a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 3

Hi guys…again im back…I dont no what to…many of u have read my story HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI http://www.tellyupdates.com/hamari-adhuri-kahani-swasan-one-shot/
Im really sorry for making u all cry…bt nw im really happy for them…I get to no that sher had same feelings with me..bt if I said anything that may spoil kavithas life…thats why I didnt even looked at him…I’ve moved on…I’ve his memmories…and more over kavis gift thats enough for me…I’ve a request to u all…if u have fallen in love never hesitate to confess else ull suffer very much..im saying based on my experience. …I think I have made u bored..now coming to the ff…I hope u would njoyed my first part….and also I would like to add my memmories in it…so njoy

Recap:swara insulting sanskar and ragini helped by racing champion salz

In an isolated place
Ragini is still in salz bike….he stops
He is about to helmet and jacket
Ragini:dont remove it salz…u no anyone can see u…thn u’ll be in trouble…u no naa all girls are still running behind u…
Salz:I know it rags…
Bt look they are running behind to not because of champ or anything. .bt to get famous and everything. ..
Ragini:bt actually they are budhu naa…they dont no that u r a…
Salz (interepted):enough rags..I just hate that word…dont spoil my mood…
Salz drop ragini there and drives
Ragini message someone. ..
After sometimes swara comes there
Ragini:u r so fast
Swara:I know…??
Ragini:by the way what happens to papa..??
Swara:nothing laddo
Swara:kk baba
(She explain everything)
Ragini:u must be careful. ..he can do anything….
Swara:stop your bakwaas….come lets go..its already late…by the laddo. .how was ur journey with salz
She winks at her??
And started to beat her

They leave
In home
Dadi :aa gaye…hamari jansi ki raani??
Swara:hey u old lady…
Dadi :this pagal ladki is becoming naughty day by day
Swara keeps a pout face
Dadi:kya hua shonaaa. .
Tum dono meri zindagi he naa
Swaragini hugs thier dadi
Shekhar comes there
Swara:I’ve cleard everything baba..
Shekr:bt shonaa…I’ll not get back my job naa
Swara:all is well baba…lets see
Ragini:u both joined naa…now im out..??
A lady comes frm kitchen
Lady:bt im there with my laddo naa
Sumi:ha laddo…afterall u r my princess
Ragini in mind:(im so happy sumi maa…afterall u r swaras mthrr…u consider me as ur own daughter. ..u love us equally…im so happy maaa)
A tear drops from her eyes
Sumi was so much concerned:laddo…tum kyu ror rahi he
Ragini:aisa kuch nai maa….something went on my eyes
Sumi:let me check
Sumi blows her eyes…
Ragini hugs sumi…joined by swara..
Sumi:I hope I could see my botj daughters happy all time
Swaragini:no maa…we are not ur 2 daughter.
All shocked
Swaragini:we are ur obe and only obe daughter SWARAGINI We may have 2 bodies and we are different from each other…bt our souls are same maa…nothing can seperate us

Swaragini bg plays
Both hugs
Dadi:enough. .im very hungry shomi….come lets have it
Sumi:ji maa

Late in room
Swara in lost in tought
Ragini:shonaa…kya hua..
Swara:kuch nai laddoo…I was just thinking about baba..
Ragini:haa shonaa…u no today he smile only for us…I can see his pain in eyes….what to do..
Swara:I dont no ladoo. .my mind is blank
Ragini:same as usual..
She winks at her
Swara:ragini ki bachcheee
Both run and fight each other later dozed offf

In maheswary mansion
Sanskar:where is her information. ..
Managr:its here sir…
Sanskar:u may leave…dont forget to inform shekar about rejoining.
Managr:ji sir
He leaves
Sanskar:ohh poor swara…lets see what u can do….I’ll make ur respect down….for whom u fight they will throw u….its my challenge ms gadodia

He too sleeps

Next morning
Ragini left for her college….
On the way…
Ragini:ohh god I promised that if baba get back his job..I would certainly do knee walking…
She sees a temple
She folded her legs and started to climb the stairs with get knee….
She was about to fall when 2 ladies catch her…
She looks at them
Ragini:thanks aunty…
One lady:kye beta…these much pain
Ragini:no aunty..I have promisec that when my baba gets his job back I would do this
Second lady:tum tumhare baba ke ithini pyaar karthi he
RGini:haa aunty…he is my life…
Both ladies are overwhelmed by het talks…
They talk each other…ragini asked their name…
1st lady:im annapurna (Ap) and she is my sister sujatha maheswary
Ragini shouted:maheswary? ??
Sujatha:kya hua ragini..
Ragini describes everything. .
Later she left frm there
Ap:look sujatha…how good she is
Sujatha:bt jiji I was thinking abt swara…she scolded our sanskar…in these years no one pointed finger afainst him naa. .she is really…
Ap (interepted) haaa sujatha….come lets move…
In college
Ragini enter the college….as soon as many mates comes there and asj about salz….bt she keeps mumm…and without utering a word she moves frm there…
In class…
Lecture:my dear children….there is an internship going to held…and mr laksh maheswary will lead u all….
All girls starts to cheer up
A boy comes there with blue pant white shirt and black blazer. ..all were looking at him…ragini and laksh saw each other….
All watches this….and both compose themselves. ..
Laksh:nothing maam…lets continue…
He looks at ragini..who is fuming in anger..he smirks
This was seen by kavitha
Kavitha to herself:what is this behengi upto…she us dating with my salz and now fuming with lacky…whats there in her mind…I must find it…

precap:past of raglak
swasan meet…sanskar to defame swara

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