Hi guys thank u for all your support in my introduction but I think the first part will be boring for you anyways say your opinion thanks to everyone who read this ff

The scene starts on a beautiful college tripurari,chiraag,diwakar,Nikhil are with their gang at that time dhaani crosses them tripurari saws her and teases her dhaani gets teary eye as tripurari asks her to kiss him swara comes there in a modern dress she sees tripurari teasing dhaani

Swara;hey fuggi don’t u have shame on yourself to tease a innocent girl if you are a real man then tease some boys who is equal to u fuggi
Tripurari gets angry as swara calls him fuggi he angrily slaps swara swara falls down chiraag,Nikhil,diwakar and dhaani are shocked at that time ishaani and ranveer comes there in car to college ishaani sees tripurari slapping swara and then she comes to tripurari ranverr also comes along with her dhaani helps swara to get up ishaani comes to tripurari and asks him don’t you have shame on yourself to slap a girl chiraag comes to know that she is the daughter of balachandran (rich person) he thinks in his mind she is looking good is I trap her in my love then I will become rich and smirks. tripurari gets angry as ishaani insults him he asks how dare you to insult me infront of my friends you gonna pay for thishe raises his hand to slap ishaani but ranveer holds his hand and asks tripurari how dare you to raise your hand on ishaani ranveer twists tripurari hand tripurari shouts in pain his friends are shocked ranveer asks tripurari to say sorry to ishaani . tripurari says I won’t . again ranveer again ranveer twists his hand more tripurari ishaani asks ranveer to leave him but ranveer didn’t listen to her and asks tripurari to say soory finally tripurari says sorry ranveer asks him t say sorry by holding your ear tripurari says sorry ishaani holding his ear everyone in the college looks at him and laughs .tripurari is angry he looks at ranveer and says you gonna pay for this ranveer says first go and pay for a new dress and throw this printed pyjama tripurari goes with his friends chiraag in his mind ranveer is looking handsome will ishaani fall for him and then he thinks no no there is no chance for her to fall for him as I am more handsome then ranveer dhaani says thanks to swara
Dhaani ; whats your name

Swara ;my name is swara
Swara;whats your name
Dhaani;my name is dhaani
Swara; you are welcome dhaani
Swara;thank u ishaani
Ishaani;how you know my name
Swara;ranveer says it now
Ranveer;how did you know my name
Swara;now only ishaani shouts leave him ranveer
Ranveer;ok ok

Ishaani,dhaani,swara and ranveer shakes their hands and become friends .they four smile happily ranveer asks are we going to smile today fully or we are going to the class then only they three remembers it swara oh lets go to the class. Ishaani,swara and dhaani sits in same bench and ranveer sits in some other bench everyone introduce themselves in the class room .dhaani introduces herself. ishaani introduces herself. swara introduce herself.thapki stands and introduces herself she stammers nam nam nam everyone laughs looking at her professor says silence silence .one boys stands up and asks what nam nam nam and shouts guys see her she is a stammer tha tha tha thapki. thapki says yeah I am a stammer gave me this so i have to accept it has my fate i will talk everything after thinking many times and i know how to respect others but you have a good voice you have everything so you have everything as much as cholesterol too every girl laughs at him and shows thumbs down to that boy and everyone claps for thapki dhuruv is impressed he claps with a smile in his face .thapki sits.

Pragya introduces herself one boy saw her and says see she got four eyes and smiles telling this to his friends one of his friend asks him to be silent and says did you see what thapki said to that boy so don’t do the same mistake by teasing pragya the boy become silent ishaani,swara,and dhaani hears this the boy thinks does ths three girls heard me and he turns to see them swara shows her like punching him the boy gets scared and turns .the class gets over everyone is going out of the room swara sees ragini and feels like she saw her before dhaani asks her what you are thinking swara thinks and says nothing they three comes out.ishaani dhaani and swara sees thapki outside the classroom and says you said well thapki thanks them.dhaani asks her will you be our friend thapki says of course and then they four saw pragya and talks to her pragya says hi to them they four says hi pragya appreciates thapki thapki thanks her.swara asks pragya are u going to the canteen alone pragya says yes

Swara asks don’t you have any friends pragys says no I don’t have any friends.swara says then join our gang pragya thinks and says okay they five comes to the canteen ishaani waits for ranveer chiraag,Nikhil,tripurari,diwakar comes there with their friends tripurari looks at ishaani,dhaani and swara angrily ishaani , dhaani and swara also looks at him angrily pragya notices. this tripurari with his friends sits on a bench
Chiraag watches ishaani madly for her money

Pragya asks swara what happened why they looked at you angrily and then swara says the whole story .pragya says oh now i understand. Swara says lets order food ishaani says we have to wait till ranveer come.then only I will eat okay but now I asked you to just order ishaani thinks and says ok swara smiles the call waiter and order food the waiter serves the food ranveer comes their and sees the food plates he says hey ishani is this good for ishaani asks what ranveer says you didn’t wait for me ishaani says no ranveer I waited for you you didn’t come so only I thought to order the food first so then we can eat it when you come praya says yeah she is saying right she waited for u for long time ranveer is confused to see two new girls dhaani says oh we forgot to introduce pragya and thapki .ranveer this pragya and this is thapki . and then she introduces pragya and thapki that this is ranveer

Ranveer says hi to them and pragya and thapki also says hi now ranveer understands ishaani
And says sorry to ishaani ishaani says no I am upset with u. ranveer says I am sorry ma
Ishaani no I wont eat ranveer okay then I will feed you .ishaani closes her mouth tightly but ranveer feeds her .ishaani smiles. chiraag cant able to see their closeness he looks at ranveer angrily and makes one plan in his mind and then ranveer and ishaani notices that swara,dhaani,pragya and thapki are smilingly looking at them ishaani gives a naughty smile.swara says we can see the love between you both . you both are the best lover .ranveer smiles and thinks thank god atleast swara and others can feel my love for ishaani
But when will ishaani feel my love I am waiting for that day ishaani and he smiles.ishaani say no swara I think you have mistaken us ranveer is my soul friend from my childhood but but not my lover ranveer gets sad pragya thapki and dhaani notices ranveer getting sad. Swara;oops I am sorry
Ishaani;its ok

And they starts to eat sauce gets finished ishaani is about to ask the sauce from the waiter
Ranveer says I will go and get .ranveer is going to get sauce suddenly he hits into a guy and then both of them is shocked to see each other.ranveer hey viplav and viplav hey ranveer .ranveer says we have met after many years viplav yeah and viplav asks do you study in this college ranveer no I came here to take bath everyone will come to college for studying only you are asking silly questions
Viplav;yeah you are also answering for it in silly way
Ranveer;let me introduce my friends
Viplav;lets go
Ranveer comes to his gang with viplav
Viplav stares at dhaani

Ranveer introduces viplav as his childhood friend ishaani,pragya,thapki,swara and dhaani says hi to him. viplav says hi to them looking at dhaani after lunch they came out of the canteen and sees a boy singing song and playing gittar he sings dheere dheere . . . . .and dhaani
Says my fav song viplav looks at dhaani ishaani says my fav song too. pragya looks at abhi
And they goes to abhi and says you sang well abhi says thanks dude abhi sees tanu going with aaliya and smiles looking at her (remember guys abhi is not in his new hair style he his in is old hair style with long hairs) tanu pretends to smile as he is aaliyas brother. abhi gets happy .tanu thinks he loves me but I don’t love him I am smiling looking him as he may become a rockstar in the future and she goes with aaliya .Nikhil smiles looking tanu .abhi shakes hands with ranveer an viplav and became friends with them viplav asks abhi your ambition is to become a rockstar am I right abhi says yeah you are right and they all come to ground to play thapki sees some boys playing cricket (the boys are bihaan.dhuruv,laksh,sanskar .ranveer duruv and bihaan had become friends in the class)

Dhuruv is looking at thapki and he is batting he misses a ball laksh asks what happened to you dhuruv .dhuruv says I am sorry. Ranveer asks thapki do love cricket thapki says yeah I love it very much he gives a hifi to thapki and says I also like to play cricket can we go and play thapki says sure ranveer do you guys coming with us abhi,viplav and swara says yes we are coming with you ranveer asks ishaani,dhaani and pragya you three are not coming am I right ishaani,pragya and dhaani nods yes ranveer comes to dhuruv and says we like to join the game .laksh comes and says baby girls are not allowed swara looks her height and thapki height hey how dare you to call me baby I am not baby I am tall and wears heels.laksh laughs sanskar smiles looking at swara dhuruv looks at thapki . bihaan says okay the girls are also playing with us but without heels swara smiles and says ok.tapki smiles looking at bihaan.thapki does the batting first she hits six and six and six laksh say wow what a girl she is talented thapki smiles, dhuruv looks at thapki and smiles bihaan also smiles looking at thapki and now swara is batting she hits six and four and she loses the other ball

Laksh see what I said is right she is a baby she don’t even know to play cricket sanskar asks him to be silent swara looks at sanskar as he is supporting her .laksh says hey bro you are supporting a unknown girl but I am your brother sanskar says its okay bro .ishaani,dhaani and pragys looks at them happily and smiles. Ishaani asks pragya and dhaani come lets go and join them dhaani and pragya says ok. Abhi at viplav asks them to play as a team so then we can play happily dhuruv says girls are one group and boys are one group. Laksh says but there is only 2 girls .pragya says not 2 girls five girls swara and thapki smiles looking at them and now bihaan says the group members name
Pragya, ishaani, thapki, swara and dhaani
Abhi, dhuruv, ranveer, laksh, bihaan, sanskar and viplav
They all play the game happily thapki and ranveer hits six and six and six and then the match gets over after that they saw the score and declare the girls as the winner laksh says
No they cheated .swara says no we didn’t cheat we won so you became angry and shows thumbs down
Ishaani ,dhaani, thapki ,swara ,pragya ,laksh, ranveer ,viplav, bihaan ,sanskar, dhuruv, abhi smiles happily

Laksh , swara, sanskar ,bihaan , dhuruv , thapki , dhaani , viplav, abhi . pragya shakes their hands and become friends
Laksh ,swara, sanskar smiles happily
And then they all are going to their house
Ranveer and ishaani goes in the car they wave bye to their friends
Pragya,dhaani and thapki goes by auto
Swara goes by her scooter

Laksh and bihaan goes in their jeep
Bihaan and dhuruv goes by their car
Abhi goes by his bike
Viplav goes by his jeep
All at their respective homes smiles and thinks about their first day of college
Viplav thinks dhaani
Ranveer thinks ishaani
Bihaan and dhuruv thinks thapki
Laksh and sanskar thinks swara
Abhi thinks tanu
Precap: swara plays guitar and ragini plays violin swara got prize
ranveer and viplav performs
Abhi sings a song

Bihaan and Dhuruv performs
Laksh and sanskar performs
Dhaani and ishaani dances
Pragys and thapki performs

Guys I hope u liked this part I didn’t give importance to some characters so in next part I will give more importance to them f u liked this part then comment as your wish
If u want some scenes as your thought u can post it in the comment but pls give me ypur opinion guys forgive me for the mistakes in this update as I am not good in English and I don’t know about college life as I am school student forgive me if there is some mistakes

VARSHA (philo)

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