A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 6)

Gupta Mansion (Lucknow)

Kushi is unconscious & doctor checking her

Doctor: She is fine , due to stress , she is unconscious. Need some rest & give her these medicines

Aman went to drop doctor, Arnav sat beside kushi & La , akash payal went out.
Payal is crying

Payal: What happened to our family everything is scattered. Waha babuji ka tabyat teek nahi aur yaha kushi ki yeh haalat ( there father is not well & here kushi)
Lavanya about to caress payal but Akash interrupt.
Akash : everything will be alright , I’ll make everything fine
Payal: I have lost hope
Akash : aap aise karegi toh bhabhi kon samalega ( if you only loose hope who will console bhabhi)
Lavanya: yes payal, you..( again Akash interrupt)
Akash: you are very brave girl, I’ll make everything right
Payal: I believe Akash
Akash : but I need something for that
Payal :(confused) what
Akash : your beautiful smile
Payal smile & lavanya walk out from there & bump into aman outside
Lavanya (to herself) : seriously they are crazy
Aman: who are crazy
Lavanya: Akash payal
Aman : why
Lavanya explain everything to him
Aman : Looks like another love story is cooking here. We are kabab mein addi here, so..
Lavanya : so..?
Aman : let’s go out for a dinner
Lavanya : wait..r u asking me out for a date..?!!
Aman : may be
Lavanya : saare paagal mere paale pace hai ( all mad people are here with me)
Lavanya walk out from there & aman stand looking on her

Delhi , STD booth

Man : Sorry, mam kaam nahi ho paya ( sorry mam we couldn’t do the work)
Lady : bewakoof kaha tha na ki ek hi baar mein woh marjaana chahiye ( stupid, didn’t I say to finish the work in one try)
Man: mam woh..( mam that..)
Lady : shut up aur apni shakal mat dikhana dobara ( shut up & don’t show your face again).( she cut the call & call someone else)

Lady : hello jaan
Man: what have you done , how can you be so careless
Lady: woh..
Man : bus..tumse ek kaam nahi hua ( stop can’t you do one job correctly)
Lady start crying
Man : ooho sorry jaan stop crying now, I didn’t meant to make u cry. But u don’t him( ASR), he will turn the world upside now to catch the culprit.
Lady: toh ab kya kare( so what to do now)
Man : I’ll manage u don’t worry bye jaan
Lady: bye jaan

Gupta mansion ( Lucknow)
Night, Arshi room
Arshi are sleeping & suddenly kushi scream

Kushi : babujiii..…
Arnav : kushi.., wt hppnd
Kushi : Arnav woh babuji, woh une ( arnav..papa..he..)
Arnav : Kuch nahi hoga une he is ok ( nothing is gonna happen to him, he is ok)
He caress her & she hug me & start crying inconsolably, arnav comforts her & cupping her face he wipes her tears & say
Arnav : tumhare babuji ko Kuch nahi hoga mein Kuch hone nahi doonga( I won’t let anything happen to your father)
Kushi : par , unpe fir kisine Kuch.. ( but if anyone again try to..)
Arnav: koyi Kuch nahi kar payega, mein Kuch karne nahi doonga , Kuch karne ke liye woh zinda hi nahi bachega , kal woh insan tumhare saamne hoga yeh ASR ka promise hai ( no one can do anything, I won’t let anyone do something, tmrw that person will be in front of you its ASR’s promise)

Kushi feel better & he make her sleep. Whole night kushi held arnav’s hand. He made some calls & slept admiring her.

Next day finishing all poojas Arshi returning home in car
Arnav: tum teek ho (r u okay)
Kushi : woh pakade toh jayenge na( they will be caught right)
Arnav : yes , are you fine now
Kushi : humare babuji ko Kuch nahi hoga naa ( nothing will happen to my father right)
Arnav : yea he’ll be fine kushi but r u fine
Kushi nod weakly
Arnav : dekho jab tak mein hoon tumhe chinta karne ki koyi zaroorat nahi, mein Sab Kuch teek kardoonga, aur shaam tak woh aadmi tumhare saamne hoga. ( listen when I’m here you don’t need to worry , I’ll set right everything, before evening that person will be in front of you)

Arnav gets a call, talking something he drop kushi home & go somewhere with aman.

Some big room like old garage police are standing there holding 5 people. ASR & aman reach there
ASR: who’s plan it was.?
Police show one man among them
Arnav starts beating him police try to stop but seeing ASR’s raged look they back off , he bash them black & blue & drag him to Gupta mansion.

Kushi , Payal, Akash ,lavanya are outside in a garden
Arnav drag that man & push him into the feet of kushi & payal

Arnav: he is the one
All 4 are shocked to his state from head to toe he is in blood & is pleading for mercy from them, arnav about to hit him but kushi stops him & arnav give her confused look
Arnav: what
Kushi: aur mat maariye yeh marjayega ( don’t beat him any more)
Arnav: he deserves it
Kushi : Arnav please
Aman: yea leave him ASR ,u have bashed him enough
Akash: please bhai

Arnav leave him & walk into his room

After an hour (7pm)
Arshi’s room
Kushi enter the room

Arnav: Uncle is fine now he will recover soon hopefully he may get conscious in day or two. U don’t worry ( he was bit sounding angry)
Kushi: are u fine
Arnav: mujhe kya hua hai(what happened to me)
Kushi: toh aap gussa ho mujhse, kyunki hume aapko roka uss aadmi ko maarne se isliye na ( u r angry on me that I didn’t let u bash that man )
Arnav: what ? Its nothing like that . mujhe gussa uss aadmi par aaraha hai how dare he. Sirf kaam se nikala tha usse isliye usne uncle ko maarne ki koshish ki ( I’m angry on that man, only because he was removed from job he tried to kill uncle)
Kushi: chodiye usse aapke mood teek karne ke liye hum kya kare ( leave it, what shall I do to make up your mood now)
Arnav: you sound very happy today
Kushi: kyun naa ho aaj , babuji or nani bhi lagbag teek hogaye hai, une kabhi bhi Josh aa sakta hai ( why not, today papa & nani both have almost recovered they may get consciousness anytime)
Arnav: so let’s go out for a dinner then
Kushi : teek hai hum sabko batake aate hai ( k I’ll inform everyone)
Arnav: rukho ( wait) sabko kyun sirf hum dono jayenge ( only we two are going )
Kushi looks on confused
Arnav: any problem
Kushi nod no & get bit shy
Arnav: then get ready we will leave in any hour

Payal: wow kushi he is taking you out for dinner
Lavanya: dinner nahi date payal
Kushi : aisa Kuch nahi( nothing like that)
Lavanya: don’t lie
Payal: enjoy kushi, kaash hume bhi koyi lee jaata date pe( it would have been nice if someone took me out for date too)
Lavanya: toh akash ko bolo , woh toh kabse taiyyar baita hai( then tell Akash he is ready since long)
Both kushi & payal chase lavanya as she run away

PRECAP: Arshi dancing on a dance floor

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