A New FF (Small Intro) (Need Suggestions)



Hello everyone, it’s the Mental/Retarded Ghost Group here, we have decided to give an introduction of our new FF but before this one, we will start another one on 24th August and we will give out the promo for that one.

This story would be about a girl who has mental disabilities, we basically, She’s crazy/Pagal. She runs away from the mental asylum and gets lost. She has nowhere to go.

The rest of the story would revolve around how she survives and what she does and who helps her.

Do read it!

We need suggestions for the title.

– Pagal, tu Mujhe Qubool Hai!
– Hathke!
– Zimidaari
– Kaalia! Muuuuuuuhhhhhaaaaa! ?

– Rain drops.
– Pagli

There would be special appearances and we really hope you could enjoy it ??

This would be out on 5th November, so do wait.

But we would start our Shots/Fan-Fic before this one and give an intro on 24th August!

We recommend
  1. Pagal tu mujhe qubool hai

  2. I think “Hathke” would be better…coz that’s hathke…But all the names are better.You can choose what you and majority likes..

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