New ff- ragini i am coming your swara is coming (episode-1)

Recap- ram shouting
Ram- their is no school left in abroad from where this too where not suspended….
Raj- in India also same ….with lots of efforts their schooling is completed
Arjun- uncle they have completed schooling na know they are college students na
Ram- children change their school because of their financial problem or transfer but in my case its different we change our house according to their school transfer
Sk- enough of swaveer puran
Sg- when we send them to hostel it you two who brought them back
Ram- but

Sk- shut up ….get ready and go to swaveer CLG today is their result day
Ram- today she again score 60th rank I will roast her
Raj- and I will deep fry him
Ram- I am thinking I should check her brain and blood it and see if will match with which gorilla
Raj- no we should consult tantric
Sg- enough

In mm
Rags comes down by pasting fake smile and wents to temple and pray and tie friendship band on lord krishna’s idol……and comes towards breakfast table and sit with ap
Ap- beta today is result na then why college
Rags- màa today is friendship day and discussion of event for parents
Uttra- bhabhi in my school also friendship day ……when we came we will see who has won
Ragini- smiles painfully…. U will win
Uttra- bhabi
Sanskar- how many times I told u don’t talk while eating… Learn from ragini she always comes first in studies……obey your elders
Uttra- you also don’t shout while eating… Pouts
All- laugh

Laksh- guards always be with ragini and uttu come I will drop u till ur bus
Uttra- no I will go myself and run away while showing tongue to sanskar
Laksh- guards be with her like shadow but she won’t see u
(Uttra- 10yr old )

In kapoor house
Arjun- I have an important meeting
Sakshi- okay
Arjun- why are u tensed
Sakshi- arjun if ram through her out
Arjun- don’t worry mom
Sakshi- where the hell is she
Arjun- may be in CLG…don’t worry mom
On road
A girl is standing near samosa stall starring samosa
Shopkeeper- from half an hour u are seeing samosa …..from hot the became cold
Girl- I am not starring them to make them walk on ramp
Shopkeeper- here u go have it
Girl- thnx and eat 5 samosa
Shopkeeper- 40rs
Girl- I don’t have cash
Shopkeeper- then why you ate then
Girl- you have given so I eat it
Shopkeeper-why didn’t u tell before you don’t have the cash
Girl- do I look mad…take one more samosa and run

Shopkeeper- theifff catch her
Group of people run behind her after a distance a boy is running behind him also people are their
Boy – swaraaaa run don’t stop
Swara- do I look nut to stop so that they may loose my nut bolt
While running they jump on sanky’s car bonet
Sanky- what the hell
Swaveer- sorry

They run away
Sanky- idiots
In CLG campus
All were enjoying as today is friendship day and annual day celebration and result announcement were shifted to next day
Ragini comes with the hope some will wish her but nobody wished her all went away ….ragini feels hurt
Swaveer comes running majority of students wished them told about the changes and told till afternoon guest all come
Swara- oh saved for one day

Gauri- why you both don’t come regularly
Raja- how they come they were suspended for 15 days
Gauri- both join CLG in this month only and suspended
Swara- long story some other day

All were gone….this was seen by ragini
Ragini- how cool they are…..if they make me their friend
Competition starts
Rags didn’t participated she was sitting in audience along with ap ,uttra,laksh
Ap- beta why you didn’t participated
Rags- what’s the use they make me win or other may not participated in my event
Uttra -bhabi why always think negative
Laksh-uttrar how many tym to tell u not speak in BTW
Uttra mimics laksh

Ap- uttu bad habit
Uttra- mom your both sons are jalad com khadus
Ragini- don’t be angry kiddo
Uttra- okay bhabhi by the way my friends are also participating
Laksh- your frnd .in ragini’s CLG when she don’t have frnds here how u have,,when u meet ,,was their name
Uttra- mom say your son not to became acp praduyuman and he is asking as didn’t made frnd I have donated his kidney
Ap and rags hides their laugh
Laksh- I can sit with like this
Uttra- why you have pailles
Ap laugh rags smiles
Laksh- uttra I will not purchase ice cream for u
Uttra- thnx its a great favour your taste is to bad
Ap- enough both…sit quietly

Almost all completed know tym for cooking
Host- 10 students cook food for their Parents in team of 2 their names are soo at last swaveer
Ram- Jo bacchi hui izzat thi aaj wohi bhi khtm
Sk- ram swara ko alloo. Aur kadoo m difference ni pta
Raj- bhabhi and we have to eat their hand made dish
Ram- I should book 4 bed in hospital
S.g- I think u are right do it
Uttra- they are my friends swaveer
Ap- swaveer
Rags- swara. Veer most popular students of CLG
On stage
Swara- battery what we cook
Veer- alloo ke paratha

Swara- wao but how it is made
Veer- I think aloo is mixed with floor
Swara- then boil aloo I make floor
After an hour
Ram and sakshi,raj&sakshi siting on chair and food made by swaveer is presented in front of them
Ram- what dish is this
Sk- I think its kheer
Raj- and that one
Sg- I am also confuse….it look like roti but color
Swara- eat na
Ram- what is this dish name
Veer- rice,allo paratha,kaddhi
Raj- in my life I didn’t seen orange curry
Veer- eat
They eat the food and start shouting all laugh and they straightly landed on hospital
Laksh- oh god what a friends u got
Uttra runs to swaveer
Uttra- because of you both they are making fun of me
Swara- sorry uttu baby sorry we don’t know cooking
Veer- even name of veges
Uttra- no and pouts
Swara- uttu

Uttra- no
Swaveer starts tapoori dance lakrag ap is seeing it and smiling… Finally uttra smiles and starts dancing
Veer- come uttu we show you our CLG and have something
Uttra- okayyy come
Swara- but your parents
Uttra- they are with my Godzilla bhai
Lucky pouts
Swaveer comes uttra hangs on veer back

Laksh is going to stop uttra …but rags stops him
Ragini- plz laksh ji don’t ..let her enjoy…if they came to know uttra is sister of gangster then she will loss her friends….as I lost my childhood
Laksh feel sad and heart broken…after 2hrs uttra comes back
Ap- where is ur friends
Uttra- run away
Ap- why
Uttra- dont know
Laksh- she must have shown her horns to them
Uttra- like you show your devil tooth to all
Laksh- you are little devil
Uttra- thnx for compliment ….stop praising me bring car its late
Laksh- you are ordering me
Uttra- yes u
Laksh- uttraaaa
Uttra- laukiiiii
Ap- enough tom and jerry….other wise sanskar will come here
Uttra- karela king noooooooooo

In hospital
Arjun- what happen doctor
Doctor- they have eaten some unpleasent which lead to food poison
Arjun- thnx doctor.……goes inside
Arjun- what you you all have eaten
Ram- the food made by your sister
Arjun- what
Sg- where is she
Raj- plzzz don’t call them here plzzArjun-okayyyyyy

In mm
All are sitting and having dinner
Dp- ragini can u go to mrs smith party
Rags nodes
Uttra- send laksh bhai too
Dp- why
Uttra- how unromantic man(to herself) dad you don’t have any desire to see your grandchild( audible to do)
Dp- I have but he is idiot their is no use by sending them together
Uttra- because he has gone u
Dp- really then
Uttra- send them together
Dp- okay

Dp- laksh you also go with her
Laksh – okay
In evening
Rags get ready in blue anerkali suit and comes down
Ap- you are looking beautiful
Dp – god bless you
Sanskar- laksh will come in 20 mints
Uttra comes after finishing home work
Ap- come I will make u sleep
Uttra- mom I will sleep myself ….but bhabhi today is party not jagrata
Rags- u didn’t like it
Uttra- yuckkk looking like 30s heroine
Sanky- uttra…behave
Uttra- bhabi I have purchased a dress for you
Sanskar- you how
Uttra- from amazon
Sanskar- money
Uttra- from ur pocket
Sanskar- youuu
Uttra-uttra maheshwari…………take it from my room and get ready in it
Rags- baby
Uttra- noooo
Ap- she will eat our ears you go and change
After 20 mints
Laksh- where is ragini
Ap- she getting ready
Laksh- still know
Sanky- its because of our little devil
Ragini comes wearing black net Saari ….laksh jaw drops all seeing her with open mouth
In party
All were starring ragini ….laksh became jealous so he takes her from their ….while returning car stops….and starts raining both comes out…both became wet by seeing ragini laksh desire is increasing can’t able control himself….so he picked ragini in his arms and place her on back seat
Laksh see her shivering lips with pearl’s of rain drop within no tym he lean to her lips but laksh remember his promise to himself ….laksh get out of the car and call the driver and go back to mm whole night rags cried and laksh punch on boxing bag
Next day
Ram &raj have kicked out swaveer became they were failed this tym they challenged them and said come when they have one lakh rupees.but they have to attend clg.if not interest will be added to amount.both goes
Sk- ram they are kids where they go
Ram- they efficient enough and arjun don’t dare to go against me…..if anyone help them they will see my dead face

raj- their is a limit for everything thay made fun of life when they came to know the vAlue of money then they come to right path
Sg- but raj
Raj-no more arguement …sakshi its for their betterment from this punishment they came to know the reality of life

Swaveer somehow go to maullanashab
Muallana- look I have get 6 marriage contract…. 5 in Dubai one in Kolkata
If you can u can do it ….
Veer- sure thnx sir ji
Muallana- let me tell u they were rich people they will give 10lakh and in advance they have given 1 lakh

Swara- thnku we will not disappoint u
Muallana- any info u want….because I going to Dubai then I won’t able to help u
Swaveer book marriage hall and give fifty thousand and half payments to all
Veer- today is engagement
Swara- arrangement are done
Helper-their is a problem
Swara- what
Helper- what is the name of bride and groom
Swaveer- oh no
Veer- we forget to ask It
Swara- maulana shaab had gone to Dubai and his phone is not connecting
Helper- now
Swara- let me think
Then they hear the horns of car
Helpers – oh god they came know
Swara- go fast make alphabetical words on thermacol
Marriage of ranveer and ishani ….ranveer mom create seen on not righting name…. Give come on harshad parek(ishani’s dad)
Harshad- call the wedding planners
Swaveer comes running along with staff holding thermacoal words
Harshad- what is this board is not ready what type of arrangement is this
Veer- actually sir we ….
Swara- we did it intensionally
Harshad- why so

Swara- why …why…
Comes to corner and think why idea strike in her mind
Swara- actually sir from today onwards each other name is going to be special part of their life
Ranveer- yess but what is the connection in it
Swara- u both will stick your partner name with your hand ….
Ishani- by this we will say to each other after someday your name is everything to us
Ranveer smiles
Veer- if you both don’t like our thinking we will do it ….sorry for inconvenience
Ranveer- no we like your perception
Swaveer and take breath in relief
Veer- what an idea
Staff- its better then saying we don’t know the name

Sry friends I know today’s episode is not good but in next I will try my best

Recap-swara- dip him in ujjala till morning and present him as Krishna’s idol…….rags try to suicide

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      thnx dear
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    Whyrag tried to suicide

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