New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 15


Hi darlings I reached my 15th tnk u for ur support

Rag:what … ur father but why.
Sou:u know the reason right laksh have told u know
Rag:noo laksh was in coma not laksh u should tell me now
Sou:shocked what then how u know I want to kill swara
Rag:just a wild guess with an evil smile
Sho:what???u cheated mee.k what will you do if I not tell
Rag:I wlll complaint that u attacked me nd will tell that u hided swarA
Sou:will they belive
Rag:ur father will come to know some one knows the truth nd he may hurt swara again..
Sou:nooo if u goo out from hear then naaa with an evil smile
Sanky:if she dont go then swara is shown to whole media

Rag with a smile u found her
Fb shows
Sanky gets a call
Sanky:tell me is she there
Purab:ya but there is more security
There some man talking madams computer failed bring some one to repair it
Sanky,bulbul,purab with an evil smile went there
Purab cut the call nd Go to them nd said sir shourya sir called to repair the computer
Goon one:k come who is she pointing to bulbul.
Purab :my assistent
Purab went inside nd saw swara who is crying on sleeeping on bed
Purab:called swara she turned nd saw purab
Swara:who r u?
Purab:lakshs friend
Swara:how is he
Purab:in hospital waiting to,see u
Swara :k come lets go
Bulbul,but how
Swara:idea she called the goon nd told she want to drink cool drink
Goon :brought it and gave it to her
She oened nd took three glasses seperate nd mixed sleeping tab in remaining nd distrabuted it to all goons
After somee time they all slept nd they 3ran from there
Fb ends

Sanky:so swara is with us now mean time swara came with bulbul and purab nd came running and hugged shourya

Swara:bhayya laksh jindha hai
Shou:by wiping his tears yes
Rag:can any one tell me whats happening???.

Sou:I will tell.

Fb shows swara was not the daughter of choudary .swaras parents died in an accident they were wery rich choudary was uncle of swara he was only the guardian of swara.his son was shourya .he loved swara as his own sister.after giving warning to laksh shourya directly asked swara weather she loves him or what.swara,confessed her love so he went to ask his faters permission for swaras marrage to the same time laksh also came there to talk directly with choudary.they listened to some ones noise nd hide .

Choudarys p.a:sir swara have crossed 21according to rules u should hand over her property this year
Cho:how am I.loking to I a fool to give this much amount to her.before her,birthday I will comeplte her work .
Laksh and shourya both wwere shocked nd laksh with an anger went Inside and shourya ran to swara to protect her

So laksh was caught by him nd nxt u know

.rag:then swaras death drama

Fb continous.
I went and informed every thing to swara.swara was about to go to laksh but I stopped her as it will be danger for we did a sucide drama to make him believe that swara is dead and he will not come in swaras life again
Fb ends
Rag:so now what??
Swara:take me to laksh .
Episode ends

Recap:swara laksh.ragsan.purbul movements

Hi darlings I think today is little boaring nd no suspence iam also not satisfied .plzz bare it for this day nd support mer with ur comints yours darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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