New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 17

Hii darlings really sorry for late update .hear we goo

Rag was rest less she was not able to sleep after listening to news,of sankys leaving
Swara observed her

Swara:ragini can I ask u a question

Swara:do u love him
Rag was silent
Swara:if u dont want to tell me then noo problem
Rag:not like that.iam confused thats it
Swara:love will happen suddenly only we need to realise it .but dont drag it so that u may loose them like what happened to mee
Rag:tnk u .now what should I do he wants to leave .I cant force him nd I dont want to decide hurryly .my whole life depends on it.I want him to bee hear for some more days

Swara:then stop him
Rag:but how
Swara:that u should decide
Rag tought for a while nd went out from room he stood infront of sankys room nd was about to knock he opend the door

Sanky:you??at this time??is every thing ok

Rag:if it was ok I…. just…want to talk with u.can I come in

Sanky:signed her to come in
They went in nd shut the door

Sanky:tell me ragini what u want to talk

Rag:vo… I need some time

Sanky:for what?
Rag:with a shy hyding an eye contact with him said to decide my future with u or not

Sanky:take your own time I am not forcing u these decitions should not be decided in hurry .

Rag:still looking down
Sanky:any thing else
Rag:is it necessary to go tomorrow

Sanky:ya my work was completed hear so leaving

Rag:ok nd was going nd she turned back to see him nd saw him facing the other side she ran towards him nd higged him tightly from back of him

Rag:plzz dont goo
Sankys eyes were filled with tears
Rag:give me some time so that I can decide till then dont leave mee .dont know why I dont want to go away from u plzzz.nd she ran from there

Sanky turned with tears in eyes nd showed tumb up to someone and the person is none other than shekar

Fb starts
Sanky reached home angryl
Shekar:what happened sanky
Sanky explained about hospital scene
Shekar:thats it .k do u trust me.
Sanky:wt r u saying uncle more than mee

Shekar:k then do wt I say Fb ends
Sanky hugs shekar nd said
Sanky:u r fab trust mee u can impress atleast 2/3 girls now
Sumi:with an angry tone we r trying to set ur love nd u r giving ideas to spoil our love

Sanky:cached ears nd said sorry darling .
Shekar:what when did she became ur darling
Sanky:when she gave birth to my princess
Sumi:not bad u also started to flir with girls with.sanky smiles
Shekar:k now lets go if she come to know that we r helping him she will kill us
All went,to their rooms

At dining table
Rag was dull as she didnt slept whole night.
Sumi:when is the train sanky
Sanky:splits the water he was drinking nd looked confusingly towards sumi nd shekar who were laughing and was not noticed by rag.
Rag was curiously waiting for his answer
Sanky:vooo aunty iam not going untill lucky gets consioudness
Sankys phone rings
Sanky:hello …..haa yes…what…really…iam coming
Episode ends with enthusiastic faces of all

Recap:may bee last episode not conform

Hi darlings concept of nxt movie will be related to mr perfect .my fav heroes movie .I like this move very much .what say guys .iam saying first only concept will be same but my presentation will be diff what say guys .

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  1. Awsm waiting for that movie also

    1. Not move ff only

  2. And also don’t end this ff also

  3. And i lv to read varsham movie plot also

    1. Hmm I will try it nxt,time nd sry dear I already posted my last update

  4. I too love thst movie

    1. I too that too my fav heros movie

  5. Plzzz dont end this yaar

    1. Sry dear it is better to end before u hate my ff

  6. Dont stop this ff….continue….pls
    Wow….me too like Mr perfect movie very much..
    I wish Ragsan will be Prabhas and kajall..

    1. Yes obviouslyy

  7. Superb but plzz dont end ur ff plzz

  8. Super…dont end

  9. Pls don’t end u r ff

  10. Superb dear and plz don’t end soon

  11. ragini only heroine in next ff also plz, don’t end this

  12. awesome cant wait for next epi n dont end this ff…..

  13. wow very nyc episode……

    yeah ur Mr.perfect concept that u r going to write…..sounds cool….
    u shud give it a try

    1. Tnk u ya I want to try lets see what happens

  14. Nice plz dnt end it

    1. Iam really sorry

  15. I too like mrperfet
    im planning to write a ragsanff on ORANGE movie(my fav)

    1. Ohh nice I like songs of that movie

  16. That’s one of my favourite movie too.please present ragini as nandini and swara as maggy.make sanky the hero.plzz.swara will be perfect as maggy

  17. am feeling sad for u end this soon.
    But waitng for mr.perfect ff.
    what is the title of that?

    1. Tnk u name is meaning of love

  18. Make that ff also ragsan di. Awesome epi I loved it. Di can you write a ff based on premam movie

    1. Ya that too will be ragsan only which movie u r telling about

  19. superrrr… will be perfect

    1. Ha ha ha tnk u I will try my best

  20. This story is amazing I love ragsan, keep up the great work. I am also writing a ff it’s called Destiny vs love if you could comment some ideas
    Also just keep up the great work, I’ll always comment on your ff.
    I just love it aha ~nusz

    1. Thank u very much it is very big compliment

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