New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 13


Rag,bulbul,purab:he is coma nd y u didnt tell us till now

Sanky:till now there is no necesity to tell

Bulbul:now what will we doo

Rag:some other plan.but what???

Sanky:search in swaras house for any clue ???
Purab:good idea

Bulbul:have u lost how canwe enter that house by crossing all the security

Rag:what about maid with a wide smile
I mean like a servent to enter the house

San:its like ur face
Rag:gave an angry look to him nd said k what about

Sanky:cuts her words by saying plzz stop using ur muddy brain ok

Rag:what do u mean
Purabul:stop it yar plzz Did any one have any idea
Rag :raised her hand three look at her enthusiasm nd rag said wt about shourya y cant we follow him he defnetly knows where swara will be

Sanbulpu:great idea nd sanky with an exitement side hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks .
Rag:was shocked nd gave an angry look to him
Purab and bulbul:stoped their laugh nd said we didnt saw anything nd u two enjoy

Sanky:slowly started leaving
Rag :wt an anger where r u going
Sanky :I have work
Rag:today u should tell me .
Sanky:with a tension in mind did she came to know about my love nd said .what should I say

Sanky:sorry for what ?
Rag:for kissing me
Sanky:I have no guilt feeling for it
Rag:how can u say that how can u kiss me like that with out my permision
Sanky:ok give me permission
Rag:for what
Sanky:to kiss u
Sanky:so if I ask u will u give me permission actually it happened accidentally thats it leave it nd forget it
Rag:what??with an anger noo nd never first u say sorry
Sanky:ok sorry happy
Rag:with a happy face k excused
Sanky:wow it is very nice I can kiss nd say sorry its very good offer tnk u .he hugged her nd kissed her on her cheek nd said sorry nd went from there

Rag was shocked for his action and an unknow smile came on her face nd ran to her room
That night both were thinkg about others (seetha kalam suryudi laga song from son of satya murty song plays )rag thinks by keeping her hand on her cheeks

Screen freezes with smyling faces of ragsan

Recap:not yet decided

Sorry I know its very small up date but what should I doo situation demanded to give a break I will try to post nxt update soon nd its already 1so good night ur loving pavani

Credit to: pavani

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    sanky u r so sweet

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