New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 16


Hii darlings will complete this ff in 3to 4 episodes as the plot which I tought will be completed and to extend it I didnt tought about it to be frank my mind was blank .nd thank u for your wonderful responce .u encoureged me with ur comments. K then remaining stuff will be discussed in last episode .
Hear we goo

swara went to lakshs,room nd sat beside him.rag,san,pur,bulnd sou were looking at them
Swara:kept her hand on laksh hand nd said laksh… plzzz wake up

With her touch laksh slightly moved his finger every one felt happy and called doctor

Doc:after checking him congratulations he is responding to our treatment he will be fine very soon

Swara:thank u doctor thank u very much u saved not only his life u savedmy life too.she turned towards shourya nd hugged him nd cry in joy

Sou:ur love is true nothing will happen to him

All left swara with laksh and went out.

Sho:with an emotion hugged rag nd cried
Rag:consoled him
Sho:thank u very much .really iam very thankful to u.

Sanky:saw this nd murmmerd to him self he can tell this without hugging her or by hugging any of us

Purab:to bulbul is any thing burning hear

Rag releases hug nd said
Bulbul:stopped her laugh nd said dont know I was also getting that smell nd signed rag to see sanky

Rag:ohh yaa iam also getting that

Sho:what iam not getting sanky did you get that

Sanky:gave an angry look to all of them and went from there

Bulbul:u know rag he loves u I can see in his eyes

Purab:u can able to see the love in all others eyes but cant see that in the eyes of a person who love u

Bulbul:what ??who loves mee

Rag:budhoo he loves u .

Bulbul:what really atleast there is a boy who loves mee too

Purab:what do u mean

Bulbul:actually every one were fed up with my talk nd dont dare to come near mee.soo.bee.careful nd dont tell me after wards that u r fed of me nd leave mee if I committed once I will not listen to mine also(vakkasari commit ite na mata,nanee vinanu)

Purab:for this behaviour only I fell for u plzzz dont leave meee

Rag nd sho left fro there smylinglyy

Ouside the hospital
Rag:I will take swara with mee .its not safe for her to live outside
Sho:thk u nd I will keep one security with laksh too .ok friendss??

Rag:friendss nd two shake their handss

Bulbul,purab nd swara came

Bulpur:k we will leave now

Rag :ohoo cant wait a
Bulpur blushes
Rag:k swara come we will go
Swara nd rag went to their house
Sumi:who is she
Shekar explained her every thing
Sanky came to dinner table nd told
Sanky:uncle I will leave tomorrow .the worrk for which I came was completed
Every one shoks
Episode ends with teary face of rag nd sanky

Recap:rags confession

How was te episode guys ??

Yours darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. It was awesome dr

  2. Nice..will miss this ff??

  3. I am a silent reader of ur ff di., but u made me comment today. Pls don’t end this ff di I love this ff a lot and if you want to end this ff then promise me u will come with another ragsan ff ( bcoz I am a crazy fan of ragsan) plz plz plz it’s a request

    1. Ya I will also k I will try to come with new one

  4. Nice episode.please come back with a another ff on ragsan

  5. Dont end yar show their nok jok after getting married

    1. Ha ha real reason is is iam week in writing romantic scenes thats why I want to stop it its better to end when every one liking it like as a memory

  6. Dinkachika Dinkachika Dinkachika……awesome episode……but u will end it in 3-4 episodes… 🙁

    1. Ha ha ha will try to come with new dinkachika

  7. really epi nice. am waiting for rags confession

    1. Wiil be late as I didnt decited till now

  8. No.
    dont end it…pls

    1. Sorry dear will try to come with new one

  9. Awesome. You are superb di . Waiting for nxt.

  10. Superb dear and eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Tnk u will be tomorrow

  11. Wowwww awesome yaar

  12. start another ragsan ff dear

    1. Ya thinking of a new plot which many of them may know that

  13. Superbb

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