a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 4

Hey…im back…im not ready to make u bore by giving a intro…
Recap:swara insulting sanskaar..raglak intro

Ragini is seen fuming in anger when ever she see laksh…
As classes over…ragini didnt even waste a time…she ran from there. …
Ragini on the way:oh god…everytime that devil comes to me naa…im forgetting about him…bt still u r making me meet himm…this is not right okk…
Ragini gets a call…shekar inform her to come to mall directly…so that t it will be a surprise for her..(swara nowadys works threre as system manager)
She happily agreed..they rarely go to such malls..as they no their limit…

Swara was eagerly waiting for the lift…and when she enter ..was shocked to see sanskaar there. .even he is shocked..before swara could get down..it closed. ..as they were moving due to thr breK failure it stops…swara was really scared…
Now after some time;
Sanskar and swara still gets stucked in lift…
He started to move towards her…were swara moves backward…
As u knw its a lift..so no much space..swar gets stuck in corner
Swara:what the hell mr maheswary??
She tries to move..bt he locks her with his arms
Sansakar:wot happened ms gadodia…where is is courage that u show infront of ny colleges. .
Swara:plz mr maheswary. ..I’ve already said its all was because of u…u insulted my baba…then
Suddenly sanskar put his finger on her lips
Sanskar:not anymore
Swara was reLly tensed
Swara:what the blo*dy hell u want mr maheswary. ..
Sanskar:I just need u…swara…
Swara was literally shocked
Sanskar started to laugh evily….
Sanskar:what happened shonuuu….by saying that he started to take off her dupatta….and make her bindi spread…and he removed his shirts button..
That scene really look like something happened between them…
Swara was on the verge of crying….
Suddenly the lift opens. ..
Swara is shocked to see all her family members. ..
She looks at sanskar who gave her a evil smile…
Sanskar wispers to swaras ear:seee naa For them u insulted me….but nw do u thnk that they will trust u…no never…they will consider u as a burden
..ur families respect eill come down…this is my gift…
Tears are continously pouring out…it becomes red..
Shekhr:how can u do this swara…I feel ashamed to call u as my daughter..
All members started to taunt swara…they even question about their upbringing…which swara couldnt digest
Swara:stop it…how dare u to Alligin my parents for their upbringing. .they brought us very well…by saying she fell frm there and cries
Shekhr goes to sanskar who is just smiling at swaras condition
Shekar:is this u want…that we dont trust our shonaa…and will throw her out
Sanskar was hell shocked
Shekar:I feel like slaping u…bt im not doing it..because u are my boss..ehat u thought as soon as we hear any wrong about her we will not trust her..u r mistaken sanskar..we have complete trust in our shonaaa and raguuu…both cant do any mistake..

By saying he supported swara to get up..joined by other members and whole share a hug
Shekar:chalo shonaa
Swara:aa papa…par ek minute
She goes to sanskar..and slaps him..shocking everyone. .
Swara:u no why I slapped u..not for making me low but fir trying to malign a girls respect…this is my family. .never try to break it..u will fail….because u cant understand a family…for that u need a good heart…a good family…
Sanskar fumes in anger
Shekar:its waste to talk to him. ..chalo swaraa
Everyone walks from there…

Precap:sanskar fills swaras mang…raglak confront…salz bike race to add more twist

sorry guyz there is no raglak scene. .bt I promise thete will be a complete episode of them….

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