New ff intro – no. 1

The Reason Of My Life

A boy’s in love with a girl. The girl is in a relationship with another. Many villains are there in their lives to create misunderstandings. Will they be able to face all these unfazed? Or will they crumble down?

She will be hurt by someone. She will be left heartbroken. She will stop loving and trusting people. But she will always be loved. Her broken heart will be mended. She will love and trust people again.

He loved her but people created a rift between them. His love came so close to hatred that he’d do anything to hurt her. But he still loved her and would never let her go away from him.

He love her more than his life that he would do anything for her. But circumstances made him a villain in his love’s love story.

This story will start from the time Savitri was shot by Gayatri but the blame went to Jaya. From then it’ll go off track with friends turning in to enemies, love turning in to hatred. Marriage, betrayal, enmity, friendship, sacrifice, sympathy and of course…. blooming love will be here with many new scenes as well as some scenes taken from the original show and changed per my wish.

Sneak peek



“Are you happy now? Are you happy after separating us? What did I ever do you? I thought you cared about me. Even a little bit. But no! I was wrong!! It was all your plan! YOU RUINED MY LIFE..!! Every tear that fall from my eyes… it’s all your fault! You don’t deserve love! I hope you never get anyone’s love!!”




Love is such a weird thing right? It happens without any reason, without planning. It just happens with the most unexpected people. Some people get their love while some don’t. They either end up with a heartbreak or their love is unrequited. My love is like that too.



He let go of her and took a file from a drawer and signed it. He placed it on her hand. She was looking at him shocked.

“Here! I already signed it and now your turn. SIGN IT AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!” He snapped to her and went out slamming the door.



That’s all I can give you about the first story. I’m posting the other intro right after this. Read both and like the one you want me to continue and if you have any suggestions or changes or anything, let me know through your valuable comments. And yeah… please don’t say you want both. I only have time to write one. If you say you want both, I’ll be so upset that I can’t fulfil your wish ???. So please be nice to me and pick one ???

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  1. AAYU

    hey RuCh23 please do post soon
    We are waiting for it. the intro is damn good

  2. Dimple457

    Both r amazing but my opinion is The Reason of my life……but the rest is upon the people’s wish….keep going?

  3. Hej!!
    Being silent reader i prefer this one … intro 2 z also nice bt this sound more intresting as it ll direct connect to my hottie kabir???

  4. well i ‘ll go with the above one

  5. Anu88

    Superb , amazing,beautiful and outstanding intro yaar……….post soon soon soon soon soon soon soon dear……. can’t wait for this yaar…….. post soon soon soon soon soon

  6. Both r superb but I found more interest in 1st one……so I’ll go with the Reason of my life?

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