New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 18

Hi darlings this is the last episode of love makes life beautiful. I will miss this ff really it is my first ff iam unhappy for ending it plzz dont forget mee .I told u in before update that I want to write in mr perfect concept if u like that concept (telugu movie) plzz reply I will start writing.if concept is fixed its name will be the meaning of love(rag san swa).k lets go to our fav ffs last update

Sumi:what happened sanky is every thing fine

Sanky:yes laksh was consious he want to meet us

Swara:really then letsgoo

All at hospital
Swara:went near him nd hugged him nd cried
Every one felt happy and want to give some space to them so they left
Sumi:k shekar we leave now ragsan u stay here nd while going blinks to sankynd signals him all the best
Sanky smiles .there is a silence between them for lot of time nd rag breaked the silence

Rag:very happy atlast they became one

Sanky:haa that is power of true love

Rag:gave a fake smile

Sanky:k rag I think I should leave now

rag:ha u can leave now lucky is alright na we will manage nd shourya was also there with us naa

Sanky:really u want mee to go

Rag:yes ofcourse
Sanky:with a shocking face then what have u decided
Rag:about what
Sanky:again surprised (in mind what happend to her suddenly she is fine till last night )about my proposal

Rag:ha I tought whole night nd my ans is ………….. no

Sanky:his eyes were filled with tears and said no ur telling lies
Rag:no iam telling truth
Sanky:what happened to u why cant u see my love and my attempts
Rag:yes how can I love a person like u
Sanky:what do u mean
Rag: I mean how can I love a person who need help of girls parents to impress her
Sanky:was shocked how do u know
Fb shows rag listened the whole conversation of the three last nightFb ends
Sanky gave a fake smile nd ran from there rag chased him an they went into room nd rag closed the door so that sanky may not go out at last she caught him nd starteed beating him.sanky hold her two hands nd pinned her to the wall

Sanky:soo u dont love mee

Rag:muved her head nd said in anger yess

Sanky:say it by seeing into my eyes.he moved her head towards him

Rag:started blushing nd stared to ran from there
Sanky hold her hand nd said
If u leave mee today I wont hold it in my life
Rag:turned to him nd slapped him nd said dont atleast think of leaving mee
Sanky:then hugged her nd she to receprocated
Both were lost in each other
Rag:I love u
Sanky :love you too he slowly kissed her forehead

Slowly he came towards lips nd suddenly he went away nd kept his hands on his cheeek .rag understand that he is teasing her nd again ran back of him he suddenly stopped nd she collide with him they have an intense eye lock.this time she first started to kiss nd he receprocated her nd they have an intense liplock they were disturbed by a door knock She came to senses and ran from there

They went to raglak room
Rag:so what have u decided to doo next
Swara:we will goo from hear
Rag:till when u will run face him ,ask him y he done like that
Swara:yes u r right I should face him
At choudary house
After seeing swara he was shocked
Cho: u r alive
Swa:,yes dad ohh sorry iam. not ur daughter naa.but I always treated u as my father.if u ask me once for the property I give it happyly but for money u want to kill mee.why dad why

Sou:for money u can kill me also na dadd.

Cho:was crying with guilt nd said sorry beta

Swara:I forgived u but cant think u as my father till now

Cho:noo plzzz punish mee I cant live with this guilt

Swara:k then plzz dont come in my life again it was ur punishment.
Sho:wait swara I cant live with a person like him for whome money is every thing
Swara:noo bhayya he needs u now .plzz stay with him for my sake u r my brother and always bee
Swara came nd hugged rag and said tnk u this is possible due to u
Rag:iam very happy for u
Swara:when will be ur marrage
Rag:by blushing till there is time nd saw sanky

Episode ends with all the happy faces

Tnk u guys I will miss u from now
Urs darling pavani

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  1. superb will miss this ff…yes carry on with ff of the telugu movie…but please use english…..because i don’t knw telugu

  2. hi pavani.miss ur ff.Even I am from ………nice concept…but plz make me clear who will be maggi and priya among swara and ragini

    1. Obviously rag is kajol nd swara is maagi

  3. Awsm..i will miss this ff..plzz start ur new ff soon

  4. Atlasg all r happy

  5. Nice ending.will miss this ff a lot.please come back soon with the new ff concept of mr.perfect.

    1. Ha I already gave intro meaning of love

  6. superb i will miss the ff n i am waiting for ur new ff…..

    1. I will miss too dear

  7. Awesome..i will miss ur ff

  8. wow mr perfect nice movie prabhas and kajal . kajal is ragini right plz update today itself and i loved ur ff pavani thank for enteraing me so much i loved it so much thanks for ur next ff and all the best may ur wish and dreams come true

    1. who is playing tapsee character

      1. ur mother tongue is telugu

  9. Even I’m 4m vizag …..miss yr ff

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