New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 3


Ragini was hell shocked after seeing the letter she immedietly called bulbul nd gave the letter

Bulbul:take it li8 dear it is common its 21st century nd no work is done wt out phn nd u r bothering about a simple letter

Ragini:if it is true nd if the boy is really in danger wt will happen if we try if it is lie we may become fools but if it is true we may save a person

Bulbul :why u think the letter is from present it may be many years back

Ragini :dont know

Bulbul :k what do u want to do

Ragini :give a complaint in police station by showing this letter

Bulbul:have u gon complaint in police station for this silly lettre .they will ask u do u know them then wt will u do

Ragini:ya u right now what to do …..(thinking)idea why cant we check the register nd search for these two names nd when they last visited hear .wt say

Bulbul :yaits good idea but who will manage librarian
Ragini looks at her with a cute smilee
Bulbul:dont dare to involve me in this matter i will not dooo

Ragini : plzz plzz we may unite two lovers nd by doing soo u may be suceed in ur love
Bulbul:i didnt have any lover
Rag:u may get ur soulmatee
Bulbul:k only for my soulmate
Rag :tnk u darling

Bulbul went to librarien and started irritating by asking him silly questions nd at last she asked him to show a book which she already hided it he fed up with her actions nd decided to send her fastly nd went in serching of book meantime rag took the register and saw the names nd tn searched in cards for the name nd took a card nd kept thumb up to bulbul then bulbul started her acting there by saying what the hell wt kind of libreary is this no book is there its better to not to come any time here waste librery nd waste librarien
By doing so she came out

Rags:u r awsome yar u can open an acting school

Bulbul:very funny work done or what

Rag:yes she took the card nd saw a photo in card it is swaras photo.she is cute naa .ha nd the she didnt came here from a week.
Bulbul:now what ??

Rag:find out her adress
bulbul:who will find out ??
Rag:with an evil smilee wee??
Bulbul:what… no wayy… with the photo where can we find her
Rag:budhuu in this her college name also written
Bulbul:k which college
Rag :its our college with a wide smilee

Bulbul:what ????? Once show her photo
After seeing the photo clearly
Bulbul:hey she is swara cchoudarythe ddaughterof sshanmuk choudary the mla of this area

Rag:ohh god thats a great news then we can ask her about the boys safty .comon lets goo

Bulbul:nooo use she died 5 dayss beforee onlyy
Rag :whatttt?????
Screen freezes with shocking face of ragss

Next epi:war btwn rag nd sanky starts

Sorry guys actually i want to make shankys entry today onlyy but sorry nahi hoo payaa
.and really guys iam very happy for ur responce .i want to clear one thing the pairs are ragsan nd swalak only i cant change them .my english may be weak plzz forgive .iam poor in writing romantic scens really sorry but i will try my level best to b some rromanceebloosom nd ya i took this concept from aanandam telugu movie but my presentation was diff so if u like it plzz doo comment with love urs loving darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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