a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 6


Hey guyss…sorry for the delay. ..
Recap:laksh and kavitha plans something

Ragini is sitting in her class…a girl came frm behind…
Dusu:ragini….were are u lost
Dusu:lucky…who is lucky
Ragini realises what she said
Ragini:nthg dusu…actually I was thinking about my sister..nthg else
Soon the class starts…
There was a announcement frm the seniors. .as usual kavitha was the in charge
Kavitha:kkk frnds..listen..for our union inauguration. ..we would like to call our stunting hero…salzz…
All cheer up…bt ragini was still in her toughts
Kavitha continue:so guyz…tomorrow we are going to his place so for welcoming him…so u guyz plz pray…that he should say yes…
All leaves to class

In maheswary office
Sanskar:so ms gadodia. ..u r here as my PERSONAL assistant…
Swara:kk sir
Sanskar:so as a first duty..u go to mili’s cabin and get whole file..that our company recently worked…and I’ll give only 15min…understand
Swara:jii sir
Sanskar:jii??? This is nt ur colony or badi….dont dare use such kind of lowclass language
Swara:im sorry mr maheswary. ..actually its called heridity…my family thought this..to respect evryone…
Sanskar:if ur classes are over..then leave and fo ur duty….
Swara was about to leave
Sanskar:ms gadodia. ..and get my lunch…not frm any hotels…u must goto my house..and then bring it back
swara:im not ur chef…
Sanskar:as a PA u must take care of me…now u can go
She leaves..
Sanskar to himself:now its time for ur defeat
I n noon
Swara left to maheswary mansion
Swara rings the bell
Sujatha opened the door
Swara:mam…im sanskar sir’s PA..he asked me to get his food prepared
Sujatha was overwhelmed to see her gesture and the way of talking
Sujatha:beti….come inside
Swara was shocked to see her
Swara in mind:only that chipkali is like that…how sweet is his family
Sujatha:what are u thinking…come naaa
Swara:jii mam…
Sujatha:dont call me mam…call me aunty….
Swara thinks sanskar…
Swara : haa aunty…can u get it fast..as sir will be waiting. ..
Soon AP also joined. ..
They talk for sometime
Swra left with the food

In college
Laksh is continously looking for ragini…
Laksh:where is this badthamees ladkii
Just ragini comes there…unknown smile comes to lakshs face
Where as ragini feels disgusting to see his face..
Laksh holds raginis hand
Laksh:raguu plz…y cant u forgive me…
Ragini:mr laksh maheswary. ..plz stop ur bakwass…it was all past…im not interested in recoiling that…did u understand. .now move away..
Laksh who was annoyed by her behaviour. ..hold her by waist…ragini lefy shocked..bt swaras face comes to her mind..and immediately slapped him
All were shocked including kavi, laksh
Ragini : how dare u to touch me…dont u knw how to raspect a girll…
By saying she left

Precap : same

Im really sorry for my shot update..u know I should maintain 3 more ff…really soory guyzz…

Credit to: salluzz

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