a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 12


Hiii guyz..its ur salluzz again…I have with ur comments.
.so lets go to 12th episode

Next morning
Dadi comes to room and doesn’t find swara there…she goes and searches everywhere and finds swara sleeping near the terrace door
Swara doesn’t wake up
Dadi:she slept here..ohh bagwan
Dadi holds swara
Dadi:ehh bagwan..fever
Dadi touches her forehead and neck
Dadi:what will I do…
She calls shomiband others….
Shekar and sumi lify her and places her on bed…
Swara was blabbering in her unconscious mind
Swara:leave me…I have not done anything. .leave me
All are confused
Sumi cries
Sumi:what happend to my child…shona
Ragini rubs swara hand and legs…
Swara gain conscious
Swara gets up
Swara:what happened
Sumi hugs her
Swara:maa its late I need to go to office
Dadi:what office..u are having high fever and going to office…no
Shekar:laddo..call sanskar and inform him abouy her health
Ragini dials sanskar number…
Sujatha takes the phone
Sujatha:ragini beta
Ragini:maa…di is not well she is having high fever..so she will not come to office
Sujatha:she is okk naa
Ragini:haa maa…plz tell to bhai
Sujatha:even sanskar is having fever…I think he have gone out in rain…
They talk and hangs the phone
Dadi:did u said
Ragini:haa dadi, even bhai is having fever

Soon they all left only swaragini are left
Ragini:di…shall I ask u something
Ragini:does bhai comes here yesterday
Swara widen her eyes
Swara started to stammer
Ragini smiles and hugs swara
Ragini:im so happy di…now im sure u are happy with Bhai….
Swara (im always happy with ut happiness…I just need that)
Ragini:di..did u say something
Swara:no laddo…
Ragini:diii I forgot…today u have racing competition
Swara:I need to go
Ragini:bt fever
Swara:u knw about my promise naa
Ragini:bt u should say about this to bhai..no no jiju
Swara nodes..
Ragini left the room
Swara remember about it
“Swara was goinh to her college when she notices a girl crying…she goes to her and inquire about it..were thr girl says that her dadi is in hospital and she needs money .swara pacifies her and the girl gives swara money and request her to help by dropping her in hospital.later swara finds that her scooty have no much petrol she takes a bike from her frnd rides in high speed and reaches hospital in correct time..on her return back she finds many people around het who is clapping, there she notices that its a finishing line of bike race and she is winner..and starts asking her name bt she just says salz and moves away frm ther….like this way she started to take part in race and become successfull”
Swara gets ready and moves out and finds sanskar ryt infront of her….
Swara stopes her bike and sanskar comes out and removes her helmet
Sanskar:where are u going now
Swara stays silent….
Sanskar:swara…I knw u r going for that blo*dy race
Swara:if u knw, then y are u asking
.just stay away from races
Swara:no….its my passion
Sanskar:Im warning u
Swara:sanskar..what the hell u want..y r u interfering in my matters
Sanskar:becausr u r my love…and I care for u
Swara looks at him
A small eye lock
Sanskar:I will let u leave bt are u sure that nothing will happen to u
Swara:bt y should u
Sanskar:(shouting) because I love u..and I wish to live with u whole my life
Swara looks at him shockes…..
Just then ragini comes there
Ragini is shockes to see swasan
Sanskar controls
Sanskar:dont worry ragini..I knw about this
Ragini:thank god..ha di..racinh have been postponed…
Sanskar smiles
Swara nodes and ragini leaves
Sanskar:see..even god is with me…now be a good girl..go and change..
Swara looks at him
Sanskar:dont look me like this…u knw today my familu are coming to finalise the date of our marriage….
Swara looks at him
Swara:u r happy naa
Sanskar:ofcouse…im happy..and I knw even u r happy….
Sanskar:I knw swara u cares for me
Sanskar:then y did u get worried when my maa said that im having fever..I have seen ur concern when I fall from stairs….
Swara:stop it
Sanskar:u can lie but ur eyes wont lie…
Swara curtly leaves frm there
Swara (does I really feel concern when he gets hurt…bt y..when I hate him….he had did much with me..still)
She gets thinking

Precap:marriage…swara plan to save herself frm sanskar on first night….
Will it be successful


Credit to: salluzz

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