A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 53)

Sorry for not posting since long guys.. I had 2 exams.. One after other so couldn’t upload..

Recap : Arnav & Aman going to meditation classes. Arshi argue over baby..

Aman : la are you alright..

Kushi : have some water..

Arnav : didn’t I say its not hygienic here..

Lavanya : that’s not the problem

Arnav & Aman : then what..?

Lavanya smile kushi understand..

Kushi : really.. La.. ( she exclaim )

Lavanya nod blushing…

They hug each other.. But these two are clueless..

Arnav : your friend is ill & you’re smiling..

Aman : why are you blushing la.. Sar pe chot tho nahi lagi na.. ( you didn’t get hurt in head na)

Lavanya : aman.. its not like that..

Aman : what not like that like this ?

Lavanya : its not bad vomiting..

Arnav & aman : what the…

Aman : even bad & good vomiting exists..!!??

Kushi : yaar.. La these two are buddhus (dumbo) in these matters you tell him directly..

La : aman mujhe katta khaata hai.. ( I want eat something sour )

Aman : oh.. No lavanya after eating all this only your health got spoiled

Kushi & La look at each other..

Arnav : hey wait aman I remember something..

La : no need take pressure on your tiny brains.. I’m pregnant aman..

Aman : oh ok you should have told direc.. ( he stop ) aaahhh.. You’re pregnant la..!!?? Its means..

Raizada mansion..

Anjali : you both do everything together.. Wow

Aman : di…

Everyone get happy… La & aman are made to stay in raizada mansion itself as there are no one to take care of her there…

3 months pass….

In these 3 months everyone has taken utmost care of la & Kushi.. Arnav & aman still go to meditation classes but instead of decreasing arnav’s anger is increasing

Kavya talking with Aasha..

Kavya : La bhabhi’s papa is still angry on her na so.. Even her mom is not able to meet her..

Aasha : I understand..

Kavya : She want to send La bhabhi’s favourite laddo.. She’ll give it to you.. You bring them while coming tomorrow ok..

Aasha : ok.. Vaise.. When are you giving me your good news..

Kavya : mom.. I’m still a kid & you want a kid from me..

Nk entering hears it & look at kavya smiling.. Kavya notices it & cut the call..

Kavya : woh.. Nando.. Mom was talking about bhai’s kid.. Not ours.. ( she blabber everything )

Nk : well having our kids is also not a bad idea.. ( he say with a naughty smile while Kavya blush)

Arnav’s cabin

Aman : Arni.. I can’t bear those classes any more do something…

Arnav : di didn’t say anything when she got to know we are irregular..

Aman : so.. Let’s stop going ?

Arnav : no that can’t be done. She’ll get angry.. Day by day my patience is breaking because of that idiot Ram.. ( instructor )

Aman : you had patience before..!? ( he tease arnav glare )

Aman : he must be named raavan instead of ram..

Arnav : I know what to do with him.. He’ll remember his whole life with whom he messed

Next day…

Arshi returned from hospital both were overwhelmed to see their baby for the first time through sonography….

Arshi room

Kushi : baby was sooo cute…. I can’t believe there is actually a life inside me.. A baby.. Our baby.. ( she say excitedly )

Arnav is just adoring her…

Kushi : arnav.. Why are you quite..

Arnav : I’m busy adoring both my princesses..

Kushi blush but..

Kushi : princesses..? There is little prince inside your princess

Arnav : soch lo kushi ( think once kushi ) if there is a prince inside then you must give birth to 12 more princesses.. But if you give me one princess now itself than she’s enough for me.. ( he wink )

Kushi open her mouth in surprise & is about to confront but arnav insert jelebi in her mouth..


As lavanya’s mom had work so she sent laddos with shashi Gupta to give them to Aasha..

Malik mansion..

Shashi Gupta was sitting on a couch.. He was feeling some what uneasy here he was restless

Shashi : ( to himself ) why am I soo restless..

He gets call from Kavya…

Kavya : hello babuji. Where are you I’m calling here since morning..

Shashi : oh.. Sorry beta.. My phone was on silent..

Kavya : where are you..

Shashi : in malik mansion..

Kavya : you went to give laddos..?

Shashi : yes..

Kavya : you liked that rabadi very much na which I fed you that day..? Ask mumma she’ll give you..

Shashi : no no.. Its ok..

Kavya : oh ho.. Why not ? Its the best you’ve to eat.. I’ll call mom & tell her wait

She cut the call & call Aasha…

Aasha came down… & she gets a call..

Aasha : hello Kavya..

Hearing her voice shashi get shocked…
Shashi : ( to himself ) Aasha..!?

Kavya : mumma give rabadi to babuji..

Aasha : babuji..?

Kavya : kushi bhabhi’s papa…

Aasha : what ? He’s here..

Kushi snatches phone from Kavya…

Shashi get up & turn to face her.. Aasha gets shocked , she drop the phone & tears start flowing from eyes.. Shashi too stare her with his eyes full of tears ….

Shashi keeps laddoos on table & turn to go..

Aasha : Shashi… ( in pain )

He couldn’t just go.. He turn towards her…

Kushi about to say hello but stop hearing their conversation..

Shashi : what now.. Abhi bhi Kuch bacha hai baat karne ke liye.. Vaise ho noun tum.. ( is there anything left to talk .. Actually who are you )

Aasha : Shashi.. Tumhari Aasha..

Shashi : nahi… ( he roar ) Meri Aasha tho bilkul nahi woh 25 saal pehle woh mar chuki hai ( no.. You are not my Aasha.. She died 25 yrs back )

Aasha : meri baat ( listen to..)

Shashi storm out… Aasha breakdown crying..

Aasha : why.. Why me always.. God.. First you broke my marriage with him.. The man I loved more than my life.. You threw me away from his life… & now after do many years.. You made us face each other.. Why?? God I need answer today… ( she cry.. )

Kushi & kavya are shocked.. Kavya is all confused & tensed… kushi connected the dots & understood everything…

Kavya : bhabhi.. What was that..?

Kushi : huh nothing.. I’ll talk to you later..

She rush to lavanya’s room…

Kushi : I need to talk now..

Lavanya : what happened Kushi.. Tell me..

Kushi : not here.. Call aman… & tell him to meet me us at cafe alone

Kavya hear this & decides to follow them…

Arnav’s cabin..

Aman enter…

Arnav : you came at right time.. I’ve a very good plan for that ram..

Aman : not now ASR I’ve to leave…

Arnav : what’s wrong..

Aman : these mood swings during pregnancy huh.. La will drive me crazy..

Arnav : mood swings..?? ( he ask in surprise )

Aman : haan bhai Saab mood swings.. Aapko kaise pata hoga kushi bhabhi to devi hai.. Suljhi huyi tume parishaan kaha karti hai ( yes brother mood swings.. How would you know kushi is so sorted person.. Where will she trouble you.. )

Arnav : yep that’s right my kushi is a jem..

Aman leave arnav call Kushi..

Arnav : missing me baby..

Kushi : no arnav I’m busy will call you later..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi bite her lips..

Kushi : oh sorry arnav.. I was bit tensed..

Arnav : why what happened..?

Kushi : huh.. Nothing..

Arnav : you don’t want to tell ?

Kushi : don’t you trust me. ?

Arnav : more than myself..

Kushi : I’ll tell you once right comes..

Arnav : I’ll wait.. Love you..

Kushi : love you too.. Bye..

Arnav : my gift ?

She kiss twice..

Precap :

Arnav : what..!!!??

Kavya : why are you getting angry bhai. Aren’t you happy now I’ll get good father..

Kushi : shut up Kavya.. Arnav don’t get angry please..

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  1. Veronica

    Woah….whats The next surprise dear…….precap???? It was a really bful epi…….Hope ur exms went well

  2. Sorry fr being so restless n demanding
    All the best fr ur xams..if any left
    N coming to update it was jus fab
    M excited reading the precap
    Try updating soon
    Sorry fr demanding again
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  3. Fanficoholic

    Lovelyyyyyyy epi. Anjali’s comment that arnav aman do everythng together was so hilarious. Jst loved the epi and i hope u killed the exams

  4. It was really nice let arnav also bear the results of mood swings of a pregnent lady .
    Liked the episode
    Precap was scary and funny too
    I will get a better father hahaha
    When will be ur next update ??

  5. Wow!! Sweet episode..
    Arshi was amazing..
    Daughter or son. If she deliver a son then 12 more daughters also.. Ha ha ha very funny..
    Best of luck for ur exams..

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