A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 54)

Recap : La pregnant.. Shashi & Aasha come face to face..

Kushi tell everything..

Aman : What… !!!????

Lavanya : this is a big trouble now…

Kavya is hearing all their talks sitting beside them dressed like Punjabi man ( as Aastha did in ipkknd ebp serial )

Kavya come & sit beside Kushi..

Kushi : hey who r u

Kavya hold her hand..

Aman : you don’t know whose wife she is ASR will kill you..

Kavya : relax guys… ( she remove her beard.. )

All 3 : kavya..!?

Kushi : God ek aur musibat ( one more trouble )

Kavya : how mean bhabhi.. Anyway I heard everything.. Wow its just like a movie I’m soooo happy..

Lavanya : happy?

Kavya : yep.. Now I’ll get new good father..

Aman : are all girls crazy or only the one who I meet are like this…

Kushi & la give him angry stare…

Kushi : stop all this.. We need to inform this to arnav.. He’ll do something… but..

La : but what ?

Aman: he’ll get angry for hiding all this since so long..

Kavya : long ? You go to know hour back.. ?

Kushi : he’s talking about chachi ( garima ) & Mr.Malik

Aman : hope he doesn’t kill me..

Lavanya : that meditation classes should have at least controlled his anger don’t worry..

Aman : controlling ? He’s more dangerous now..

1 week later..
Aasha didn’t come to Delhi making some health excuse… After gathering much courage They tell him everything.. He’s staring them angrily…

AR office

ASR’s cabin..

Aman : I accept we hid it from you since 3 years but don’t get angry..

Arnav : what..!!!??

Kavya : why are you getting angry bhai. Aren’t you happy now I’ll get good father..

Kushi : shut up Kavya.. Arnav don’t get angry please..

Kavya : why are you not paying attention to my words.. I need shashi uncle as my father.. ( she say like a small kid )

Lavanya : you’re impossible..

Kushi : it’s a serious matter kavya please be quite

Kavya : bhai can’t you do this much for me.. ? ( she plead )

Arnav : what’s wrong in what’s she’s asking.. Let’s swap their partners… Everything will be settled.. Even I don’t like that kareli with sweet dish ( he wink at kavya & they’ve a HiFi )

Kushi : Arnav.. Ah.. Hey devi maiyya.. Its a not a joke.. Babuji think Aasha aunty cheated him..

Kavya : but my mom is not cheater

La : how are you so confident ? She left him on marriage day..

Kavya : no.. She didn’t leave him..

All : what..!?

Kavya : She was kidnapped that day & forcefully married him.. As he (harish ) threatened to kill shashi uncle.. So she never tried to contact him again..

Aman : oh God such a big misunderstanding..

Kavya : we’ve to clear it & unite them..

Kushi : look kavya that’s complete different issue.. For now we’ve to know what aunty wants

Kushi gets a Anjali’s call..

Anjali : where are you all.. Aasha aunty is here & all of you vanished..

Kushi : di will be there in 5 mins..


Shantivan – Terrace

Aasha : how you people got to know all this…

Kavya : now that’s not important mumma.. We’ve to plan what to be done..

Aasha : there’s nothing to do.. I’m happy with my life & he’s with his..

La : oh really.. Do you think so aunty

Kushi : your eyes are telling truth aunty.. You are yearning to hear his voice.. Your eyes wanna see him… that hatred that you saw in his eyes for you is piercing your heart.. The same person who showered love on you is hating you today.. Don’t you want to at least clarify him.. That you truly loved him it wasn’t fake.. Would you want remain a cheater forever his eyes..

Aasha : no never.. I can’t bear it..

Aasha breakdown crying…

Arnav : I’ll arrange your meeting with him.. Sort out everything..

Kushi : what are you saying is it business deal. I’ll call babuji tomorrow.. We shall see what to do next..

Night – Arshi room

Kushi : I heard someone is skipping his classes very often..

Arnav : ( cough.. ) what .. No

Kushi give angry look..

Arnav : ok.. I skipped only 2..

Kushi : 22.. That too in 1 month.. You hardly attended 8..

Arnav : I’m sleepy kushi.. Gud night…

He sleep pulling his quilt..

Kushi : enjoy your sleep.. Me & baby are going to di.. We’ve some work..

Arnav getup & hold kushi..

Arnav : stop blackmailing kushi.. I’ll attend regularly from tomorrow happy now ..

Kushi : very happy

Arnav : haan.. You will be… After torchering me soo much..

Kushi : very funny…. What about the gifts you took everyday from me for attending classes.. Cheater.. I won’t give any gifts for next 22days..

Arnav : what ? I’ll give your extra 22gifts back ok.. ( saying this he move closer.. )

Kushi : no no arnav.. No..

He’s about to kiss..

Kushi : there’s someone inside the room..

He move back..

Arnav : who..? Where..

Kushi : our baby.. What will he think..

Arnav : my princess won’t mind..
( he move close to her.. )

Next day..

Shashi Gupta has arrived… They’ve taken him to farm house where Aasha is already present..

Shashi : why are we here..

Kavya : to meet someone special..

Shashi : oh.. I’m here to live in peace for 2 days without your kareli.. & you called her here too..

La : Hum kya paagal hai.. ( are we mad )

Kushi : I need to talk something very important listen..

Kushi tell him everything what happened…

Shashi : where is she..

Aman : garden..

Shashi go…

Kushi : hope everything will be fine now..

Arnav : don’t worry they’re mature enough to handle it..

Kavya : let’s see what they’re doing.. ( she wink )

Kushi : no.. Its..

Everyone drag her.. Now they’re hiding behind bush & peeping at them.. But they couldn’t hear what they talked so returned back..

After 2 hours they return back…

Kavya : so everything sorted.. Ah ?

Both smile…

Kushi : hope you both are happy now.. No more misunderstandings..

Shashi : yes..

Kavya : so when shall we fix your marriage.. ? I’m so excited.. Can’t wait any longer..

Everyone look shocked at her…

Arnav : no that’s not possible.. ( everyone get bit relieved as he didn’t agree for this too but .. )

Arnav : we need to get them divorced first from their respective spouses na.

Kushi : hey devi maiyya… will you both at least ask what they want..?

Kavya : you too want that only na. Mumma.. Uncle…

Kushi about to say but interruptted..

Arnav : take your time..

Aman : Spend some quality time together. Like lovers.. Then decide ok..

Precap :

4 months later…

Kushi & Lavanya’s godh bharayi

I’ll post next epi tomorrow.. Sorry for delay guys.. My exams end on July 4th.. After that I’ll be regular..

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  1. Nice episode anu,
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    Arshi scenes was AWESOME today..
    So much cute.

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  3. Dhi so nice episode. ……Arshi scenes are awesome. .
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    Loved it
    Please be regular or tell us when u r going to upload ur next
    Again just loved it

  6. Veronica

    Superb dea…..Hope ur exams went good.try updating quickly as ur ff is a very good one and entertaining

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