New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 5


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Sumi was disterbed by a call nd after attending it she hurridly out ragini asked her what happened

Sumi:sanky met wit an accident iam leaving u take care

Rag:in mind wowww such a happy news nd god thk u for listning my prayers
Nd said mom i too will come nd wishpered how can i miss this movement

They reached to hospital nd reached room nd saw a persion having bandages for hand nd turn to other side

Sumi:u wait hear i will meat doctor and call shekar and inform him nd left

Rag:with an exitement omg omg omg u r soo great nd why you showed sympathi on him by leaving his leg any ways iam in a happy mood i dont want to spoil it nd there starts a music dinka chika dinkachika dinkachika nd suddenly the music becomes slow like din…ka…chika… din….ka…chika… by seeing to the person at the main door .rags was shocked to see him ya its our hero

Sanky:dissapointed by blinking his eyes

Mean time sumi comes by talking why shekar not lifting the phone nd shocked seeing sanky

U r fine then who is injured at the timee man gets consious nd says its mee ya he is shekar

Rag nd sumi were shocked
Sumi runs to shekar by running nd asked what happened

Fb shekar by completing his work fastly nd returning home saw sanky near railway station nd went there nd saw an auto going towards sanky nd he ran nd pulled him by pulling him he lost his control nd fell down suddenly nd t the ri8 time sanky pulled him back nd was saved with minor accidents nd fb ends

Shekar:i told u to send rag to receive sanky na why u didnt send

Sumi :she went but train left before only so she tought sanky left nd returned home

Rag:in mind omg if she get to know the truth she will wash mee

Sanky:u cme ?? I stood at the entrence only u didnt noticed mee?

Rag:in mind taking advantage nd said i didnt noticed any way u r safe naa

Sumi:i will come by completing the formalities here in car u take sanky in your scooty bechara by traveling he was tiered as there is no other option she nooded yes nd left

On the way to home
Sanky:if u done this work morning only this all will not happen

Rag :shut up iam not inyrested in ur nonsence
They reached home nd she showed him guest room nd is about to go

Sanky:make some tea my head is paining a lot

Rag :by laughing ha ha,ha, what mee tea that too for u even for begger also i will do not for u
Nd is about,to go sanky hold her hand and pull her towards him her brest touches his chest rag was surprised for his action

Rag :what the hell r u doing

Snky :dont expect much i will not romance with boys

Rag:then leave mee

Sanky :go nd bring tea
Rag:never nd ever
Sanky:left her hand nd said k i will directly talk to aunty i will say what happend in morning nd that is the reason for accident then u know what will happen nd no need for me to explain

Rag :in ming she got a vision of washing clothes nd drying them she comes to senses nd said k i will bring ass u r guest nt for ur blackmail ok nd left

Sanky:torture begans with a evil smle

The screen freezes with evil smile of sanky and frustrated face of rag

Recap :bulbul was impresed by seeing sanky .nd rag gets jelous by seeing sanky nd bulbul together

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Credit to: pavani

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  1. Its just just super pavani
    Want to knew rags reaction by seeing them together

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u thats what iam thinking

  2. Wow…sanky and rags…so cute..

    1. Ha ha i too like this pair

  3. hehehe i imagined rags doing dance in dinkachika song ….and suddenly she sees the person …nd music become slow …..hahaha it was very very funny…….

    now i think luv story will start rags will become jealous…..nd episode was amazing…

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u

  4. Badtameez kadoos ladka

    1. Noo he is sweet

  5. superb yaar…

  6. It was amazing!!!

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