A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 9)

Aman comes a bit away from those five & call someone
Aman : hello, kaam hogaya jaisa aapne kaha tha vaise hi kiya hai , par ASR ko nahi pata chalna chahiye yeh sab Maine kiya hai warna..( your work is done as you said I’ve done like that but ASR shouldn’t know I did this otherwise ..)
Anjali : Haan baba chote ko nahi pata chalne denge tum itna kyun darte ho ( ok baba, I won’t let chote know about it, why do you fear so much)
Aman : aapko pata hai na ASR ka gussa isliye ( you know ASR’s anger right, so..)
Anjali : waise aman hum dono ke iss surprise ke baad chote tum pe gussa nahi karenge balki promotion denge ( by the way aman , after this surprise of ours chote won’t be angry instead will give you promotion).
Aman : I hope so , ok di bye they must be searching for me
Anjali :ok bye & all the best, be brave your going in lion’s den ( she teased )
Aman : di you are scaring me now
Anjali :ok baba sorry I was joking bye take care

Arnav : where were you aman
Aman : I was searching if there is something here to rest . we can’t stand here in this cold
Akash : oh come on , what can we find here in jungle
Aman : I found a old house near by come let’s go & check there

All of them go near it & stand outside
Payal: aman its looking like ghost house
Lavanya : yea , its so horrible
Aman : what ? Can you see anything in this darkness ? & without seeing you are certifying it has ghoe house. Look at it its so beautiful
Akash : kis angle se beautiful lag raha hai tume ( from which angle its looking beautiful for you)
Lavanya: leave it Akash , bhooto ko bhoot bangla hi pasand aata hai , ( ghosts like ghost house only)
Aman : excuse me..!!you mean to say..
Arnav : stop it you both I’m already in bad mood don’t make it worse ( he warned)
Kushi : Arnav , lavanya sahi keha rahi hai, yeh bhoot bangla hi lag raha hai hume andhar nahi jaana chahiye ( lavanya is right, its looking like ghost house only, we should not go in) she said in fear
Arnav: come on kushi there is no such thing as ghost and all.. And even don’t have any other option we can’t stay out in this cold
Kushi : but..
Arnav : dar lag raha hai ( are you scared )
Kushi nod yes..he hold her along her shoulders firmly making her feel secured
Arnav : ab teek hai ( is it fine now)
Kushi nod yes & everyone stare them teasingly & Arnav notices it
Arnav : stop staring us. Come let’s get in

Akash open large entrance door it makes a sound (like doors makes sound in horror movies). All enter inside there is complete darkness they are not able to see anything & suddenly hear some sound , Kushi’s tighten her grip on arnav , he assure her by his magical eyes, payal is also holding Akash & for the surprise for aman even lavanya holds his hand in fear, butterflies tinkle in his stomach.
Aman: (to himself)chalo ab toh asar hua is ladki pe ( at least now this girl got bothered)

Arnav move forward & even Kushi moves along with him as she is in his hold .these four remain their only. Aman press some button without anyone’s notice then suddenly lights turn on . Arshi are standing in middle of big hall , rose petals & some artificial stars fall on them. Its big luxurious bungalow, old one but well maintained & interior designing is done as per royal Lucknow tradition, everyone lost in its beauty. Kushi thinks arnav did all this arrangement.
Kushi : aapne kiya yeh sab ( you did all this)
Arnav: no kushi , I don’t know anything about this
Payal : its ok Arnavji tell truth we won’t tease you
Arnav: what the.?
Akash : toh bhai sach me aapne nahi kiya hai? ( so bhai really you didn’t do all this..?)
Arnav: no Akash
Payal : I think its really ghost house, some ghosts are doing this
Kushi: even I feel so come arnav let’s go from here
Lavanya had seen aman talking to somone but not heard it & now she had also seen aman pressing some button, so she is silent & watching aman’s reaction.

Akash: yea let’s go bhai
Aman : no no why are you guys scared there is nothing like that here look its so beautiful house
Akash : darkest side is hidden in beauty only aman soo we are not staying here.
Payal : yea aman only ghost can do this showering of flowers.
Aman : nay be someone had tied them there & forgot
Akash : I hope that someone is human only
Kushi : but how come lights got on automatically
There is some ghost here

Now lavanya understood everything aman pressed that button & all this happened

Arnav : you are right Kushi, there is someone but not ghost its some person here I will smack his face for playing this hide & seek
Lavanya : then smack aman arnav
Arnav looks confused
Aman : what .!!( fully shocked) what did I do??
Arnav : don’t tell me what I’m thinking is right lavanya
Lavanya : you are right , I saw him talking on phone outside & even saw him pressing some button before lights got on.
Akash : aman ke bacche you scared us all I won’t leave you ( Akash start beating him)
Arnav : stop it Akash; ( to aman) who is your partner in crime
Aman : crime..!!!!?? You think its crime ASR
Arnav : tell me the name aman I won’t leave you both..
Aman : you can’t do anything to us ASR
Arnav : what the. !
Aman: because its anjali di’s plan

He explain everything to them & even say this bungalow is owned by shyam who brought it as anjali like it & they often visit here.

Arnav: di poori pagal hogayi hai pata nahi jijaji kaise handle karte hai ( di has become full mad , don’t know how jijaji handles her)
Aman : ok leave all this come let’s have dinner
Everyone on dinning table
Lavanya: impressive aman you have ordered everyone’s favourite & nice arrangements
Aman : at least now you identity my talent..
Suddenly Akash gestures them to see Arshi.

Kushi is serving parathas to arnav both are having a eyelock & lost in each other. Kushi has already placed 10 parathas in his plate.

Precap : Arshi in Raizada mansion . Nani & shashi asking them is this marriage a majboori for them

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