New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 14

Hii darlings back with one more update hear we gooo

Rag nd sanky wake up with a beautiful smile on their faces
Rag:why am I thinking about him did I started liking him.dont know

They both opened their doors at the same time nd rag want to avoid an eye contat with shyness nd went from there

Nd sanky :yes yes yes I qualified in first test of my love

Four of them meat near swaras house from there they started following shourya

Sanky:iam telling now only u people may quit it,is very dangerous I will handle alone
Rag:we cant leave u alone if any thing hapened to you
Sanky sees rag and they have an intence eye lock
Purab nd bulbul saw them and laughed nd sigh each other to disturb them purab caughs nd rag nd sanky came to senses
Bulbul:what happened purab if any thing happend to u how can I live nd looked at rag.nd sanky started laughing
Rag:gave an angry look to three of them nd said what u want to say
Bulbul:I didnt tell any thing to u iam just showing my concern on my love purab
Rag:iam showing concern on him just for humanity just like now how iam trying to help swara nd laksh
Bulbul:I didnt asked for explaination nd I even didnt bought that topic why are u bothering soo much (mulankada donga evaru ante bujalu tadumu kunadanta neelantode)
Rag:k now concentrate on work for which we came
They followd him for one week nd saw where where he is going nd they have doubt on two houses nd so they decided
Rag:I nd bulbul will go one side u nd purab go ti other
Sanky:have u gon mad it is dangerous if any one saw u then who will handle
Rag:k I nd purab will go .u nd bulbul will be grouped
Sanky:got angry nd eyed her angryly
Nd said u should be very careful than us
Purab:k u go with rags nd I go with bulbul
They left nd sanky didnt talked to rag
Rag :k how will we go
Sanky:didnt said any thing nd went through back side of house
Rag:in mind angry bird nd silently followed him
Sanky called purab nd told him that they reached house nd warned him to bee care ful nd call him if there is any problem mean time rag was sining him something but he didnt understand nd asked what with an irritating look
Rag:tell to keep phone in vibration
Purab listed nd said ok .
Sanky :u jump first I will follow u
Rag:noo u go first
Sanky :ur wish nd climbed the wall nd about to jump
Rag:who will lift me give me ur hand
Sanky:call purab he will help u
Rag:soo u r jelous
Sanky:why will I
Rag:u should tell the answer
Sanky:k u come by climbing it I am leaving
Rag:ok sry now give me ur hand
Sanky gave his hand nd she climbed and both were about to jump rag sliped and fall on sanky nd accidentally rag kisses sankys lips she got up immideatly nd said sorry

Sanky:o hoo following my polocy(in a naughty tone)
Rag:I didnt done it intensionally
Sanky:no problem no need to say sorry u are always welcome for it by blinking his eyes
Rag gave an angry loook nd said lets do that work for what we came

They saw a car coming into the house ya it was shourya
Sanky:he came now how will we search
Rag:leave him to me and u go nd search her nd take her safely
Sanky:noo way I cant leave u he may harm u
Rag:plzz to combine swara nd laksh was our mission now. We cant back step now

Sankys eyes were filled with tears nd he draged her and hugged her tightly she understand his concern nd hugged him back.suddenly it started to rain rag released her hug nd said every thing will be fine plzz dont think about mee nd take swara ok

Sanky:I want to tell u one thing dont know it is the correct situation or not but there will be a guilt in mee whole my life that I didnt told u.he slowly closed his eyes nd with lots of courage said I love u

Rag:was in a shock ns,said what
Sanky:haa I came here to confess my feelings but dont know that in this situation I will say nd hugged her again nd said plzz return soin iam waiting for u rag felt hapy but dont want to show nd left from there from crying
Rag:entered shouryas room nd said not bad you have good taste
Shourya:was shocked to see her soo u have been escaped from them not baddd

Sanky serched all rooms but didnt found her nd mean time he get a call

Again rag,sou
Rag:ya I want to know the truth ?why u dried to kill laksh
Sou:he is back of my sis
Rag:dont lie u attacked because he came to know the truth ki u want to kill swara
Sou:what ??who told u?
Rag:laksh told me he was alive
Sou:what he is alive then I should go nd proyect her
Rag:u want to kill her nd acting that u will protect her

Sho:shouted its not mee dad want to kill her
Rag was shocked
Episode ends with shocking face of rag nd crying face of shourya

Recap:shou narrating the story

Hi darlings dont get confused u will get ur ans in next update.urs darling pavani

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  7. wow u write in telugu in between the story its good
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