New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 7


Rag nd bulbul were sleeping suddenly rags sleep was disturbed by some murmering ya its our bulbul dreaming about sanky nd murmering u know what sanky i like u .i like u when u come near mee .no sanky dont come close to mee no.. noo…. noo…. suddenly . Some one kicked her on her bumb nd she fell down nd wake up suddenly nd started serching for sanskar

Rag :wt r u serching for
Bulbul:i nd sanky spending some quality time dont know now where he went of sudden nd how u came in my room

Rag:by hitting her head with her hand what the hell u disterbeb my sleep by dreaming about that stupid sanky

Bulbul:with a sad face what it was my dream oh nooo nd started sleeping

Rag fells rest less nd came out of the room nd sat in balcony nd started thinking y am i disturbed if bulbul likes i like him noo nooo noo nooo cant i only hates him nd ha i dont like it because i cares for bulbul .slowly she slept there only

Morning sanky woke up nd came out to take some fresh air and saw rags who is sleeping on chair in balcony nd for the first time he was lost in her beauty nd came to senses by some door knock nd tought what is this sanky have u lost how can to think like that how can u like a boy no way by saying so he left to room to fresh up

Sumi:saw ragini nd said coman rag today is first day of ur college wake up fast

Rags woke up nd went to fresh up nd returned

Sumi:what is this first dry ur hair nd drink this milk nd give this to sanky
Rag:no i will not dry it i like this nd this milk i will not give u go and give it to him

Bulbul:noo problem aunty i will give him

Rags:angrily no need you go to ur home nd get ready today we should go to college naa.i will give him.
Sumi:k give it

Insanky room rags went to room saw sanky no there may be in wash room she went to put that milk there nd saw some photos there nd saw them mean while sanky came after bath in shirt less position

Rags suddenly by the sound of door jerked nd hot milk fall pn her hand nd turned nd saw our sanky.for the first time she feels yes bulbul was right he is a milky boy nd sixpack too .why didnt i noticed these many days.and she came to senses by sankys voice

Sanky:what r u doing hear
Rag:voo…. milk….
Rag:to give u milk nd she kept he cup nd is about to go but was stopped by sanky
Sanky pulled her hand they two were close to each other nd asked
Sanky :what only this is the reason to come to my room with a naughty tone

Rag:trying to loosee her hand as its paining as hot milk was fallen na ns said leave my hand
Sanky:sanky saw it leave the hand nd went towards his bag nd rag was about to go
Sanky: i didnt told u to go
Rags with out listening him is about to go
Sanky:aunty actually what happened yesterday u know
Rags came running nd close his mouth with her hand nd suddenly they two were lost with an eyelock
Sanky after coming to senses kissed her hand nd suddenly rags came to senses nd removed hand nd sanky holdhand nd he started applying tauintmentags rags max tried to avoid eye contact with him sanky observed her wet hair covering her face sanky slowly removed it nd rags lift her head this time they have an intence eye lock nd were disturbed by sumis voice rag where are u suddenly sanky came to senses nd saw rag who was shying nd told

Sanky:when u started to shy like a girl
Rag who is blushing suddenly her face became red mirchi nd left from there
Nd sanky started Thinking what happened to you first do the work for which u came she will be hear only nd ha one day she will realise her love for u like u realised after she left u

Episode ends screen freezes with smiling face of sanky

Recap :sanskar in search of laksh

Credit to: pavani

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  1. wow it means sanky realised his love for her by within a day of far from her so nice with jealous of ragini..

    1. Ha he loves,her thats why he teases,her more

  2. Superb…

  3. amazing
    luved it

  4. Ohhh he loves her so cool

  5. OMG……sanky loves rags……yuhuuuuu…….Nyc epispde

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u

  6. Awesome yaar.. post the next part soon..

  7. Wow it is awesome yaar…

  8. hey nice episode dear

  9. Awesome yaar. Eagerly waiting for next .

    1. I have already posted next 2episods

  10. Please try to post the next part ASAP

  11. opening was fully with comedy
    I really enjoyed ya

  12. So sanky loves rags.,wow

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