New ff- I hate you bt I love you


Hiii guyzz probably I will be regular and I am starting my ff n also please tell me where to improve

So the story continues the way

Its the first day of second year of college a girl is seen getting into the car and thats our ria……….
She is driving to the college and she suddenly sees a bike bumping in front of her and stops the car but the bike fell down nothing much happened and the guy is karan ria says sorry and says
Karen tum he dikhayi nahi Delta kya accident hoja that toh
Karen says toh kya tum kush ho jati lekken jail chali jati
Ria- I hate you Karen u think like that
Karan – Bt I love you I was just kidding Maf kar do and pulls her close just then ria hears a horn and looks back she sees a car coming in full speed and pushes karan the car hits her and there she lays in a pool of blood …Karen shouts ria

Its such short update BT next one will be long

Per cap – everyone in hospital concerned for ria…………

Plz plz plzzzzzz do comment and tell me should I continue or not……

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  1. Continue dear nysh concept 🙂

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