New ff- ragini i am coming your swara is coming (introduction)

Friends I am extremely sorry I am not able to continue ragini I am coming your swara is coming I am not getting any idea to continue it….so I am starting a new story …..I promise it will be interesting as previous one

Ragini gadodiya- sweet ,innocent, caring wants to live freely without any restrictions …..she is the only daughter of sumi and shekhar…..and wife of laksh ….studying
Shekhar- drug Mafia……. Have lots of enimy that’s why didn’t given any freedom to ragini…….loves ragini very much but never showed
Sumi-is in coma after giving birth to ragini
Laksh- gangster younger brother of sanskar. loves his family and do anything for them …..married to ragini but not started married life Because he wants ragini complete her studies.never showed care toward ragini
Sanskar- don …..strict cruel heartless man with no emotions for anyone expect his family

Swara-second name of problem… Headace of her family and city …….CLG student….. undefeated last rank holder……loves her family and her best friend veer(battery)
Veer-same version of swara
Ram kapoor-(bade acche lgte h)father of swara…worlds leading industrialist
Sakshi kapoor- mother of swara
Arjun kapoor-(Vivian desousa)brother of swara
Rajnath&sakshi goineka-veers parents(they are not negative characters)Asia’s leading industrialist

In mm
A girl is getting ready in blue anarkali suit.tears in her eyes comes in front of mirror and smiles with tears
Girl- ready for CLG is friendship day
Ragini is talking to herself looking into mirror
Ragini- teary eye….what’s new in it from childhood I have no friends not even teacher talk to me rather than studies no shout on me even though I didn’t finish my work or came late
Ragini- its not their mistake who want to be friend of drag mafia King’s daughter and wife of underworld price
In kapoor mansion

A man of 45 is shouting
Man- why god what sin I have done
Lady- arjun plz make him understand…. He already had one attack…. Ram plz don’t stress

Ram- sakshi you are wonderful thing happen in my life ….when u came business developed you gave me son like arjun who always think to develop our business.. Always make me proud
Ram-then u give a devil to kapoor family first girl child…..who always think how to give her dad an attack, how to shift me to hospital bed
Sakshi- hides her laugh ….in childhood u only given her all freedom
Ram- that tym I didn’t imagine I am digging my own grave
Arjun- dad why are u so hyper today
Ram- when ever I going to get best entrepreneur of world award your daughter do something from top she will bring me down
Sakshi-what happen

Ram- yesterday the nominator came to office…. But that tym the shopkeeper and stallkeeper came to take cash……by seeing them nominators goes without nominating me
Arjun- for such reason
Ram- no…your beloved sister was selling bull oil outside by office
Sakshi- whattttt
Ram-u know why ….because I told her I won’t give her single penny for her studies… her company that innocent veer is also spoiling
Voice- who told u that idiot Is innocent
Sakshi- raj ,sakshi
Rajnath- that idiot is spoiling my swara

Ram- no he is innocent my ghost is haunting him
Raj- you know yesterday what he did
Ram-he was starring girls while all other students were busy in play to save tigers… When his teacher scold him what he said you know
Arjun-what uncle
Raj- he said he also didn’t see dinosaurs I didn’t complaints then why are u shouting if coming generation can’t see tiger

Recap-swaveer running by stolling samosa…..swaveer became part tym wedding planner……


  1. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear and ita completely okay if u want to start a new concept it is also an awesome superb concept 😊

  2. aleena

    Its nice but is it swasan ff or raglak would also get equal importance please clear it now😊😊

  3. Bhargavi

    If you can try to just complete that as the story was superb. Even this intro was good but nowadays all are starting good but not completing so am not sure whether to read it or not as I hate incomplete stories. Sorry if I would have hurt you..

  4. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Oh god!!!hahahahahaha frst tym m lykng swaras charecter more den ragz….dis is super super super awesome plot dr ..plzzzzz cont… n m feelng really sad for my ragzy baby πŸ™ ..lets see wt wl happen nxt ..waitng eagerly for nxt part..n i loved ram scene hahahahaha πŸ˜€ …hope u”ll gve equal importance to bth ragini n swara..keep rockng n stay blessed dear..n its really v interestng πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ;)love raglak πŸ˜‰

  5. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    awesome part and swara character is so cute, bubbly and naughty type and ram is getting attacks because of her and she sell bull oil like in the film akheein govinda and his brother do love this swara and veer also his saying that he won’t complaon if h edon’t say dinosoure so why coming generation if they not see tiger. teir characters are funny and ragini a gangster dughter an dmarry wit a gangster her fate is bad and sanskar is a don here story sound interesting waiting for te next part loved the story line and the part πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

  6. Shubhangi


    |Registered Member

    diii plz plz plz continue that previous track plz I beg u aise bache mo suspense mein chodna gunah hota h plzzzz u write this for season 2 na but plz continue previous track plz itta kar do mere liye plzzz

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