A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 8)

Arshi finished their Pooja. It was last day the mannat was completed today. They would go back to Delhi to meet Nani & Shashi Gupta.

Lucknow : 5pm
Aman: Guys its already late hurry up
Lavanya: 5mins we are coming
Akash : 1 gante se yahi sun rahe him ( we are hearing the same from past 1 hour )
Payal : Kuch kaha aapne ( did you say something)
Akash : meine nahi Kuch nahi ( me no nothing)
Payal : behatar ( better)
Payal & lavanya laugh at him
Lavanya : leave all this where are our love birds
Payal: they are packing
Aman : Maine toh ASR ki packing kar di thi ( but I had already packed ASR’s bags)
Akash : haan bhai kaha kudke kaam karte hai, unke har kaam toh di ya tujhe hi karna padega (yea bhai never does his own work, either you or di should only do that)
Payal:but he is helping kushi in packing
Akash : even I can help you if you permit (he told blushing, payal too blushed)
Lavanya : no thanks we are done

Aman : yaar Akash , mujhe ASR ki baat samjh mein aati hai lekin tu shaadi se pehle hi joru ka ghulaam ban raha hai. dono bhai joru ke ghulam ( Akash , I understand ASR’s matter but you before marraige only u r becoming wife’s slave , both brothers wife’s slave) he said teasingly
Arshi came downstairs & heard it
Arnav : What the..!!
Akash : (whisper)tu toh gaya bacchu ( you are gone) ( to Arnav) dekha bhai aapne..( did you see bhai..) He stop talking seeing arnav’s serious looks.
Aman : I think we should start now or else it will be late

All six are in car travelling to Delhi.

Lavanya : its too boring guys let’s play a game k
All say ok except arnav
Lavanya : ok let’s start then..
Aman : but what shall v play
Payal : Anthakshari..
All say ok done except ASR
Arnav : no, I’m not able tolerate ur talks only, how will I tolerate your songs ( he teased them)
Aman: not fair ASR
Lavanya : But ASR kushi likes Anthakshari… Can we play now…? ( she ask in teasing way with smile, arnav get confused)
Aman : kya soch rahe ho ASR , tume dance bhi toh nahi pasand tha lekin bhabhi ke liye kiya na to phir ab…(what are you thinking , u even didn’t like dance but you danced for bhabhi then now) ( he stop seeing arnav’s dangerous looks)

Payal : Kushi tu poochna ( kushi you ask )
Aman : Haan bhabhi bhai aapki baat zaroor sunenge boliyena ( yes bhabhi bhai will listen to you)
Kushi : lekin mein..( but me…)
All four please….
Kushi : Arnav..
Arnav : ok don’t trouble her more but don’t expect me to play
Akash : ok bhai
Aman : dekha meine subah jo kaha tha woh sach nikli na ( see what I said in morning is true)
Akash : what?
Aman : ( whisper) joru ke ghulam ( wife’s slave)
Arnav : I heard it aman
Lavanya : let’s start I’ll sing first
She sing aaja shaam hone aayi mousam ne li angdaayi ( from mein pyaar kiya)

Then Aman sing papa kehate hai beta bada naam karega ( from qayamat se qayamat tak )

Akash seeing payal start singing mehandi laga ke rakna doli sajaake rakna( from ddlj) even payal joins him continuing sehara saja ke rakna…

Payal then sing agar tum mil jaavo toh zamaana chod denge hum. Akash & payal blush. everyone notices this .

Finally kushi’s turn & Arnav is just waiting for this moment

Kushi sing tu hi tu har jagah aaj kal kyun hai ( from kick ). The same song which they both danced on yesterday. Her cheeks are all red & even arnav is enjoying this. Kushi finish the song & everyone clap including Arnav.

Aman : Maine yeh gaana kahi suna hai( I think I have heard this song somewhere)( he ask acting as if he is serious)
Kushi : aman its song from salman khan’s movie kick.. now do you remember
Lavanya : nahi kushi kahi aur suna tha( no Kushi I heard somewhere)
Kushi : no lavanya, wahi film ka gaana hai ( its that film’s song only)
Payal: yes Kushi we know , but heard it somewhere also, somewhere live

They’re teasing her but she innocently answering her them.

Kushi : What.? Salmanji ka live performance !!! Aap sab dekhne gaye the aur mujhe nahi le gaye.. Jaayiye mein baat nahi karoongi ( you all went to see but didn’t take me go I won’t talk)
Lavanya : aree tune hi toh naacha tha unke saath ( oh you only danced with him)
Kushi : kya ..? ( what…?)
Arnav : stop it guys
Lavanya : yes you kushi u danced on this song with Arnav on ur date

Kushi’s cheeks turn red , now she realise they were teasing her. Suddenly car stops. Driver check its condition & say they need mechanic to repair it but its already night & they’re in middle of jungle & there is no signal in their phones too. Driver leave to check if they can get any help nearby .

Kushi : ab kya kare ( what shall we do)

She is scared & arnav notices it & hold shoulder securing her
Arnav : don’t worry I’m here
Kushi feel better and these four smile at them

Payal : lekin hum ab kya karenge kaha rahenge raat bar is jungle mein ( but what shall we do now where shall we stay whole night in this jungle)
Akash : are you also scared don’t worry I’m here. I’ll fight even with lions to save you
Arnav : seriously Akash ..! You’re disgusting
Payal : par hame accha laga ( but I felt nice)
Akash & payal have eyelock
Aman : are you scared ?( to lavanya)
Lavanya : don’t even think to flirt
Aman : I was just asking if you are scared
Lavanya : whatever

Aman comes a bit away from those five & call someone
Aman : hello, kaam hogaya jaisa aapne kaha tha vaise hi kiya hai , par ASR ko nahi pata chalna chahiye yeh sab Maine kiya hai warna..( your work is done as you said I’ve done like that but ASR shouldn’t know I did this otherwise ..)

PRECAP : All six in a old house it is full of darkness. Kushi is scared she is holding arnav . they hear some voice & all get panicked except aman .

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