A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 7)

Sorry guys couldn’t upload yesterday I was out of station so . tmrw I’ll upload 2 episodes to compensate. Hope you enjoy this one. Do leave your comments

Arshi in car

Kushi : yeh hum kaha jaa rahe hai ( where are we going)
Arnav : bhool gayi dinner pe ( u forgot , for dinner)
Kushi : dinner? Yeh raasta Lucknow ke baahar jaata hai ( this road leads us out of Lucknow)
Arnav : toh..? ( so…?)
Kushi : kisi aur shehar mein jaa rahe hai kya..? Itni door jaane ki kya zaroorat hai surf ek dinner ke liye..? (Are we going to any other city ?What is the need of going so far for dinner..?
Arnav : dinner ( he say in sarcastic way)
Kushi : haan ( yes)
Arnav : seriously kushi tumhe lagta hai mein dinner pe le jaa raha hoon tume ( seriously kushi you feel I’m taking out for dinner)
Kushi : aap hi ne toh kaha tha ( you only said right)
Arnav smile at her innocence
Kushi : aap has kyun rahe hai ( why are you smiling)
Arnav : mein tume dinner pe nahi lejaa raha ( I’m not taking you out for a dinner )
Kushi : toh phir ( then)
Arnav : its our first date, I’m taking out for a date

Kushi’s cheeks turn red & she start seeing outside window avoiding him.He tie a cloth on her eyes. They reach some place where there is complete darkness.

Kushi : yaha toh anndhera..( here its darkness..)
Arnav : sshhhh..mere saath chalo ( come with me)

They move forward & he untie her eyes
They’re on the river bank. There are millions of stars glittering in the sky & their reflection on river water is just mesmerism. On the river bank there is a a big round table & decorated with rose petals all over the ground, cented candles are placed every where. A perfect place for a dream date.

Arnav make kushi sit on a chair & he sits opposite to her. Kushi is just speechless.

Arnav : So how is the surprise
Kushi : I’m feeling like I’m a princess and you are my prin..( she was about to say prince charming but stop realising but Arnav catches it)
Arnav : I’m your what..?
Kushi : what nothing , shall we have dinner?
Arnav : yea sure
Kushi : wow Chinese I love Chinese how do you know?
Arnav : its my favourite too
Kushi : what else do you like
Arnav : tell me urs first
Kushi : I love to dance
Arnav : then come lets go
Kushi : where
Arnav : to dance
(He take her on a stage set up for them & tuhi tu har jagah song starts playing & they both start dancing. Kushi is very happy they have a long eye lock & song stops)
Arnav : kaisa laga ( how is it)
Kushi : fantastic, you made my day ( she hugs him & then pull back realising what she did)
Arnav just smile at her
Kushi : you know i love this song in fact I love all songs of salmanji
Arnav : itna pasand hai
Kushi : ji haan ( yes) aapko pata hai hume unki film ki har dialogue yaad hai( do you know I remember every dialogue of his films)
Kushi : thank you very much
Arnav : abhi keh rahi thi saare dialogue yaad hai aur unka dialogue tod di tumne ( now only you said you remember all dialogues & you are breaking one now)
Kushi : kya..( what)

Arnav : dosti mein no thank you no sorry( in friendship no sorry no thank you)
Kushi : hum dost hai?? ( we are friends?)
Arnav : haan bilkul(yes of course)
Kushi : aap bahut acche ho ( you are very nice)
Arnav get a call , he finish talking & turn back to Kushi
Arnav : nani aur uncle ko hosh aagaya ( granny & uncle got conscious)
Kushi : sacchi ..
Arnav nod yes , kushi again hug him . this whole scene is watched by Akash Payal lavanya & aman
Akash : Mujhe nahi pata tha bhai itne romantic hai ( I didn’t knew brother is this romantic)
Aman: ASR toh chupa rustum nikla ( ASR is hidden lover boy)
Akash: lekin pehle tho aise nahi the, naa phool pasand the, naa gaana, dance karna tho door ki baat ( but he was not like this before, neither he liked flowers nor songs, dancing is just next to impossible
Lavanya: Its all because of kushi . woh hai hi itni cute ( she is cute)
Payal: haan its kushi’s magic, she can make anyone fall for her (yes its kushi’s magic)
Akash: aur aap bhi ( and you too)
Aman & lavanya stare him while payal feel shy
Aman : ab chale ( shall we go)

These 4 leave from there while ASR & kushi also leave but they don’t notice these 4 there

These four reach home before Arshi. Now Arshi enter the house all four stare them

Kushi : ( run to payal in full excitement) jiji babuji ko hosh aagaya aapko pata hai woh ab bilkul teek hai ( jiji dad got conscious)
Payal : haan mujhe pata hai hum sabne unse baat bhi ki ( yea I know , we all talked to them)
Kushi : mujhe bhi baat karni hai ( even I want to talk)
Lavanya : lekin tum dono ko iss sab ke liye time kaha.! ( but do you both have time)
Arshi : what..!?
Akash : bhai dinner kaisa tha ( how was the dinner)
Aman : dinner nahi Akash date( not dinner Akash date)
Arnav see them suspiciously
Arnav: what do you mean aman
Aman : nothing , just said song was very nice
Arnav: don’t tell me you 4 followed us
All four start laughing
Arnav : Aman ke bacche
Aman & Akash run away & ASR chase them

PRECAP : Arshi in Arnav’s bedroom in Raizada mansion

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