a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 15

He everyone…im salluzz…….all of u have requested for previous links…so here are they….also for my life story:

The story begins:

Ap knocks the door

Sanskar comes out
Ap:swara kaha he
Sanskar:she is here

Swara comes near ap

Ap:see tonight there is reception party and beta wear this saree

She handed over a cream coloured saree

Ap left

Sanskar:u knw me naa…so never try to lie to me

Swara was scared so she just nodes…

At reception party…

Swaragini comes down with same type of saree wity their respective husbands…

All were enjoying when suddenly ragini saw someone

Ragini goes to swara and hold her hand and hide behind swara

Swara:laddo…what happened…why are u so scared…

Ragini point towards someone


Ragini:di…she is the one who pushed me to store room…I have seen her face bt was scared to tell u

Swara:hiw dare she do this with my laddo…

Ragini:di…what if she do something today also

Swara:nothing will happen…..u go and stand with laksh…lets see if she can do or not

Ragini wipes her tears and goes towards laksh

Meanwhile swara plans something….

Kavitha was walking when she slipped due to something and falls down….

She gets up and finds her face full of creams….and a ball was fixed to her nose…she was looking like a joker…

All start to laugh at kavitha….which makes her humilated….she even finds ragini laughing with laksh…

She angrily goes to washroom….

And cleans herself and comes down….

She looks around and finds sanskar there…she falls in lovr with him….

Kavitha:such hot man..I think I will get him..

She goes to sanskar and start to talk sensously making sanskar more irritated…

Just then swara comes there too

Kavitha:u r that behengi sister naa…what lottery u got…

Swara:mind ur tongue kavitha…don’t forget that u were humilated infrnt of whole people

Kavitha:that means u only did that

Swara:u r genious kavitha…that day u pull my laddo to store room…for that only I did this

Kavitha:u blo*dy

She was about to slap swara when sanskar holds her

Sanskar:how dare u beat my wife

Kavitha was shocked


Sanskar:yes…she ia swara sanskar maheswary…


Swara:kavitha… a small doubt…then for what purpose u came here

Swasan laughs togather and gives hifi..

Then inly they realised what they did…

Both goes to different directions

Kavitha:i knw what to do….

Kavitha comes to sanskar

Kavitha:im really sorry for my behaviour
Sanskar:its kk
Kavitha:i knw that..u dont like swara…just divorce her and marry me


Kavitha:so u cant..kk fine…what if ur swara left u and go…

Sanskar looks at her in confuse

Kavitha:I will show

Saying that she tear her dress and start to shout…when sanskar was about to go she even torn his shirt…

All comes runninh there

Ap:what happened

Kavitha:sanskar….sanskar mere liye..

She started to cry..

Dp:what’s this sanskar..how can u do this

Sanskar:dont u trust me…

Sujatha:we may trust u…bt what about her…wjat will she gain by doinh this…

Sanskar was speechless

Kavitha gives a smirk to sanskar

Just then kavitha father enters

He bashes everyone with his words

Dayal:whats this…sanskar u should marry her

Laksh:he os already married

Dayal:so what..just divorce her and marry hrr..this is ur punishment

Swara:will u all keep quite

Dayal:see what ur husband have done

Swara:I knw sanskar..he will never do this…that too with a cheap girl like kavitha

Dayal:so u r supporting ur husband

Swara; I trust him more than anything…and I will prove her wrong

She checks all the place……

Swara:waise kavitha…he tried to molest u…and what have u done

Kavitha:what will all girls do…that only

Swara:so u protested

Kavitha nodes..

Swara:bt a small doubt how can u tears his shirts back when u was standing in his front…


Swara shows a demo with sanskar

Swara:if u have protested then surely his front shirt part must be torn…and looks sanskar..bt looking that I feel that u tear that when he was going away or savinh himself. ..im I ryt kavitha

Kavitha starts yo swet…and after a long time she accept her crimes..

All Praise swara for this….

At room

Sanskar:why u saved me
Swara:because I knw..u cant do that to her…
Sanskar:y swara
Swara:I trust u
Sanskar:then u r lovinh me also
Sanskar:the person whom u love, u may not trust him…bt the person whom u trust will sure tjat u will love him too….and its a scientific fact…I hope u understand

Saying he pulls her cheeks….

Later both dozed of

Precap:rain dance…swara feelinh for sanskar

Guys…yesterday I mention u about that boy…I knw him frm my early age infact oncr he have already proposed me which I declined…..he is good and also trustworthy..it very nice to live in someone memmory


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  1. Nice episode…hope U decide the best for ur life…plzzz move on, I know it’s difficult but u can’t live with someone’s memories forever when u know there someone else who really loves u

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  5. better forget ur past and lool forward for a better future

  6. nice episode dear…..and one more dont end ur ff so fast as u did with ur previous ff….and even ur other ff of relationship made by trust or something else…….its a request

  7. hello salluzz….I have a small request to u

    plz comeback with season 2 of how may shdes u have swara…..u can include a variety story there…and also unite swasan in it

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