New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 8

Hi darling i think u were not satisfied with last update really sorry guys iam weak in writing ramantic scens

Sanky:aunty i have an imp work i will leave now
Sumi:have ur tiffen atleast
Sanky :no aunty iam in a hurry now plz dont mind nd u continue
Sanky while leaving serched for her love nd not seen so went from there
Afterthat rag came in a hurry nd said:mom iam leaving its,becoming late
Bulbul:come fast rag
They left
Screen shifts to sanky there he met a man his face was not shown nd they discussed about some thing which was muted nd now k i should complain in police station first
Sanky gave a missing complaint of laksh
Inspector:it is already registered 2days before only his friend have registered a complaint nd we will inform u if we get any clues

Sanky:who his she do u know her name nd did u have any contact no

Inspector :no we dont know her details

Sanky left nd was dissapointed a hand was kept on his sholder he was a conistable

C:come with me
SAnky:where????. he took him to a tea stall near the stati?on nd said
C:two days before a girl came fb starts after coming out from police station ragini came to one of the conistable nd said plzz dada i know he will not inform to this boys relatives plzz can u do me a favour when any one comes to ask about laksh iform me nd give them this no nd sh gave him money but conistsble rejected money y but she told think ur elder daughter gave u plzz nd fb ends nd man gave rags no to him

Sanky calld immedietly but rag was in a class so she didnt lifted the phone

Eveng after college rags saw missed calls in phone nd called to that no sanky lifed the phone

Rag:hello whos this
Sanky:iam sorry to disturb u bt conistable dada gave,me this no
Rag:then u might be lakshs friend
Sanky:ya what information u have about him can u give to me
Rag:k then meet me in rk beach now
Sanky:k i will be there in15 min nd cutted the call nd tought oh no i didnt asked her name atleast k any way i will meet now na
Rag:this voice is familier strange

At beach
Sanky:called rag hello wr r u
Rag :near the libreary
Sanky :which dress
Rag:white top nd light pink long skirt
Sanky:k i saw u actually he saw from back nd cutthe call
He kept his hand on her sholder rag turned nd both were shocked by seeing each other

AFTER 1hour

sanky:why r u silent now tell me what information u have

Rag:where is laksh do u know where is he

Sanky:u know about him naa y r u asking me

Rag:actually i dont know,him i didnt saw him once also

Sanky:what ??????then whats this drama nd complaiint

Rag explained every thing nd showed the letter to him

Sanky:i need to talk to swara
Rag:she is no more

Sanky was shocked
Rag:may be she died by listening to lakshs death news

Saksh:laksh was not dead
Screen freeze with shockung faces of rag nd sanky

Recap:not yet decided

How was the episode plzz comment if u like or not like plz i can improve moree with love your darling pavani

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