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He guyz remember me!!!

I’m ireena…I’m really very exited to share a news with u all…my mom promised she will give me my phone after Ramzan there’s a reason behind it I’ll tell u in first episode of my new ff…

so here is the trail or of it

It was a normal day. As usual,I was a bit late for my drawing classes.I didn’t even get the time to comb my hair properly nor brushmy teeth,I just wanted to finish that project back at the workshop.I’ve been working on it for days now,and today was thelast day for the mannequin to pose for us.I just had to finish it.So I left in a rush and finally got to the studio.Oh my God, there was nobody on the corridors.I entered the workshop and made my way quietly through my colleagues.Arre… someone was sitting at my desk.

‘Excuse me’I whispered he turned to face me,I immediately felt weird looking into his eyes,such was their depth
‘Yeh mera seat hai’
‘Oh’he looked at me but didn’t move
‘Excuse me’I repeated He looked at me again, oh God,what’s gotten into me,that look…
‘I need to finish vmy drawing’he looked at it, it was lying on the desk‘This drawing?’he didn’t even bother to whisper,his voice was so intense

‘Haan’I barely whispered Eventually he got up and let me sit but he went to Vivek,which was sitting right behind me and I heard him demanding he got up I tried not to think about it,but I couldn’t focus on the mannequin. Kitni rudeness, haina? How could he just tell Vivek to move like that? Who was he anyway?I never saw him around before.I tried and tried to focus my attention on my drawing but…I think I felt his breath on my hair.Am I going nuts?I just had to steal a glimpse of I turned to him
‘Do you happen to have an eraser?’
He was looking straight into my eyes, as if he knew I was going to turn and ask him something he then lowered his gaze and I turned to see what he was looking at- my eraser was on my desk
‘Oh’ I hardly smiled ‘Sorry’ Sorry? God Swara,what’s with you today.Oh my God.I just remembered. My hair!…My breath!? And he was so close. Wait…why am I even thinking about this. Who is he?Why do I feel his gaze burning my insides?

So this the ff I’m going to start I just thought to give u the hint of it. Then u all will tell me should I continue or not if yes then I’ll continue it after Ramzan.

i miss u all like hell…do you miss me…Do u miss my Don…if I’m back then my Don will be back soon…

actually I’m thinking to start season 3 of Don and his Roma…do u want it.

I write the epilogue of it but TU were not receiving any ff…so I deleted it as I was writing in my brother’s phone so sorry for that…but now I’m going to start season 3…r u gyuz excited if yes then shoot your comments I’m waiting for it…if I get a good response then also I’m going to continue my both ff’s.

love you all remember me in your comments??????????

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  1. Hahaha we miss Don and his roma, so nyc to see u again

  2. thamiazh magan

    loved to see don 3. but dear do concentrate on ur studies also as u r having the xam this year…

  3. Sweetie

    Ireena dear..How are you??Missed you so much and you are back.. 😀 Yayyyy!!!

    You should definitely continue this FF..As you are back,Don will also get his entry soon,I’m already dying to meet him,so please start the third season after Ramazan.. 😀

    Please convey my thanks to your mom for giving phone to you.. 🙂

    You know you are one of my fav writers and I love you so much..Please keep writing..Lots of love and keep smiling dear.. 🙂 <3 All the best for your studies.. 🙂

  4. Come back. right after Ramzan no problem loved it and loved your don too. Study well and write only you get time or bored with studies.

  5. Soujanya


  6. Sumeeta

    Yep continie dr.come back soon ireena nd tumko ramzaan mubarak ho

    1. Sumeeta

      Story ka nam kya rakhogi tum?jaldi batana

  7. Yippppieee…u r back i am really glad dat u r back!!! Nd yeah ofcourse i miss u…nd ya itz good and plzzzzz give epilogue of don nd his roma plzzzzz nd waiting fr ur new ff toooo….take care dear :-*

  8. Jwala

    superb dear. . continue soon

  9. I m very happy to see u again…yr yaar i missd my don very very much…i ws waitng for epilogue…bt pls continue with season3…i lvd to see don nd roma as parets…i hav a dbt do u continue with season 2 or new plot.,bt pls give a promo…nd also study well dear.. Ur new ff promo is awsm..who is dat boy??our cutie pie sanky? Make it swasan in dis ff too…waitng for nxt chptr nd also for my don:-P

  10. Yes plz continue I am very excited come back soon love you

  11. Plz can u give the link for all the episodes of don and his Roma( both seasons).. I just read last episode and now I really need all episodes….. Plzz plzzzz plzzzzzz……. I couldn’t get episodes in Google..?.. Plz help me IREENA….. And as usual this one is also mind blowing…..

  12. Aashi

    It was my bad luck that I couldn’t cope up with your previous ff…but this time I’m surely going to read it!!
    N the start was awesome ?

  13. Sree

    ??? u r really back. Actually when i saw ur name in title i was kind of shocked and i thought it was someone else. But when i read it my happiness knew no bound. God i am very very happy to see u back?????? i am still smiling. How r u dear?????
    I will be the most happiest person if u start season 3. I cant stop myself from thinking about it?????. This ff is also very nice?.
    Love u a lotttt??????????

  14. Jenisha

    Di plz season 3….. I missed your don and you too like hell……love you??

  15. Sujata14

    I am like jumping to see my don back…. u cant measure my happiness ?????????????????. ……
    Yup this promo is also too good…
    I missed you a lot… Dr. … even mentioned you in my latest ep

  16. Season 3 of DON ????I’m on wonder land….cnt ur new ff also

  17. Petra

    its so nice pls continue

  18. Awesome glad ur back…really excited for this one

  19. Write epilogue of don’t and his roma

  20. Umme_Hani

    Welcome Back Ireena :)When I saw your name in title I was like 😮 wow Ireena is back yoo 😀
    Beat of luck for your new ff and as well as for Season 3 .
    I’m eagerly waiting for both of your ffs <3

  21. Happy to see ur ff again.

  22. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Oh my god,someone pinch me.Seriously you came back. I also missed you like hell di.I am jumping on my bad now.Interesting concept. Waiting for first part.

  23. Welcome back dear… Nice intro… Hope you’ll continue don and his Roma

  24. Mona

    I really miss Don and his Roma…
    I am really happy that u r back with a new ff…

  25. Helloo IREENA…u r back babyy…thankgod i thought u wont due to studies..but see ur back wid bang…nd is der any need to ask qustn regarding seasn3… ofcourse not b back wid my favorite ff don n roma seasn3…am waiting fr it wid my 1000eyes…n coming to da trailor….u again naild it… it ws blockbuster…it is totally difrnt frm othrs ffs…am looking forwrd to read more episodes dr…but cm back soon…

  26. Divya shankar

    At last u back thank god happy ramzon Ireena

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