a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 11


Hiii guys….im back with my ff hatred to love

Recap:swara says yes for the marriage

Sumi:im so happy shonu…..I thought u will not like him..infact he have donr bad with us…and it was all misunderstanding……now he is good beta…
Swara is lost in her own world

Sumi:shonu…are u hearing
Swara:haa maa
Just then dadi comes there
Dadi:shonu…come down..u must say ur opinion…we will never force u
Sumi:haa beta….
Swara:bt laddo
Dadi:I always drramed about my 2 grand daughters going to same sasural…dont worry if not sanskar or laksh, we will get anothr……keep calm

Swara comes down….
She looks at sanskar who is smirking at her..she gets angry seeing him….ragini notices thus

Sujatha:beta….u called me maa..that because I have asked u to..bt now call me maa with full ryt….u will become my bahu naa
Ap:no sujatha..not bahu…as a daughter

Swara is in a dilema now
Ragini notices this all
Ragini:im sorry to say this, bt she needs time for this…..
Ragini:haa di…she will say her decision tomorrow

Sanskar looks angrily at ragini which swara noticed…..

All leaves, while leaving sanskar gives killer look to swara

At night:
Swara is lost in thoughts…..ragini comes and sleeps on her lap

Ragini:I knw di, u dony like sanskar bai…and I will never force u to accept this…di, u r mire important to me than that laksh….so u choose ur decision

Swara makes her sleep and sits in the balcony

Next day….
Swara goes to office,

She enters sanskar cabin….
Swara:good morning sir
Sanskar:good morning dear…..I think u have taken a decision
He says with a smirk on his face
Swara:dont be happy, I will never say yed
Sanskar stands there up….comes near to herand starts to walk arounf her
Sanskar:great news my dear…u think about ur happiness and says no to me, bt what about ur ragini…her happiness
Swara:her happiness lies in me….
Sanskar now stands there and folds his hands around his chest
Sanskar:kkk fine….so let me do my work
Sanskar calls someone
Sanskar:do what I said..malign her respect that too infrnt of all people
Sanskar hangs down
Swara:what are u going to do (all most in a verge of crying)
Sanskar:u don’t care about ragini naa…now see what will happen
Sanskar takes swara and pulls her in car
He drives
Swara:plz…dont do anything to my ladddo…they stoped in a isolated raod…she can see ragini coming in that direction….
Swara felt relief…bt soon it ended when she finds 5 man coming just behind her…
Swara was about to open when sanskar hold her by wrist….
Swara:leave me…..
Sanskar:it will be a good scene…..
Swara trying to get rid of his hands
Swara:plz….stop them
She was crying
Sanskar wipes her tears
Sanskar:ur tears are precious for me….dont cry….
Swara:I beg u…plz
Sanskar hand over a phone to her
Sanskar:u knw what to do
Swara dies a no…
Swara trying hard to stop sobbing….
Swara:im ready for thr marriage
Sumi:ur sound is weird…are u kkk
Phone was in speaker
Swara looks at sanskar
Swara:kuch nai ma…mei…mein bilkul teek he
Sumi:im so happy…I will inform sujatha jii
Swara hangs the phone
Sanskar leaves her hands
Swara runs to ragini and huga her….
The goons go back after showing thumps up to sanskar
Ragini:what happened dii….r u kkk
Swara:haa ladddo….between, maa have decided the marriage
Ragini:par di…tu
Swara:even mine…
She smiles
Swara:look how much happy im….and u r going to get ur lucky….
Ragini hugs swara
Ragini:im so much happy dii….
Swara (in mind):im doing this all just for ur happiness only

Ragini:haa dii…..let me leave…
Swara:we can go together
Ragini:no di…I knw u need to go to office, and I have to submit my records…
Ragini takes auto and leaves
Swara closes her eyes and tears fall from it
She silently goes and sits with sanskar
Sanskar drives away the car with a smirk on his face…..
Sanskar:(I said naa, I will get u by hook or crook, u r onlu mine swara….)

Sumi informs sujatha about the decision
All families were very much happy

At night
Sanskar calls swara
Sanskar:hello meri patni
Swara:still there are time for marrige….so dont disturb…im feeling irritated when ever im hearing ur voice and seeing ur face…so dont disturb….
She angrily hangs the call…..
Sanskar:u will regret dr……
He smiles evily

It strats to rain
Dadi:shonu ladddo..go and get the dress from roof….
Swara looks at ragini who is busy talking with laksh
Swara smiles and go to terrace….
She takes all the dresd and get it down and then she again goes to lock it….
She notices a shall there and goes and takes that when suddenly locks the terrace door
Swara turns and finds sanskar standing there with arms crossed….
He looks at her top to bottom
Swara understand that she is fully drenched and whole her body is exploring…..she covers herself with shawl….sanskar starts to come near her
She was about to scream when sanskar holds her mouth….
he throws away the shall and her dupatta…
She was still on rain and was shivering
Sanskar smooch her whole face sensuously with his hands….
Swara jerks away and starts to run…..
He goes behind her and catches her
Sanskar:u will regret dr…..
He lean towards her and tastes her lips…and soon their tongue meets……
He was about to open her zip of kurtha, when swara pushes him and slaps him hard
Swara:what are u doinh sanskar…..are u out of sense
Sanskar was on full anger
Sanskar:u r doing wrong…….
He again comes near her….
She pushes him and the key falls down
She quickly takes that and runs…..
She was about to open when she feels someone dragging her….
She pushes sanskar and somehow opened the door and again locks it…she breaks down and cries vigorously and touch her lips which is swallow and blood is coming
Swara:y its always happen with me….
No one hears her cry as it was all suppressed by rain and tunder



Credit to: salluzz

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