have so many u r jealous
t:nooo iam not i think u r jealous u said tune tu mujhe dara he diya in(funny tune)
they started arguying…..

ohhhh!stop bhaya bhabi how much u fight
t:no nisha iam not fiting u r brother u shuld take my side my side iam your bhabi aaaaa
k:nooooo nisha iam bro

nisha says i dont take any one sides now just we will continue our game u argue after games……

twing give an angry look to each other…….

then they spins the bottle again it stops to kunj…..
question by niki
n:t or d
n:d u belive in love?what is love?
k:he looks at twinkle&says yes i belive in love is such a feeling we can fell & we can do any thing and fight with anyone for our love….

both look at each other lovingly screen freeze……

pls answer my questions via comments ….

1)when do u want twing to confess their love before marriage or after marriage pls comments……..

before marriage u can enjoy marriage rituals with full of twinj romance…….

after marriage u can enjoy marriage rituals as usual …..

pls comments next epi depends upon u then only i can continue my story line……..

any say how was my 11th epi….

Credit to: zarmeen.


  1. Jaya

    Confess after the marriage! It’ll be fun to see them waiting for each other to confess. Today’s epi was awesome 🙂

  2. Vinnie

    First your epiosde was awesome..secondly before marriage….eagrly waiting for your next episode..

  3. Cutie pie

    Nyc part i want it b4 marriage cz want to see dir romance aftr marriage also
    ot lot lot of romance

  4. baby

    Amazing episode but luv confession definitely b4 marriage n majority of ppl say dis only n den of course want 2 ennjoy twinj romance

  5. Aakanksha

    As u wish dear…I am fine with anything…btw y hav a doubt do u deliberately say twing or its typing error coz….twinkle + kunj makes twinJ….Btw awesome epi…waiting for the next 1

  6. Hey zarmeen firstly awesome epi nd sec. After marriage tbhi toh mza aye ga tashan nd ishq dekhne mei nd bki aap ko jo acha lge mei ap k sath hu…btw sid se bat huwi ap ke?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.