New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 4


Hi is it booring or what darlings no responce k dont worry i will again create intrest

Ragini was shocked by listening to swaras death news :what how can this be possible

Bulbul:ya its published in news paper also

Ragini with an anger took her scooty with out uttering a word bulbul was confused nd followed her.they reached police station

Bulbul:what were u up to now

Rag:with oit uttering a word entered police station nd wrote a missing complaint of laksh

Inspector:who is he and what was ur relation with him

Rag :my friend nd missing from one week nd i got this letter from his book so i want to case against them may be they were reason for his missing

Inspector:k we will interogate leave that letter nd u may leave

Rag:i will not leave it here if u want it any time u can contact me to this no if u get any information plz contact us

She left the place with an attitude
Bulbul:what the hell are u doing .Did u have a sence wt r u doing

Rag:i know nd i cant leave the real culprit so this is only the option to know the truth by saying soo she left the place nd reached home
After they left inspector called some one nd informed abt them

Shekar:wr do u went dear i have been waiting for u from morning

Rag :nothing dad just roaming

Sumi:we got house in rushikonda nearer to ur clg nd we r shifting today onlyy

Rag:k lets go
They shifted their luggage nd arrangef every thing nd rag nd bulbul came out with a tierd ness nd see the view

Bulbul:wow nice view na

Rag :yaa but she was deeply thinking abut the letter only

Sumi :i forget to tell u sanky is coming tomorrow u should go to station tomorrow nd receive him

Rig:whatt???sanskarrr.why is he coming.nd wt is the need to keep him in our house.tell him to go nd live in hottle.and u want mee to bring him from station noo wayy

Sumi: iam not asking ur permission iam ordering u nd by to by bulbul some one asked me to extend the pocket money from this month till now i tought to ask shekar but i think not needed nd for 1 month adjust ment some have to pay it for whole year

Rag:with a sad face what??? U cant blackmail mee .

Sumi:i can its my house nd my rules understand

Rag: with no other option k i will with a sad face
Rag:from today i have to bare that stupid for one month god plzzz save mee

At railway station rags was waiting by sitting on a bench nd scolding for her fate

A voice: missing mee a lot

Rag turnd nd saw the person her face became red like tomatoo .miss my foot
(Ya he is our charming sanky)

San:k darling lets goo

Rag:with an irritating look went out with out talking

Rag got an idea nd left sanky there nd left from there waving bye

Sanky:with a wide smile i know u will do that only

Rag reached home nd told she missed train nd train left before she raeched .nd wt sanky didnt came till now??? By laughing inside
Sumi:what is it true or your plan? With an angry look if it is your plan u will pay for it

Sanky at the railway staion while crossing auto comes nd hit
Episode endss

Recap:rag with sad face and person with bandages on bed

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Credit to: pavani

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  1. Omg i think laksh already died

    1. Hmm i didnt told laksh died its suspence

  2. So sweet update next one today itself yar

    1. Ya will sure

  3. Don’t kill sanky..pls…ragsan…

    1. Tnk u nd how can i kill sanky

  4. Make it long

    1. Tnk u ya i will try to make it large

  5. its not boring………plzzz carry on……dnt worry abt comments ……we like your ff alllooootttttt……….
    i think swara is alive……..its juz her family conspiracy to get her away frm Laksh…..

    i love you ff………

    1. Tnk u nd u r vey interlligent

  6. Nice
    plz dnt separate ragsan

    1. Tnk u nd i cant sep or kill ragsan iam a diehard fan of ragsan

  7. cool!!! is swara dead??………..hey is ua mother tongue telugu??

    1. Ya my mother toung is telugu my native is srikakulam nd studied in vishakapatnam nd now in bilaspur

  8. Not boring at all….its superb

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