Hi guys it’s sriti …this story is for kkb, matsh and punarvivah fans…hope all will like ….

Daljeet Mehra…Dadi
Ram mehra…as abhi,ranveer and yash father
Priya abhi ,ranveer and yash father
Yash mehra…care for all people ,loving person.
Abhishek mehra..rockstar and lives his family
Ranveer mehra. ..a great business man.
arti yash mehra. ..wife of yash…
pragya arora…a professor
Ishani arora…pragya ‘s younger in ranveer’s company
bulbul arora…younger sister of ishani and pragya.studying in IIT
PURAB khanna. ..abhi’s friend…works as abhi ‘s p.a
tanushree mehta. ..model.,cousin of pragya

Rishab mehta …tanu ‘s father
neethu mehta …tanu’s mother.

Note…. rishab and neethu are uncle and aunt for pragya,bulbul, their parents died …they are taking care of them.their uncle was quite good with them ,cares for them but not neethu who really wants her daughter to be praised.tanu is adamant,selfish and wants to destroy the three sisters.

In Mumbai ,at 11pm ….

a girl was walking lonely on the highways…she heard a sound,she turned back and was shocked to see 3 to 4 man’s standing behind her.they were drunken.the girl tries to escape but one of them caught her.she warned them that she will call the police and takes the phone.suddenly one of the men snatched it from her.she prayed to God to help her.
a man comes from behind and beats all of them they stood up and ran away.she thanked him.the man asked why she was alone at this time.she says it’s my fate and was about to go but the man asked whats her name.she says pragya…pragya arora.the man smiles.she asked how name.he asked you don’t know me.pragya nods no.the man says abhishek ..abhi.the rockstar.pragya asked abhi…oh …my God…my sister’s are big fan of you.actually they will die for you.abhi asked really.she nods yes.abhi says give me your number ..if I am free I will meet your sister’s.pragya asked really and they exchanged their number.abhi asked so you are not my fan.pragya said I really didn’t even listened to your song once.abhi says disgusting.

pragya smiles.abhi asked why she is smilling .pragya nods no.abhi asked where is your home.pragya said just ..few 5 minutes from here.abhi asked her to get in car.pragya says no.abhi asked why.pragya says my sister told me not to go with strangers in night.abhi asked am I stranger.get while world knows I am abhi..but you are saying me the way your sister didn’t say you not to go alone at late night.pragya looks at him.abhi says ok let’s go by walk.both reaches pragya’s home.pragya says thank you so much…abhi says no sorry between friends.pragya asked who are friends.abhi said we.pragya asked when I said you ,you are my friend. Abhi says it’s not fair yaar.pragya says just kidding.come in. Abhi said no it’s time.I have to leave and says bye.pragya says bye rockstar and goes in.

When she enters her room, she sees her two sisters ishani and bulbul on bed.pragya says there is suprise for you both.ishani says di. ..don’t say you are in love.pragya asked what. BULBUL asked who was the man dropped you.pragya thinks so these two didn’t saw his face.pragya says knows him.ishani asked we know him.di dont try to escape from us. Pragya says arey baba…he is rockstar abhi.bulbul asked her not to lie and how can abhi come …pragya says promise.bulbul and ishani asked ha…where is did you meet you.pragya explaind the incident.both ishani and bulbul hugs her saying di…are you ok na..thank God he came at right time.bulbul asked her not to go out at late night.pragya asked them who will fulfill your wishes.bulbul hugs her
Pragta asked her not to worry.ishani asked what the suprise.just then pragya’s phone rings.she attends…hello

Abhi: hey it’s me abhi.
pragya : ha….tell why you called late night ..reached home safe na
Abhi : yes.I called you to ask whether you are free tomorrow
Pragya :ya I am free…what’s the matter
Abhi: then tomorrow at 7 pm come to hotel palace with your sister’s
PRAGYA : really thank you so much…bye
Abhi.: bye

BULBUL and ishani who were listening to whole conversation get confused.ishani asked who is it di. PRAGYA says you asked your suprise na…bulbul and ishani says ha….
pragya says abhi invited us to the hotel palace.he wants to meet you tomorrow.both ishani and bulbul gets happy…

In mm. .
ranveer waits for abhi to come.finally abhi comes .abhi asked why are you waiting here.ranveer says bhai..why are you are dead today. Ma,pa and bhai ,bhabhi are waiting for you.abhi asked why.ranveer says you forgot…it’s bhai’s birthday.he told that he will cut the cake only you reach.abhi says oh shit.come let’s go….

Abhi and ranveer enters…ram says here your sweet brother came.yash asked where you went …you know na it’s my birthday. Arti says font say you forgot.abhi asked who told ,and explained how he saves pragya from goons.yash says ok come let’s cut the cake.all sings happy birthday to you…yash cuts the cake and feeds to all.

abhi meets bulbul and ishani. ..

Hope you loved …comment if I want to continue….

Credit to: sriti kapoor

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