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twing come into there scence and kunj is lost in her beauty
twinkle oh mr.where r u lost?u cant see and walk say sorry oooh why iam sorry its your fault and seen a handsome boy&come into his arms&instead of saying thankyou i had help u….
twinle: when i asked u to help me&u r handsome u r khadose what nothing she takes all things both gave an angry look and goes to opposities direction ……
tashan ne ishq ……..plays……..

twinkle goes home angry&calls ma ma.
leela:what happen beta?
t: nothing ma one mr.khadose see destroyed &so many loss
l:its ok beta dont be angry&what do u call?who is khadoose?
t:ma that that….
a sounds come from back a girl shouts what is this ma? this is break fast i cant eat this oil things.. she kavya younger sis of twinkle (she selfish only things about hereself)
t:what happen kavya?why r u shouting at ma?
k:just shut up di here no one love me in this house i cant fulfill my dream allso
t: no we love u so much say what do want?
k:i want thousand RS
t:she see in here pocket only 1300RS R left but allso she gives.
k:thanks she goes
l:why do gave beta? she waste the money?

dadi:y your ma is right.
t:no ma when she will grow she will know her wrong things but i love my family what is money beyond my family.
d:god bless u beta

next scence
here kunj is thinking about twinkle nisha comes and call bhai bhai where r u lost he come into scence nothing
n:maa is calling for dinner?
k: go i will come&he smiles andgoes.

dinning table
manohar:kunj in office u r employe for me behave well and patels r coming for deal& u should present in meeting is very important?
k:yes dad?

next day
twinkle goes to patels office& first of office raunak patel( he is doind illegal business and sees girls in a wrong way)
t:may i come in sir?
r:y come in&sees her and say welcome miss twinkle taneja he come very close to her&u r looking beautiful
t:she feels uncomfortable
r:your is assist me but sir wait when as my mode i will keep as i think ok
t:she thinks of family&say ok

next scence
here kunj knows about him all he had read all his biodata his friend(salman)says about him all kunj is angry and decided to revelved true face through public.

manohars cabin
patel&twinkle r sitting manohar calls kunj and introduced he is hell shocked to see twinkle with him

m:ok patel sir meeting in 1hour u assist in waiting hall

twinkle goes kunj follows her
k:wait i want to talk to u some important
t:but i dont want to talk to u
k:pls listen to me once
t:what do u want?i have to do some important work which boss has given me?
k:he gets angry hearing boss name and says what boss ha?your boss is using u?
t:she is shock &she recalls how he was talking to her?
k:r u ok?
t:she has tears in eyes?
k:see twinkle dont cry?iam with u you live this job?
t:no she says my family depends on me?iam in need of work
k:kunj wipes her tears&keeps her hand her shoulder
k:says i will help u iam with u?i will find a good job for u?
now we have to revleved true face of patel through public
k:tu mera sath deagi na?
t:yes&she smile
kunj sees her smilie and lost in her eye&happy screen freeze …….

precap:patel try to take advantage of twinkle&kunj is finiding here and he sees in that state beat him black and blue…..

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and if u support guys i would try to write 1percent of yours like good ff…….

Credit to: zarmeen.

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