a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 2

here is ur 2nd part….

swara reaches her dad’s office. ..she went inside
swara:excuse me…can u say where is ur boss cabin
racrp:mam..do u have any appointment
swara thinks for a while
swara:ha..actually im his fiancee….I think he didnt inform u ryt….
swara:I knw u all will be stunned…actually we were in love for the past 5 years…
recep:sorry madam…
swara:its okay…anyway u all shud be there on my…sorry our WEDDING
recrp:sure mam….now go straight and then left. ..
swara:thanku and sorry
swara:u will understand that later

by saying she leaves

she knock the door
man :yes coming
he looks at swara…as soon as both ferl some connection to each other bt ignored it
man:who the hell are u…by the way how dare u to enter my cabin
swara:excuse mr ..I’ve no come to hear ur stupid thing
man:how dare u
swara:look mr…who give u the ryts to insult my papa…
swara:haa…shekhar Gadodia. ..im his daughter. …
man:so u r his daughter. ..he have sent u to beg from me ryt….u r beautiful. .so that u can easily make me fall in ur trap…
swara:wow…she claps. ..thanks for the compliment mr….by the way…my father diesnt sent me here…as a daughter its my responsibility to prove my papas innocence…

By saying she throws all papers on his face
swara:never repeat it again…all mistakes was done by ur so called PA not my papa…at least respect him…he worked here for past 10yrs…and even though he is eldet to u..how can u.
man interpretd:be in your limit ms gadodia..else I’ll throw u out
swara:I’ve nt come here to hear ur scolding..im leaving….

all workers are witnessing it
man grabs swaras hand
man:shouts ms gadodia
swara pushes him….he falls…
swara:how dare u to touch me. ..I may be a middle class girl…bt I’ve respect in my society. .bathmaash
man:u will pay for this ms gadodia. …its my promise….SANSKAR MAHESWARY’S promise..
swara:lets see
sansakar fumes in anger….calls someone and ask them to get her information within 5 min
recep:sorry sir..it was my mistake…she said that she is ur fiancee…with out thinking futher I aloud her…
sanskaar:all of u go and do ur work..he screams…a plan comes to hos mind and smiles evily…

in college
aftet class all are returning back….ragini while moving sees boys are staring at her….even kavitha also present there
ragini immediatly messages someone
all startd to move towards ragini….a boy came forward and hold her dupatta…
suddenly they hear a racing bike leading towards them….a biker comes there
ragini is relived
where all girls including kavitha looks at him…
all shocked…..guys salzz is a racing campion and girls favourite. .
kavitha:hw do uknw him
ragini desnt reply and goes to sit behind salz…h drivs off..
kavitha:toay also ive mised him…no one had ever seen his face…stil girls are behind him…
Teena:evn im
kavitha:what connection he have with behenji..anyways I prettier than her..by hook or crook I’ll get him. .she smirks

precap:swasan meeting..laksh intro. .ragini I jungle

I hope you all will njoy it…thanku

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