a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 14

Its ur salluzz….im here with my 14th part of hatred to love….and at the end I need ur opinion or we can say that a help…..hope u will do it…so lets move on our part

Swasan room

Both are sleeping peacefully until it was affected by the rays of sunlight…..

It was sanskar who got up first and was admiring the beauti of his beloved his swara…

Swara wakes up slowly and finds sanskar stairing at her.she gives him a cold look

Swra:havnt u ever seen mee
Sanskar:no….see how can I stop stairing u, when u r nearer to me…I just cant stop seeing u
Swara:then sit here only
Saying this she goes to washroom

After getting inside only she remembered that she have forgotten her dress

Swara:what will I do now….if I ask him..no no swara…what if he takes an advantage, no no then he can do that yesterday also naa…what will I do…
She took a long breath
Swara:chill swara…ask him

She slightly opened the door

Swara:mr maheswary
Sanskar looks at her
Swara:plz…can u get a dress frm cupboard
Sanskar:kkk…first call me sanskar
Swara:first u take it naa

Sanskar goes to cupboard and takes a cover.he took out a beautiful saree frm it and hand over it to swara

Swara looks at the saree
Swara:thia saree….
She gets into a flash where she loved this saree very much bt didnt buy because she cant afford it…

Swara:how can he knew that I liked it….

She removes all her thought and comes outside.
Sanskar was just stuck in her beauty….

She moves down to kitchen where sanskar smirks
Sanskar (yesterday u made me fool saying ur so called vrat..now see what will u do now…remember every action has equal and opposite reaction

At raglak room

Both were sleeping peacefully holding eacj other in embrace…

Both got freshen up and comes down

Ap:swara..ragini..today is ur first rasoi…what are u going to prepare
Ragini:maa…hum kheer aur khada banati he
Sujatha:achcha…keer tho sanskar ke bahut pasanth he aur khaada tho laksh ke…

Ragini smiles…

Both finishes making dishes and goes out.meanwhile sanskar comes and pour mirchi in a cup of kheer….
He smirks

At dining table

Swaragini serves their food..

Swara gives kheer to sanskar
Sanskar looks at swara who smirks at him
Swara:I have specialy made this for u…
Sanskar:I will have it later
Dp:kheer is very tasty beta..infact u loved it naa
Sanskar:par badee papa
Rp:have it beta
Sanskar some house gained some energy and started eating the kheer….
Only swasan was left behind

Swara:I have seen u adding mirchi..thats why I boughy it for u

Sanskar eyes where filled with tears due to mirchi….
Sanskar:u r going to pay for this swaraaaa

He drinks water abd left to room

He calls someone and informs something

It was time for mukh dikhai

All function goes on its owb wings….all where njoying….

Pundit also comes there

Pandit:swara beta…ap jii have said that u are doing vrat…
Swara:haa jii
Pandit:its good beta…at least in this century there is someone who beleives in it
Swara just smiles

Pandit:and one more thing..there is no need of 1 month vrat…actually if u do some pujaa u can end ur vrat by tomorrow

Swara looks in disbelief and looks at sanskar who is just smirking at hrr

She recalls his conversation

Swara:(hey bagwan..what will I do now)

Sanskar comes near her

Sanskar:are u blaming god for this….now see god is with me…dont worry im there naa…lets enjoy…

Sanskar:waise pandit jii…what should she do
Pandit:she should to paani ke puja
Pandit:there is a river near shiv temple.she should takes bath frm there and should enter the temple with her knee….

Swara looks on shocked

Sujatha:jiji this is too much
Pandit:if she do so…all blessing will be there for ur whole family

Swara:I will do it pandit jii…..I can do that for my family

All leaves…

Laksh comes near ragini and hold her by waist and start to romance

Ragini:laksh…leave mee naa….someone will see..
Laksh:so what u r officy my wife..I can do romance with my wife…

At swasan room

Swara was talking with someone..just then sanskar enters

Swara was shocked to see him and hurriedly cuts the call…
Sanskar notices this

Sanskar:who was there on line
Swara:wo..wo..mere frnd he…
Sanskar:which frnd
Sanskar:ho I see…she works in my office naa
Swara:haa…same one
Saying he drag swara outside
Swara was shocked to see her whole office employ there wuth malthi too..
He again takes her to room

Sanskar:is that malthi called u
Sanskar:say something swara….(almost shouting)
Swara was scared to see his anger
Sanskar:I hate the one who cheats and lie..I hope u understand
Sanskar:I ask u to speak up…dont keep silent warna…I didn’t k w what will I do…
Swara somehow gain courage
Swara:I will do what ever I like…and please dont put ur head in my matters…I hope u understand
Sanskar loses all his control and pulls swara to him and further to the bed….
Swara tries to get up..bt sanskar comes above her and holds her both hand and block her legs with his

Sanskar:I have already said…..
Swara:plz….leave me…I havnt done anything wrong…..
Sanskar:then why did u lie
Swara:wo..wo mein
She starts to cry
Sanskar:stip to swaraa..I hate when u cry….
Swara:leave me warna
Sanskar: warna..kyaa
Swara:dont become like a animal….
Sanskar:u said im animal..then I can show u what will an animal do when it gets his pray. ..
Saying he leans towards her lips.just then someone knocked the door….

Sanskar gets up and gives a looks to swara in a way that next time u wont escape

Precap:kavitha accuses sanskar for trying to rape her…..all to blame sanskar and Trust kavithaa,exept…………

So guys I need a small help..u all well knw about my story….

One week before I met a boy…I don’t want to reveal his name…he proposed me, I dont knw why bt tbat time all I remembered about sher…infact I knw he have moved on his life..bt still I cant forget him…I tell him about that…bt he replied that he knws about this long back….
Even my parents are forcing me to marrt anyone…..
What should I do….I should accept him or not…I don’t knw whether I would be able to love him or not…and all I need is ur opinion..because it’s u people with whom I shared my stories my pain and my life…so I have full trust on u guyz…plz help me to find a solution for this….


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  1. Good….. Nd Abt tht guy of he is trust worthy nd his accepting u whole heartedly then u must give him a chance…… Thts all I can say u now it’s up to ur heart everytime go on in which ur satisfied… ?

  2. Hi dr i m silent reader. I dont know this words will help you or not. But i want say the guy who you loved if he moved on in his life then why you cant dr?
    If that guy couldnt recognize your love, plz dr dont wast your love and time for such a people.
    The guy who proposed you u dont know is he good or not. But i think thats better if you talk about with your family about that proposed boy.
    If he good then i think you can move on with him.
    Dont stay with your past my dr. We cannot change it. But we can change our futuer. For it we have to face our present bravely.
    So try to forget your past love and give some chances to your present and futuer.
    If you have some problerm dont take it alone dr. Share it with us, with your friends and your family…then you feel better….
    So my dr now time to move on……..so dont wait it for more..and…..dont take time to answer that bro who proposed you……ok….
    May god bless you my friend….
    If said something wrong which hurt you plz forgive me……plz plz
    And lastly
    Nice ff dr………

  3. first this epi s awesome…..second its my opinion there s some saying that ur life will b best when u marry the person who loves u rather than the person u love…..so d boy who proposed u knows all about u nd if he s good then marry him surely as time goes u will love him…..u got a second chance so dont miss it…..

  4. sorry salluzz i am new here i dont know your story can you plz give the link of that and accoding to my opinion check whether he truly moved on i mean no feelings towards you
    and if he really moved then you should also because i believe that “the one who loves us will care for more than the we love”
    see if it is two side love then both can be happy but if
    it we love someone they can care for others which kills us inside but
    if we loved by someone they care for us and keep us happy and their happiness lies in us
    and check whether the person who proposed you really loves you because we know these days there are some flirts and one more thing see that can you be happy and keep him happy if you accept him
    sorry if i am wrong as i dont know your story if you dont mind then plz give link

  5. Superb…bt pls give links of previous epis in nxt epi..same thing i told u last too bt..u give links bcuz its hard to find it TU.. Waiting fr nxt

  6. Wow…. 1st time I comment in your ff…. It’s very good….. I love it….. Coming to your personal life situation….. I want to suggest you something…….the boy who proposed you…. Is he really loves u???? No I mean what if it’s just his attractions or infatuation….. Find it 1st…… And next is if he truly loves you….. Then tell him your situation….. Tell him everything….. If he already know everything….. You know what my sister, her 1st love cheated her…. She thought that she never ever love someone….. But one day one farista came in her life….. My di try to avoid him….. But he keeps on convincing my di…. I also told him not to disturb her….. But he doesn’t loose hope….. After 2 years my di accept him….. He knows everything about my di….. They love each other…. And my dadavai (my jiju) loves her unconditionally….. You know what my didi can’t forget that bl**dy guy fully….. Whenever she sees him somewhere she feels a little pain in her heart….. But dadavai supports her …… Make her feel how expensive she is…. They are happy or I say very happy….. I love them….. I told u my di’s story…. And why I tell you I hope you can understand….. So find it the guy is totally yours or not…… If you find that guy is only yours he never ever leave you…… You should give him a chance…. Tell him you want time…. But u should give your life a second chance….. Life doesn’t give a second chance to everyone but it gives you so you are lucky………. Sorry I told you many things na….. Sorry….. If I hurt you…… Sorry for giving you that much lecture ??????

  7. awesome yr

  8. Tell your parents to make you marry to one of your friends….. Because friendship can turn into love….. I think swara will support sanskar…. It.was marvelous….

  9. salluz yaar…if he is trust worthy then u should accept him….i mean he knows abt ur past even he knew that u won’t be able to love him the way u loved someone else….den also he wants to accept u….he is really good hearted guy….go for him..accept him…if even u wont be able to love him den also he would be ur good frnd…frndsp is d most important relation in marraige…

  10. Awesome yaar….. This kavitha is disgusting…… I think swara will support him…….

  11. Talk 2 ur parents about himhim. Dont nake your parents sad. Talk to them. All the best

  12. Awsome…nd if the guy is caring and loving… I think u should accept him and move on in life….as u can’t just live in someon’s memories wh u know u cannot get…it’s really hard finding people who knows ur past and still accepts u … I think u should accept him only if u want

  13. awesome story and u should move on if he loves u sooo much then u will definatlly fall in love wid him seeing his love for uu..

  14. Di i m a silent reader of ur ff
    I wanna tell u if u trust that person then try to move on but don’t trust anyone blindly ??

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