A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 55)

Recap : Shashi & Aasha reconcile

3 months later..

Kavya call Aasha

Kavya : so mumma what you decided..?

Aasha : Will you hold on a bit.. I need time..

She cut the call…

Kavya : why do they need time ? They love each other then what’s there to think..?

Kushi : chachi ( garima ) has agreed for divorce..

La : what about Mr Malik ?

Arnav : I’ll make him agree too..

Kushi : don’t do anything stupid again.. Aasha aunty has said she’ll talk..

Arnav : what the..

Aman : we’ve to inform this to others na..

La : especially payal

Kushi : how will she react..

Next day..

Payal : kushi why are we here..

Kushi : I wanted to eat ice cream jiji…

Payal : then you should have troubled your romeo na ( she tease )

Kushi : jiji I need to tell you something important

Payal : ok tell..

Kushi explain everything… payal sit numb there…

Kushi : jiji jiji.. Are you all right.. Jiji… ( she shake her )

Payal : let’s go home..

Kushi : lekin ( but )

Payal : please kushi..

By the time they reach home everyone know the truth.. Payal straight away go to her room…

Malik mansion

Harish : what a surprise.. The Arnav Singh Raizada here.. In my house… come have seat what will you have..

Aman : you very well know why we are here.. So stop beating around the bush..

Arnav : when are you signing the divorce papers..

Harish : what if I refuse

Arnav : but your ex wife or I should say illegal wife ( garima ) has already agreed to divorce.. Don’t you want to marry her or you’ve made up your mind to cheat her..

Harish : hold your tongue Arnav.. I don’t need to justify you about my relation with her..

Shyam : look Mr Malik.. This divorce favours both of you then what’s the problem..

Harish : why should I.. We’re happy & together now also.. Why should I help you..

Arnav : you.. ( shyam hold him back)

Shyam : we’ve proof of your illegal relation with Mrs Garima if you don’t agree for divorce this way then we will get forcefully by proving you infedile..

Harish : ( tensed ) what.. What proof you have..

Aman : Kavya.. Anshu.. Whose children are they.?

Arnav : most important Sheetal…

Harish shocked…

Shyam : so what’s your final decision Mr Malik

Evening.. Payal come out..

Kushi : jiji I know you are hurt.. Sorry we hid it..

Payal : I don’t want to talk anything about it kushi.. I don’t want this divorce to happen

Everyone is shocked..

Akash : payal.. You..

Payal : no I can’t let my parents break apart..

Lavanya : they were never together.. To part now

Akash : they just stayed under same roof nothing more than that.. If you disagree for their divorce.. They continue to stay together.. Not live together

Kavya : bhabhi trust me they will be happy with whom they loved please…

Payal : no… never.. ( she scream ,)

Everyone start consoling her..

Kushi : ok jiji as you wish..

Everyone make sad face.. Payal start laughing..

Payal : how was my acting.. ( she wink )

Everyone : acting ?

Payal : yep.. I was just kidding.. This was arnav’s idea to trouble you all..

Kushi : let him come today.. I’ll show what troubling means..

La : but payal did you know all this earlier itself

Kavya : bhai told you ?

Payal : no babuji told me 3 months back itself.. He asked my permission first…

Kushi : and you hid it from us..

Kavya : how mean…

La : we won’t leave you now..

Kushi & la about to chase her but arnav & aman come there & stop them

Arnav : stop right there don’t move a inch.. Its 7½ month running & you people are running here & there…

Aman : They never listen to us..

La & Kushi : sorry…

Arnav : say sorry in room not here…

Akyal & nk kavya : ooh hoo..

Arshi room…

Kushi : sorry Arnav now forgive na

Arnav : on one condition I need gifts.. That too 10

Kushi : no..

Arnav : then I’ll only take them..

He move forward.. & is about to kiss her but kushi hiss in pain holding her stomach

Kushi : aww..

Arnav : what happened kushi are you alright.. Wait I’ll call doctor.. Di.. Aman.. Akash.. ( he scream )

Kushi : Arnavji I’m fine.. Stop screaming.. Aww..

Arnav : what’s happening Kushi.. I think we need to rush to hospital now..

Everyone come to room…

Anjali : what happened chote..? Kushi are you alright..

Arnav : no di.. She..

Kushi : I’m fine di..

Arnav : why are you lying.. Di she just hissed in pain holding stomach twice..

Kushi : di baby just kicked…

Arnav : what..?

Anjali : wow.. Chote keep your hand on her stomach…

Arnav : it’s not kicking.. Kushi you lied..

Baby kick now ..

Arnav : ah.. It kicked… it kicked di.. ( he exclaim)

Everyone leave them alone…

Aman – la room

Aman is keeping his hand on lavanya’s stomach

Aman : I wonder why our baby isn’t kicking..

La : because it’s just like you clam, quite & well behaved..

Aman : wow la.. You think so about me..

La nod yes..

Aman : thank God our baby us not like you otherwise it would have started playing karate kungfu inside by now..

La : how mean aman.. ( she start hitting him.. )

La : aww ouch..

Aman : what happened baby kicked..?

La nod yes.. With a smile..

La : see you angered both of us..

Aman : oh.. I’m sorry both of you..

Arshi room..

Arnav : I really can’t believe she kicked Kushi .

Kushi : he kicked.. I think he will become football player…

Arnav : no.. She’ll become football player…

Kushi : how mean you are.. You don’t value my dreams.. You want girl only..

Arnav : what’s mean in it.. I want her to be just like you.. Isn’t it enough..

Kushi : but I want a boy like you..

Arnav : am I not enough.. ? Anyways Kushi our princess will won’t be completely like you.. Ok she’s ASR’S daughter she’ll have my brain only don’t worry she won’t be dumb as you..

Kushi open her mouth…

Kushi ; now I’ll see how you will be spared.. First you pranked along with jiji ( payal ) & now you’re calling me dumb..

She start throwing pillows at him..

Arnav : ok ok sorry my princesses..

Kushi : prince is very angry for making fun of his mother… he won’t spare you…

Precap :

Kushi & Lavanya’s godh bharayi

Arshi room..

Kushi : don’t know why I’m very scared today..

Arnav : why are scared when I’m here..

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  1. It was too sweet to read todays episode
    I dont how it feels to have a baby inside u a life inside ourself
    Whosoever have experienced this must have loved each bit of it
    Arnav has become much naughty
    Loved it

    1. Thank u kajal… Having a life inside u.. Just can’t imagine how beautiful it will be.. I’ve tried to show a bit of it

  2. Veronica

    Awesome dea

  3. Ur updates
    Oh my god they are killer
    Nyc one
    The fun and frolic nature of ASR
    U rock
    I am in love wd ds serial all over again

  4. Wow! Awesome episode dear Anu,
    Arshi scenes were sooooooooo nice.
    Their cute conversation and baby’s kicked scenes were AWESOME..
    Liked it very much…
    Waiting for the next episode ???

  5. Amanigatta

    Nice episode❤️arshi scenes were too gud?love ur writing skills?best of luck for ur exams and ya take ur time?write whenever u r free.…

  6. Thanks a lot veronica, vaishali, kushi & amanigatta

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