a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) part 18


Thanks for all ur comments…im hardly managing all my ff..bt I feel happy when I see ur comments and feedbacks….

Here we go

Swara opened the cupboard and screams…jusy them someone hold her mouth….

Swara removes his hands and breaths heavily


Sanskar was silent..he jumps frm the cupboard

Swara:are u out if sence….
She keeps on talking bt sanskar remains silent…
He was continusly stairing at her

She checkes herself and realises that she has come out just in a towel which can hardly cover her frnt and just part upto thigh..

Swara has kept her hand on one end of towel to prevent it from falling…sanskar goes nearer to her and hold her hand which was holding towel

Swara:samskar…plz…dont do this….see

Before she could tell further he keeps his rough lips on her and start to play with it…

Sanskar was about to take of her towel bt swara pushes him and runs to bathroom..taking something frm bed….

After sometime she comes outside….

Sanskar was about yo hold her bt

Swara:dont touch me…else I will say that u forced me to marry u..

Sanskar was shocked to see swara blackmailing him

He gives a look which conveys I will not leave u…

Both dozed of either side of bed…

Im mrng..

Swara comes to dp

Swara:papa…I need ur permission
Dp:what happened beta
Swara:I wish to go for some job…
Dp:thats good..do one thing u can work ij our company naa…
Swara:bt not that papa..I need full freedom as a staff not as a daughter in law..
Dp:I respect ur decision beta…I will talk to sanskar

Swara goes to kitchen..

Swaragini makea food with pari and keeps it on table

Swara goes to ger room and finds sanskar fuming in anger

Sanskar:whats the need of going to office

Swara:its my wish…

Sanskar:then I will make ur life hell

Swara:lets see

Sanskar goes out in anger

Swara started working in company…

No one knws that she is married (its another branch of maheswary not the one whuch she have alredy worked)

Sanskar was boss there and swara was just a accountant

One fine day..

Swara was workinh when a boy comes to her..


Swara:shravan…how are u….actually what are u doing here

Shravan:actually I came here to talk about a new project with maheswary…bt the way..are u workinh here


Shravan:kk I will see u..let me meet him

Sanskar have watched this all frm the window…he was having mixed emotions..angry jealous and all….

After talking with sanskar..

shravan goes to swara

Shravan:swara….can we meet after some time..even maa wants to meet u….

Swara:mm..kk I will

Shravan bids bye to swara abd leaves…

Like this way shravn used to come to office and spend time with swara which irks him more…

After a month, she gets salary…

She takes the money and calls someone…

She goes to meet someone and handover money in return he gives her some paper

Swara turns back and finds sanskar standing there

Swara:what are u doing here

Sanskar without answering just takes the paper and looks it

Sanskar:what…u sold ur house

Swara:look sanskar..uts not like that…its true that I did..bt now I yake it back..

Sanskar:so this way u got money

Swara nodes…

Sanskar:did shekhar uncle knws this

Swara:no..u should not inform him.

Sanskar:kk bt one contition


Sanskar:u should accept me as ur frnd..

Swara:kkk done…

Both shake hands..

Next day..

Swasan was talking about some deals..they were very close to each othrr..just then shravan comes there

Shravan:swara…what are u doing here

Swara:what happened shravan

Shravan takes swara frm there which irritates sanskar


Shravan:dont go to his cabin alone

Swara:what are saying

Shravan:he is such a sl*t….u mean

Before he vould speak further

Swara slaps him

Swara (shouting) how dare u to call my husband like that

This gives him another shock

Shravan:u married

Swara:yes..im swara sanskar maheswary

Saying she shows him mangalsootr

Shravan:this cant happen…u knw swara..I love u..

Swara was shocked to hear this frm him

Shravan:I thought to marry u…bt how can u marry him…dont worry u can divorce hom naa..and marry me

Swara:shravan leave me…

Shravan:no swara..I need u…and only I have the ryt being ur husband….

Swara slaps him again which makes him to hold her hair tightly


Sanskar comea there and beats shravan

Sanskar:how dare u to touch my wife

Swara was scared so she hids behind sanskat

Shravan:swara…I wont leave u..its my promise

Saying he leaves…

Swara hugs sanskar and cries….

Same happens with laksh…

Kavya comes and warns him that he will seperate ragini frm him at will marry him…

Precap:shravan kavya joins hands…
Shravan:from where will start
they turn back and finds someone..they are shocked

Any guesses…..

I dont knw when will I update my next part…anyways….thanks gor supporting me

Credit to: salluzz

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