A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN ( Valentines special) (Part 13)

Recap : Gupta’s return to Lucknow.

Its been 4 months Kushi went to Lucknow. There was never went a day without videochats, sometimes they talked all night. Kushi bunked classes to talk with him while Arnav skipped meetings. All was well between them but confession was yet to come to make their life more beautiful & that day was tomorrow.

Feb 13

Time: Night 11:45

Arshi on video chat . Kushi is wearing beautiful pink gown.

Kushi : Aap kab se aise hogaye( from when did you become like this )
Arnav: kaise ( how)
Kushi : unromantic
Arnav : excuse me I’m not unromantic
Kushi : You made me get ready to have a just a video chat & you are not here with me its our first valentine & I’m all alone. You promised you will come today & you broke the promise ( she frowned)
Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada never breaks the promise
Kushi : Matlab ( that means )

Video chat gets off. Kushi’s phone ring its Arnav’s call

Arnav : Matlab mein yaha hoon ( that means I’m here)
Kushi : kya..!! Sach mein lekin kaha ho aap ( what ..!! Really but where are you)
Arnav : come to the garden Kushi
She run down & find a red rose with a note she open the note

” I consider myself to be the luckiest man on this Earth and it’s only because I have found the most precious gem of this world. It’s you my life”

Arnav : now go to the gates

Kushi go to gates she find a white BMW decorated with pink & white roses parked outside. Kushi rush inside it thinking Arnav is in but find it full of white, pink, red, teddy bears one which Kushi love.

Kushi : where are you
Arnav : get into driving seat kushi & drive as I say the directions

Kushi open driver’s door to find one more rose with a note.

” My heart is perfect because you are in it

Arnav : Now stop blushing & start driving

Kushi driver as per his directions
Arnav : now stop here & get down

Kushi get down & come little forward a heap of rose petals shower on her & again she find a note & a rose. She reads it


Wait did I miss something yes I missed you now come fast..kushi..

Arnav : Now look forward kushi you find a row of trees right.
Kushi : yes
Arnav : Walk straight into them you’ll find a note
Kushi walk to them find another note & rose she reads a note

Arnav : now do you see a rose petal path in front of you walk on it
Kushi : it leads us to a river
Arnav : yep now come here I’m waiting

Kushi walk on that path she find red roses hanged on every tree & finally she reach a river bank & there she find a big cruiser boat decorated with roses candles & heart shaped balloons. Kushi look for Arnav but doesn’t find him anywhere

Kushi : kaha ho aap (where are you)
Arnav : get into the boat

Saying that he cuts the call , Kushi get on the boat & find another rose & note but there is nothing return on the note she look confused.
Clock strike 12’o clock its Feb 14 now . arnav whispers in her ear

Arnav : Happy Valentines day Kushi.
Kushi get surprised & hug him

Raizada mansion
Anjali’s room

Shyam turns on the light & Anjali wakes up

Shyam : Happy Valentines day rani sahiba
Anjali : Happy Valentines day
She kiss him
Anjali : I love you soo much
Shyam : love you too
He handle her a gift box. She opens it & find a beautiful platinum chain with diamond locket with AS carved on it.
Anjali : its beautiful
Shyam : Aap se zyaada nahi ( not more than you)

River, On boat

Arshi hug each other
Kushi remember what Arnav said ‘Happy Valentines day Kushi’
Kushi : what happy valentines day..!!
Arnav : haan aaj valentines day hi toh hai ( yes its valentines day only today)
Kushi : aapko sirf yahi kehna tha..( you wanted to say only this )
Arnav : kyun tume Kuch aur sunana tha ( why you wanted to hear something else) ( he purposely asked)
She noded no & made a sad face . They reached other side of the river & got down they were again walking on rose petals.
Kushi : where are we going & what for its just a valentines day( she asked sadly)
Arnav : come on kushi I know what are you waiting for.. It’s not over yet surprises are just started just come with me
Kushi got excited & walked with him holding his hands . A helicopter was waiting for them.

Kushi : where are we going
Arnav : you ask too many questions

Both get in arnav tie a cloth around kushi’s eyes when they land.
Kushi : ab toh kholiye kaha hai hum ( at least unfold now where are we)
Arnav : sshh come with me.

Both get on a big heart shaped air balloon it takes them high in the sky. Arnav had created artificial stars using halography around them in the middle of sky. Arnav unfold kushi’s eyes .
She is mesmerised seeing this sight.

Kushi : taare itne nazdeek aur hum aasmaan mein ( stars that too this close & we are in sky)
Arnav just smile & hold her hand looking in her eyes. Kushi knew what was going to happen. Their heart started beating loud they beater in sync with each other’s & finally..

Arnav : Kushi.. “I LOVE YOU”
They have a eye lock & balloon slowly lands but their eyelock breaks. Kushi hug Arnav.

Arnav : Sirf hug ( only hug)
Kushi kiss on his cheeks
Arnav : Kushi I think you don’t know where to kiss..
Kushi feel shy
Kushi : aap bhi naa( you are too much)
Arnav was about to say something but Kushi interrupt
Kushi : “I LOVE YOU sooooo much you are the best husband ”
Arnav : And you are the best wife love you.
Kushi : toh ab chale ( so shall we go now)
Arnav : kaha ( where)
Kushi : ghar (home)
Arnav : I have booked you for 24hours kushi we are not going home today..
Kushi : then..
Arnav : many surprises are yet to come baby
Kushi : wow..someone is getting too romantic.. Where are we going next ..
Arnav : we are already in place of your next surprise Kushi but not now let’s get some rest in the morning you’ll get your surprise.

Arnav had booked a valentine suite in 5 star hotel. Their room is all decorated with flowers , hearts, candles , chocolate but they are still not ready for their first night. They just have lots of talks & sleep.

Precap : Arshi in Mumbai…but what is the surprise Arnav had planned here for Kushi (any guesses )

Aman & lavanya follows Garima as she meet some man to celebrate valentines day.

Guys valentine episode to continue in next epi also. Hope you like this..please tell your opinion through comments they mean a lot

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