New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 9

Hi darlings thank u for ur comments nd some one was missing dinkachika sang badly but sry dear here situation is not demanding it

Rag :is laksh alive tjen why did swara commited suside

Sanky:as no one knows he is alive

Rag:what …..but why ?if u know where is he then why u gave missing complaint

Sanky:so that the person who attackeattackedll attack attack protect them .but you gave a complaint before me onlyy nd that too with a proof

Rag:what do u want to say

Sanky:now they will attack u nd my fate i should protect u(che na batuku chevaraki ninnu kaapadukovalasi vastundi)

Rag:i can protect my self no need of loosers like u.wait i for get a question how do u come to know about laksh

Fb shown some goons were chchasing laksh nd lalak fell down nd goons started beating him very badly at that time a car passes through that way nd a man from the car came out nd started shouting i will call police with a fear goons ran away nd man admited laksh in hospital fb ends

Rag:how did u come to know about him

Sanky:the man who admitted laksh was none other than shekar uncle nd laksh is dp uncles son nd our chaild hood frend laksh maheshwari
(Dp ,ram,nd shekar were chaild hood friends nd dp lives in chattisghar)

Rag:ohhh then y u came hear

Sanky:to flirt with u
Sanky:what??? U are eating my brain from half an hour with ur questions .by mistake u were born like a human being actually u should born like a questionbank

Rag: with an angry face go to hell nd left to her room

Sanky:what was i doing i should control my toung i ws about to say the truth
Fb starts
After rag left hyd sanky enjoyed a lot but from next day he usedto miss her the toughts of rag was roming around him he used to be like a lost person
His friends observed it nd tomake him confess his feeling made a gathered day they all gathered in sankys house nd they started enjoying one of the friend brought raginis topic nd by listening to her name sankys face glowed like100volts bulb.they observed nd started scolding intenstionly sannky tightenedrved his fist nd one of them started telling about her charecter is bad nd a tight slap blowed on his cheek ya by sanky then his friends,asked u slaped us,for her whome u hate nd whome u dont care

Sanky:yes I hate because I cant spend a day with out her presence iam hear enjoying but my soul was with her dont know why I think only I have a right to teese her nd scold ner no other
Frend:because u love her
Sanky:what ?? I love herrr ??really I love her ??yes I love herr….. kissed his friend nd said I…. LOVE…. YOU…. RAGINI…..

sanky:I came here to confess my love nd to protect my friends life

At dining table all sat at the dining table
Sumi:rag how was the day dear??
Rag:its cool mom college was very nice nd ha I got a new friend maa he is very nicee nd cutee
Sanky who was drinking water splits it out nd caugh
Sumi:sanky r u ok
Sanky:ya aunty seems like my mom was remembering mee in mind hee who the hell is he

Rag:he was the topper of the class maa nd u know what his house was also in our streeet only .infact he also told,me that we can share our vehicals one day he will drop me nd one day I will drop him

Sanky:why is he saving petroll

Rag:ya nd u have work na u can use my vehical I will go with him from tomorrow

Sanky :how can u go with a person whome u met today u dint know him

Rag :I know him he is,very good nd he is of bulbuls friend infact bulbul only introduced him to mee
Sumi:k enough you two stop ur fighting I dont want any mess hear go to ur roomsthey left silently

In sumi nd shekars room
Sumi:I think sanky likes rag did u see his concern

Sekhar:not like love her
Sumi:what???u know it
Fb shows
Shekar:sanky I think we should not tell to any one about it nd I may need ur help dont tell to ur mom nd dad also
Sanky: k uncle I will live in hotel
Shekar:why hotel u live in my house
Sanky:no uncle rag hate mee she will not be happy if I come there
Shekar:do u like her
Sanky:to be frankly I love her but I will ask her hand only after I settle in my life
Shekar:iam very happy ki u told the truth with out hiding any thing I have no problem with u but it is also your duty to make her realise herlove to you so u stay nearer to her nd make her feel for u
Fb ends

Sumi:what a father encouraging him to flirt with ur daughter

Shekar :haa then how did u get ur husband .ours also lovemarrage only naa why ??u dont like sanky

Sumi:I like him I will be very happy
They two slept

Sanky room
Who the hell is he now ,see how is she praising him.I will kill him .idiot ,stupind nd he heard rags voice nd went out to see her

Sanky saw rags waving her hand to some one nd ran there nd saw a boy in other house he hold her hand angrily nd draged into her room
Sanky:what the hell are u doing there
Rag:its none of ur bussiness
He pinnend her to the wall nd said
Sanky:bee away from him
Rag :why for u??
Sanky:I dont like him
Rag:so what I like him nd what right u have to control me

Sanky was frustrated nd kissed her forcefully on her lips rag pushed him at once nd gave a tight slap
Episode ends
Screen freezes on the angry face of rag nd shocking face of sanky

Recap:not yet decided

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    1. Are u telugu me too telugu

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  1. Superb….she shouldn’t have slapped him?

    1. Come on lila she has not yet reliased her love towards him so she will react like that only naa

    2. She should really it will bee the reaction of any girl

      1. Hmmm thats true also

  2. Wow awesome
    Cant wait for the next part

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  9. Awesome even I am Telugu

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  10. oh god I didn’t expected de last scene
    bt I luved both action nd reaction of ragsan

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  11. hey nice one dear i like ur ff

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  12. superb yaar………
    poor sanky……

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  22. Darling…u rocked…happy to see the story in a natural way….love u pav…I was also from andhra…I was so happy for it&was so happy to listen that sindhurm is also hailing from andhra…
    I like the dialogue(“chi Na bathuku..chivariki ninnu kapadukovalisi vastundi”)

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