New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 19


Hii darlings I have posted this yesterday only dont know why it was not posted so writing it again

Sumi:what happend sanky is every thing allright

Sanky:yes aunty lucky came out from coma

Swara:really come lets goo

At hospital
Lucky on bed after seeing swara:swara u hear .how r u
Swara :huggedhim tightly an said I love u too
Every one left them nd came out
Sumi:we will leave now ragsan u stay hear nd went by blinking eye to sanky

Sanky:it was like a dream at llast they were united
Rag :its power of truelove
Sanky eyed her lovingly.nd she avoided an eye contact with him

Sanky:soo lucky is well can I leave now

Rag:yes ofcourse u can go I booked ticket also train was in evenig

Sanjy:was shocked for her responce nd asked are u sure u want me to go

Rag:yes infact I decided my future,also

Sanjy:what is the ans


Sanky eyes were filled with tears :what ???then what u said night.

Rag:yes I tought the whole night nd decided .
Sanky:why ..u cant see how much I love u
.rag:how can I love a person who takes her parents help to impress her

Sanky was hell :hw do u know
fb shows rag listened to their conv last night fb ends

Sanky gave a fake smile nd started running from there as rag was very serious .then she too started running nd at last ther reached a room which was empty rag caught h and started beating him.sanky stopedby holdfing her hand and said:soo u came to know the truth now say u dont lve me


Sanky:see into my eyes and tell

Rag:was about to run by blushing sanky draged her and hugged her shee too hugged him nd said I lve u tooo
Sanky was very happy nd tightend his grip they were,lost in each other .sanky breaked the hug and kissed her,fore head nd she closed her eyes expecting thathe will kiss on lips but he went away she looked him hethen kept his hand on his cheeks nd said I wont kiss,u in my life

Rag:laughed at his actions ad came near to him nd said noo problem I will nd she started to kiss then he too joined and it became a passinate one they were disturbed by a knocking of door nd she ran from there

At swara laksh room every one gathered
Rag:wt is ur nxt plan
Swara:to go from hear nd keep lucky safe
Rag:till when uwill run .its betterr to face it .ask him y he did it

Swara:u r right

At cho mension
By seeing swara cho was shocked u r alive
Swara:y uwill kil me now
Cho:wt r u saying bete (he is in press conference now)
Swara:stop ur acting now how can u do that to mee that to for money if u want it I may happyly given it to u .but u tried to kill me .why dada why for one time also u didnt felt that iam ur daughter

Cho:sorry beta I recognised,this after the news of ur death I was guilty about my work
Swara:I fogetted u .either u belive or not but u r always a father to mee
Cho:noo u should punish mee .I will be killed by this guilt otherwise

Swara:that is,ur punishment nd ha dont come in my life again

Sho:I will also come with u
Swara:noo bhayya dad needs u plzz stay for my sake

She left nd came to rag nd hugged her nd said it is possible due to u thank u

Rag:u deserve ur happy ness
.swara:k then when willbe ur marrage

Rag:still there is lot if time she looked at sanky
Screen freezes with all happy faces
Ff ends

Sorry for ending it my nxt ff is meaning of love plzz encourage mee with ur comments ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. soo nyc……Ragsan and Swalak united…….dinkachika dinkachika……i danced after reading it ……but 🙁 it ended…….your ff was juzzz awesome……i loved it…….

    1. Tnk u dinkachika.
      Read my new ff meaning of love

      1. I will….. 🙂

  2. really nice . But u can end this with a marriage of ragsan.
    i know rag is stdying u can show three yrs leap. But its really superb.

  3. When will you start your new ff

    1. Today but thinking how to introduce thats y taking time

  4. pavani am also like to write help me how to publish that

    1. Ha astha tell me how can I help u

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