a new ff….swaragini (hatred to love) Part 1


thanks for the comments..I know most of u r confused with the pairs…and its a suspence

so here we go ..
A big 6floor building

A man:sir plz sir dont fire me I have not done mistake. …..give me sometime I can prove that
sir :I said u r fired….it is ur mistake but because of that I’ve loose 10crore. …can u pay back me
man :sir plz…I’ve already said…look sir I’ve no other solution..im working here for past 10years…plz believe me
sir :Get Out (screamed)
man :sir if I’ve done that I would have accepted bt
sir :Mr Shekhar Gadodia. .u said u r fired

obhivously he is our heroins father….swaraginis

he is handling accounting in his campany..
shekhar gets a call
caller :baba…y r u crying
shekhar:nthg shona….who said im crying
shona :dont lie baba…now say me what happened
shekhar:(said everything)
shona :how dare he insult u…I will prove that u r innocent…im coming baba
shekhar:shona this is not a small thing. .u cant handle it…
shona :lets see baba….Because in SWARA SHEKHAR GADODIA
swara cuts the phone
he leaves from there

scene 2
A college
many girls are seated together. ..with modern hot dress

suddenly they notice a girl wearing anarkali suit…she looks stunting
its our ragini

kavitha:look there a behenji…..dont she know its 2016 not 1986
tina :u r ryt kavi…surcasting
its all heard by ragini…she walks to them
ragini :excuse me….why are u insulting me..
sheza :who insulted u….
ragini :I’ve heard what u talk
tia :so what…what u will do…complain or
ragini : why should I complain…look..im here to study..not to argue…so plz
kavitha:100% sure..u r behengi type
all give hifi
ragini :how dare u…..if cant wear this dress dont wear it…im ailing fron a middle class family. .it doesnt mean that..im too low…today at these moment I understood that…u all are too low…dont have any manners…even insulting a girl…I warn you..dont mess with me. .else u are finished
saying so she go fron these
all people laugh at kavitha and party
kavitha fumes in anger
kavitha:I’ll show u miss behengi. ..lets see

shona on the way to shekhars company..
she gts a call
shona:why are u crying my cutie
laddo:said everything
shona:ohh god one side baba other side ragini..
laddo:what happen to baba (with worried face)
shona:nthg…..so now go to ur class okk…if again that useless girls came in between…u no na what to do
laddo:ha shonaa…okk take care

shona goes to some office and get some papers
shona to herself:lets see mr egoist…I’ll show u

she drives fastly to the babas office

precap:swara confronting that man
ragini in trouble

I hope you all liked it…there will be some mistake…so kindly forgive me….

Credit to: salluzz

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  1. He he heeeee….i hope that egoistic man is sanskar or maybe laksh as you have given Kavita to college part so i am quite confused. Even then no problem…plzz continue writing.

  2. please next jaldi upload karo i can’t wait anymore

  3. nice dear

  4. Hey vry nice..swara as supergirl..like it

  5. more suspence are waiting for u all…..

  6. Plzzzz make it swalak plzzzzz

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