New FF….love makes life beautiful (swaragini) Episode 11


Hii darlings tnk u for ur beautiful responce

Sanky was really worried now he continously called rag but she didnt lifted the call he got more,tensed nd started serching nd continously calling he saw rag bike near a seashoreNd ran there nd not found rag there then he calld again nd he listened to the ring tone from her scooty he kicked with his leg

Rag went behind the man nd there she saw a boy nd think some thing is going wrong nd said k I will leeave nd about to go two men came from back nd hold her nd the boys face is reveled he is shourya( from eht).and brother of swara

Shourya:came and slap the man holding rag nd said how can hold her that much hard she is a beautiful girl handle with care

Rag:was scared but not showed nd said soo u must be swaras brother who attacked laksh due to which u lost ur sis

Shourya:not bad u r smart darling k come to matter I want u to take back ur written complaint

Rag:with a smile am I lokking like a fool

Shourya:gets angry and slaps her hard wt r u thinking about ur self if I get anger I will not see to whome iam taking ok

Rag:ya I know u r a selfish beother who tought only about ur ego nd even it dominated love towards ur sis .u didnt understand ur sisters pain.ur sis was not died due to laksh u r the real reason for her death yes u killed her u killed ur own sis

Shourya:shut up I love my sister .I didnt kill her nd will protect her always I dont care what ever the circumstences are

Rag:wait wait what did u say u will protect her means ur sis is alive and u
spread a news ki she is dead?

Shourya:shut up u came to know many things now its enough of talking signs a,man to complete her work nd went from there

Rag:was scared nd started running nd on the was she was collided with a person ur he sanky sanky nd she stood back to him nd theres a fight obviously sanky beet all of them nd turned towards rag an suddenly she came running nd hgged him .he too receprocated .after some time he released her and gave her a tight slap rag kept her hand on her cheek

Sanky:I told u to be care ful some one will attack u .u should inform ne first

Rag:with an anger why should I inform u I didnt told u to come behind me if any thing happened also its none of ur bussiness

Sanky:shut up u done a mistake admit it first

Rag:yes I came as I was angry on u so I didnt informed u .u r such a .. nd left from there nd sanky pulled her towards him and hold her waist tightly
Sanky:y r u angry
Rag:y??u dont know y??u have done a nasty thing yesterday nd dint said a sorry also

Sanky:soo ur anger is not due to I kissed u but because I didnt said sorry. really???.
Rag:was littled tensed nd ran from there
Episode ends
Screen freezes with smiling face of sanky
Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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  6. Very very nice episode.i love your cover picture.ragsan look beautiful together.

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  8. Awesome episode dear pav…. Love it

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    waiting for next update…..
    Dinkachika …..dinkachika…dinkachika …….sanky you are a real hero…. 🙂

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