New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 12


Hi darlings sorry for late actually busy in celebrating holi nd my son have already deleated once

Next day
Sanky knocked rags door rags opened it
Sanky :we should talk
Rag:will come in half an hour
After an hour she came to his room he was mesmarised to see her
Rag: tell what is the matter
Rag was shocked nd said atleast now u
realised that u have done wrong.
Sanky:I was telling sorry for slaping you

.I should have taken care of u infact it was my fault ki i left u alone iam really sorry

Rag:what?? U r saying sorry for slaping meee.
Sanky :haa what u tought

Rag:nothing in mind what he forget about the kiss if he forgetted then why iam remembering it

Sanky:k we should know about their story first
Rag:who will tell us
Purab comes
Rag:u know lucky
Purab:haa we r friends
He started describing story.
Laksh was a very loving person one day we went to function and there he saw swara for the first time
Fb starts

Lucky:who is she ??she is very beautiful

Purab::dont dare to talk about her she is politician choudary ki daughter if her brother saw u thinking about her he will kill u
Lucky:went straight to swara and told I love
Swara:sorry nd left from there
Nd after going to certain distance she turned back nd laughed nd left from there

So from then he used to follow her daily for her he changed his college for her nd he took membership in liabroury as swara have a membership nd hebalways used to write letters for her through books but for one time also she didnt respond him once also .one day shourya came to laksh and beat him very badly nd warned him to not to come again in swaras life nd next day swaras death news spread after that laksh was attacked Fb ends

Rag:wait a min after the news of death of swara laksh was attacked why soo ??? If they want to get rid of him they can do before her daeth as after death there is noo use for laksh to mess with them.

Sanky:soo miss question bank what u want to say
Rag:iam not a question bank.okk.if u cant appreciate my interligence altleast dont critisize my talent .u r a damboo ur brain not works let me use my brain atleast
Purab nd bulbul at a time:will u two stop it u were always ready to fight with each other atleast see the situation and behave

Bulbul:k now u tell rag wt u want to say

Rag:gave an angry look to . Sanky nd said soo they attacked laksh not due to he loved swara he was attacked as he came to know where is swara an why they are hyding her I think soo but not 100%sure

Purab:wow rag u should be a detective yar I like it

Sanky:not bad but what is use of it ?by that how can we find out where is swara

Rag:what have I explained till now.your brain is filled with mud or what.laksh knows where is swara nd u know where is laksh so we can ask him na

Sanky:but laksh was in coma now.

Rag,purab,bulbul:at once what????
The screen freezes with shocking faces of rag,purab nd bulbul

Recap:not decided
Sry for late up date nd ha happy holi
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  4. very nice…….episode…
    n Happy holi pav…..
    dinkachika dance krna maat bhulna 😉 :p

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