A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 57) Last part )


Recap : Kushi & Lavanya’s baby shower completed.. Kushi is missing..

Arnav : damn……

He scream & hit his hand on glass table which breaks making his hand bleed…

Anjali : chote..

Everyone tend to him..

Anjali immediately tied a kerchief..

Anjali : chote calm down.. If you act like this how will you find kushi..

Arnav : I shouldn’t have left her alone.. Aman call the police..

Aman : I’ve informed them already ASR..

Arnav, aman, nk, akash shyam set out to search kushi…

Kushi tied in a dark room..

She gain conscious.. & get scared…

Kushi : Arnav… Arnav … ( she scream )

A man come there..

Kushi : aap..? ( you..? )

Man : yes me.. Your Arnav can’t reach here so stop screaming..

Kushi : Why are you doing this..

Man : You’ve no idea what I’ve gone through because your so called husband & his father.. Now its time for them to repay..

Kushi : What have they done..? You troubled them always.. You killed papa ( Arnav’s father ) you are a cheater & murderer…

“Enough” a voice come from the door..

Kushi : chachi.. ( garima )

Garima : don’t dare to utter a word more against my husband..

Kushi : How can you support him.. He he..

Garima : he did nothing.. Do you want to know what your so called papa did..?

She tell the whole story.. How Raj malik was behind garima.. He didn’t let her marry harish.. He deprived harish from wealth.. He forcefully got Aasha married to him.. But what shocked her more was..

Garima : he tried to kill our daughter he tried to kill our sheetal.. When he got to know about her..

Kushi was hell shocked.. But managed to speak

Kushi : so you killed him..? Then what’s the difference..

Harish : correction Mrs ASR.. He died in an accident..

Kushi : no.. It was not you.. portrayed it as one..

Harish : yes it wasn’t an accident it was well planned murder..

Kushi : how dare.. ( garima interrupt )

Garima : planned by Raj Malik himself

Now this was another shock..

Harish : he paid for his sins.. He tried to kill me & garima.. It was my car’s break he failed.. But in a hurry of escaping from Raizadas in took my car & died..

After a while.. Kushi try to digest.. Everything composing herself she manage to speak..

Kushi : chachi.. Uncle.. I agree whatever he did with you was very wrong.. But why are you punishing me & Arnav for that.. What’s our mistake..

Harish : Arnav has not troubled me any less.. Due to him I incurred such huge losses in business.. He broke my daughter’s marriage.. He snatched sheesh mahal..

Kushi : he was angry.. He thought you killed his father.. You threw them out of house.. He never knew the truth… don’t you see the love & care he shower on kavya..

Harish & Garima somewhere felt what she said was true..

Kushi : please let me go.. I apologise on his behalf.. You can’t punish the innocent child inside me for your brother’s sins.. Then there won’t be any difference..

Garima : enough… now..

Both of them go out.. While kushi keep calling them..

Arnav : did you find out anything..

Aman : no.. ASR there’s no where any clue.. You don’t worry. We will find bhabhi..

Arnav cut the call…

Arnav : damn.. Kushi where are you.. I shouldn’t have left you alone.. Because of me you are in danger today…

Dark room..

Kushi : I know you will find me Arnav.. I belief in you..

Kushi starts getting a slight pain..

Sheesh mahal..

Anjali is praying to devi maiyya for kushi’s safe return.. While others are calling every possible person to find her..

Payal : who might have kidnapped her..

La : some businesses rivals might have done this.

Payal : in Lucknow..?

Kavya : now I get who did this..

Everyone look at her..

Kavya : Mr Harish Malik..

She call arnav & vent out her doubt

Arnav : you’re right.. How can it slip out from my mind.. Now I’ll show him..

Dark room..

Kushi gets labour pain & she start screaming in pain. Harish & Garima rush in.. Looking at her in pain.. They remember their old days.. When sheetal was in her womb.. How much difficulty they had faced.. How helpless she was due to that Raj Malik.. Now the same helplessness, same fear, same pain was on Kushi’s face..

Garima : we can’t do this Harish..

Harish : you’re right.. We shouldn’t have kidnapped her.. I’m not that inhuman as that Raj Malik..

Sheetal enter..

Sheetal : oh really.. After doing all this you think you are any different from him papa.. ? He tried to kill me & what are you doing now.. He tried to kill you & you.. You both tried kill Shashi uncle..

Kushi was shocked to hear this..

Kushi : Chachi.. You…

Harish : we did this for you..

Sheetal : If you want to see me alive.. Then let go kushi.. And confess your crimes to police

Garima : let’s take her to hospital..

30 minutes later..

Everyone is searching kushi in Malik mansion & in other properties of Harish but couldn’t find her anywhere.. Arnav was highly frustrated & he would kill Harish if he came infront of him..
He noticed some 15-20 missed calls.. It was from sheetal..

Arnav : why the hell is she calling..

He gets call from Anjali..

Arnav : di.. We’re still finding..

Anjali : chote Sheetal brought her kushi to Hospital come early..

All reach hospital.. Sheetal explained everything what happened & now Mr & Mrs Malik are in police custody. kushi is in operation theatre & her screams are driving Arnav crazy..

After 3 hours..

Kushi is shifted to ward.. Arnav enter & see kushi lying on bed smiling at him with a cute baby beside her in cradle..

He sit beside her…

Arnav : tum teek ho.. ( are you fine.. He ask just like old times )

Kushi nod weakly..

Kushi : aur aap.. ( and you )

He smile..

Kushi : come near me..

He bend.. She whisper in his ears..

Kushi : you won… Its princess this time..

Arnav with winning smile

Arnav : didn’t I say ASR never loose..

She gesture him to bend back again.. Now she whisper..

Kushi : but I need prince too.. Very soon..

Arnav stare her in surprise.. But their stance broke by baby’s cry..

Anjali : this will only happen if you don’t pay attention to her..

Aman : now learn to romance less Mr Romeo

Arnav : oye.. Dont fly much your time is not far..

Everyone laugh while aman pout..

Anjali : so now tell me what name you both have thought..

Arnav : I’m confused to choose a name among my 12 gfs..

Kushi frown..

Arnav : I’ll name her AASHI.. My first love’s..

By now kushi is fuming..

Arnav : My first love Kushi’s shadow she is.. So her name Aashi which means smile..

Anjali : how sweet..

10 years later..

Arshi room..

Arnav is sleeping & kushi trying to wake him up standing bit far from him..

Kushi : Arnav.. Get up its late already..

Arnav : then wake me up yourself ( he say pulling quilt over him )

Kushi ; no I’m not coming near you.. You will pull me too to bed..

Arnav : then let me sleep..

Kushi : yeh kya zabardasti hai arnav.. ( what’s this compulsion arnav )

Arnav : First come here & give me a gift then I’ll wake up..

Kushi : Noo.. Its late already.. Mujhe MAJBOOR mat kijiye aap pe paani daalne ke liye utiye.. ( Don’t force me to pour water on you get up)

Arnav : if you pour water on me then.. Mein tume mere saath nahaane ke liye MAJBOOR karunga.. Soch lo jagana hai yaa nahana hai.. ( I’ll make you bath with me.. Think what you want to do wake me up or bath with me )

Kushi : hey devi maiyya yeh kaisi “MAJBOORIYAAN” hai..

An idea strike her mind…

After 5 mins…

Arnav feel someone pulling his quilt..

Arnav : Finally you agreed he pull down the quilt & find 6 cute pies surrounding him ready to attack..

He look at kushi who’s giving him a winning smile..

Kushi : So Aashi, aarav ( Arshi’s son ), Sonia ( aman & lavanya’s daughter), Atharv Anisha ( Akash payal’s son & daughter ) & Namik ( Nk kavya’s son ) ATTACK..

Arnav: No. No..

All of them start ticking him..

Kushi start laughing..

Arnav : baccha party time for plan B..

He wink at kushi…

Everyone leave him & pull kushi.. & push her towards arnav.. He fall in his arms.. They all rush out closing the door..


Thank you sooo much.. for all the love & support everyone has given to me & this story guys.. Continue to give it my other stories too… Hope you all liked the end.. ” AJNABHII ” will replacing this story.. It will also be exclusively Arshi fiction hope you all will like it too.. I’ve already posted its prologue & will post the first part tomorrow..

Please everyone do comment today.. All silent readers too ..

Once again thanks everyone for your lovely comments & valuable time..

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. It was too awesome liked the last episode too much
    Dont have words to explain
    Loved it simply
    Ajnabii character aketch was nice
    Will love too see arshi in this avatar too

    1. Thank u soo much kajal..

  2. Nice ending Plz do start an other ff on Arshi or ishra

    1. Thank u akhila.. I’ve started another ff on Arshi named “AJNABHII”.. I’ve posted its prologue & will update part 1 tmrw..

  3. awesome ending. …I will miss ur ff…mazboorian….
    eagerly waiting for ur new ff episode 1…keep it up….

    1. Thanks a lot ayumi. I’m posting part 1 tmrw

  4. An ending well placed and deserved
    Ur writing style..
    U display the best of romance in a manner wich shows no vulgarity
    I loved it
    Thanks fr ur efforts of keeping the arshi moments alive in our hearts
    I know I blabber a lot
    But the couple ARSHI makes me go crazy ?
    I loved ur ff
    Please send in the telly updates link of ur new AWESOME ff

    1. Thanks Vaishali.. Even Arshi drives me crazy too.. I’ll give the link once its uploaded..

  5. Very nice yar…….I like especially khushi whispers aranv hears I want Prince ..very soon…superb…..

    1. Thank u shree..

  6. Anu, so u have ended it today…
    As I loved this ff aooo much it’s very difficult for me to forget it… ??
    But it’s okk. U haved told me in ur last reply every story need to end… I have to accept that..
    After 2 day later my clg days will be started… So, I don’t want go read any new ffs now.. Just will find time to read my old loving ffs… But only for u and Arshi I will try my best to read AZNABI… If I can read I will comment for u sure.. ??? ? ? ?
    Btw it was a happy ending.. Liked this episode a lot…. Will miss a lot my MAJBOORIAN wala Arshi…

    1. Thanks a lot kushi.. I was waiting for your comment only.. I know its hard forget anything related yo Arshi.. But even I too was helpless dear I had to end it.. I will be waiting for your comments in AJNABHII too. Hope you will like it..

  7. Super ending

    1. Thanks vavachi

  8. Veronica

    Awesome ending.dear………Loved it and eagerly waiting for ur new ff…Can I know what u do??

    1. Thanku Veronica.. I’m an engineering student.. Just wrote my 4th semi exams..

  9. Super story.. I really loved it… plz concentrate on ur new series..

    1. Thank u Jo.. I’ll surely try my next story as good as majboori was..

  10. Nice episode?✌?️love how u describe each and every scene❤️I read it from the first episode and it was seriously amazing?will miss this ff…

    1. Thank u soo much Amani Gatta

  11. Fanficoholic

    Wow the suspense was amazing. Loved it anaya. So sorry yaar. I cld nt comment on ur pre episodes regularly and i am commenting so late in tis epi. I loved tis ff. I am sad that tis is gonna end bt happy that u r gonna start one mre amazing ff. Read the prolouge and loved it. Plz update the episodes fast. Can’t wait to read it.

    1. Thank you Fanficholic

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