New ff intro – no. 2

Some Colours Of Life

It all will start with a prank call dare. She never thought one prank call she gave to a random number would turn her whole world upside down. She will have to marry someone just for the sake of money, which she has no problem coz she doesn’t believe in love.

He has everything. He doesn’t expect someone to fall in love with him. He know all of them come after him because of what he has. He loves success but doesn’t want his mother to get hurt because of it. To make his mom happy, he makes a dreadful contract which will change his life change forever.

This story will be a completely different story from the original show. This story will start from a new plot and will have nothing to do with the show. This one will have friendship, love, marriage, jealousy, hurt, pain, accidents, kidnapping and many more twists and turns which will come in a form of contract.

Sneak peek



“I know I made a mistake and I apologize for that. But that doesn’t give you any right to insult me or my educational status. Not all of us born to this world with a silver spoon like you! Unlike you, we have to struggle for what we need in our lives. You call yourself educated, but you’re nothing without that. You’re nothing but a heartless person without feelings!”



“How dare you touch her?”

“Relax bro! Why do you care? She’s just a girl-




That’s all came to my mind. I’m pretty bad writing intros. I hope you get an idea about the story. So as I said before, read both and like the one you want me to continue and if you have any suggestions or changes or anything, let me know through your valuable comments. And yeah… please don’t say you want both. I only have time to write one. If you say you want both, I’ll be so upset that I can’t fulfil your wish ???. So please be nice to me and pick one and I’ll continue the story ???

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  1. AAYU

    Even this was superb
    Just waiting for the next part please post it soon as the anxiety is killing me
    Please post soon dear

  2. Both seems interesting .. But the 1st one seems more interesting.. So bfore dis continue the first part . Plz plz plz .. it’s a humble request.. plz

  3. both r awesome but i would like u to continue this 1 dear … u know d reason already. i miss u.. lots of love sis.

  4. I really like no. 2…. It’s really nice i like it u should go with no. 2

  5. Aafiya

    Both into is good… But Some Colours of life is my opinion because of the new plot..
    Let us what others also wish.
    Take care…

  6. Both intros are superb but I will go with some colors of life because of totally new plot nd far away from current track of sdch. Take care

  7. Just awsm intro I really like intro 2 pls update soon

  8. Dhruti

    both are superb but i like 1st one most………

  9. Anu88

    This also an outstanding and superb intro yaar…….. eagerly waiting for both of two story…… soon ruchu dear………tc yaar …… u dear…..

  10. Anee

    Heyy!! Ruwanii sorry yaar for late comment but found more interest in that plzz write it first can’t wait for it….bye luv u tc.

  11. I like this one more

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