A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 52)

Recap : Anjali forgive Arnav..

Night arshi room..

Kushi : Accha hua di aapko meditation class bej rahi hai.. ( its good that di is sending you to meditation class )

Arnav : excuse me..

Kushi : at least now you can control some anger.. Otherwise our baby would have got scared seeing you..

Arnav : have you thought of any name for our baby..

Kushi : hmm yes.. Rohan..

Arnav : what if its a girl..

Kushi : no we will get boy itself.. Just like you & I want to name him rohan..

Arnav : why rohan ?

Kushi : I had a classmate named rohan since LkG.. I had a crush on me.. He proposed me one day & as I was about to accept you married me.. So in memory of him ( she tease thinking Arnav will get jealous but he turn the tables )

Arnav : it won’t be fulfilled kushi.. Anyway we are getting baby girl just like you & I’m thinking what to name her as i had so many gfs.. ( kushi open her mouth in surprise ) wait let me count ok..

He start counting..

Arnav : kushi I had total 12 serious gfs.. Let’s have 12 kids so that we can name them ok..

Kushi : accha.. ( is it so ) she start beating with pillow..

Anjali’s room

Shyam : its like a war since 2 days.. Thank God everything is sorted today..

Anjali : who said so.. ?

Shyam look at her confused..

Anjali : remember one more case is remaining

Shyam : oh rani sahiba you have very good memory.. ( he show his teeth just to convince her but she frown.. )

Shyam : I’m sorry.. Rani sahiba forgive me.. Pls

Anjali : why do you hide things from me.. Your lies hurt more than a bitter truth..

Shyam : I don’t want you take tension rani sahiba. Arnav is intelligent enough in realising his mistakes.. I’m here to guide him.. I just want you to be happy..

Anjali : but..

Shyam : no its & buts now.. I promise not yo hide anything from now on ok.. Happy

Anjali nod & they hug..

Next day..

6 pm..

Anjali knock arshi’s room.. Kushi open the door

Anjali : wake him kushi he must reach classes by 7..

Kushi : di he is not at all waking I’m trying since 20mins..

Anjali come in & pull his blanket..

Arnav : stop it kushi else I’ll pull you on me

Anjali : chote… you pull her later but get up now

Arnav get up with a jerk hearing Anjali’s voice..

Arnav : di.. Ah. Gud mrng..

Anjali : gud mrng.. Now get up fast its late already..

Arnav get into washroom.. Anjali call Aman.. He’s still in bed but hearing Anjali’s voice he get up..

Aman : di I’m all ready will reach in 15 mins..

An hour later its 7:10

Anjali shyam take Arnav & Aman to classes ..they’re walking in..

Anjali : oh we are 10 mins late.. That too on first day itself..

Arnav : relax di its not school to punish us..

They see one man instructing some people..

Instructor : you’re a second late on you’ll go a minute late.. & so on..

Arnav & aman look at each other..

A man welcome them..
Man : how are you shyam long time…

Shyam : I’m fine.. Here these are your students Arnav & Aman..

Man : hi.. Welcome here..

Shyam : beware if them.. They’re dangerous together.. ( he joke )

Man : don’t worry we have tactics to handle everyone here..

Arnav & aman give looks like : oh really lets see

Anjali give them instructions that not to trouble anyone, do as they say.. & all as if she’s sending child to school for first time..

Arnav : di I’ll manage.. We are not kids

Anjali : you better don’t behave like one.. Or you will get the punishment bubbly gets..Take care you both ok..

Anjali &shyam leave..

30 mins later..

Arnav & Aman are struggling to sit on ground for this long…

Ram : ( instructor ) you both have to concentrate.. Imagine you are sitting on clouds.. As light as air.. In a peaceful place..

Aman : ( whisper ) cloud my foot.. ASR I can’t bear this anymore yaar let’s run away..

Arnav : let’s bear this one day aman.. I’ll do something for tomorrow..

Aman : but..

Ram : you are not supposed to talk.. Now close your eyes.. & hear the the enchant om….


Anjali shyam arrive to pick them & they see both coming fully drained out..

Anjali : what happened you both ? Did they punish you for not listening to them ?

Arnav : di.. Are we LkG kids to punish..

Aman : that meditation procedure itself a punishment whats the need of another

Shyam : stop complaining let’s go now..

10 am..

Dining table..

Arnav : what..? You didn’t have anything yet..? Kushi are you.. ( he shouting )

He see Anjali giving angry glares & change his tone

Arnav : its already late kushi.. Have breakfast

Kushi : I had full glass of milk & juice just an hour before arnav not now..

Arnav : what the.. Ah. I mean what’s this don’t act like a kid have something..

Anjali : kushi have a bit you shouldn’t skip breakfast..

Kushi nod & start eating..

Later.. Arnav talking on phone..

Arnav : I hate explanations.. I need the report now.. Got it. . or else.. He scream ( Arnav see Anjali staring him)

Employee : sorry sir I’ll prepare it..

Arnav : huh.. Prepare reports & keep them ready by evening ok ( he say calmly )


All ladies are sitting on couch.. Kushi is made to eat fruits.. Everyone is taking utmost care of her

Kushi : di if you continue feeding me this way.. Baby kumbakaran will be born

Everyone laugh..

Arnav & Aman return & they desperately look for kushi…

Kushi : oh.. What happened ?

Arnav : are you ok.. ? You sent a message..

Kushi : what message..

Aman : show arnav’s phone.. Kushi has sent a single letter ‘E’.

Kushi look at her phone..

Kushi : I think it came by mistake..

Anjali : why you got so worried for it..

Arnav look at aman angrily…

Aman : I thought E for emergency..

Anjali : ok now.. As you both are early.. Go to evening session of med classes too ok..

Both : what..!!??

Anjali : just joking.. Ok now take both your loving wives out.. Is it ok now.. ( she tease )

2hrs later..

Both couples are sittingbin a garden but away from each other indulged in private talks…

Arnav : so kushi what you through about naming baby.. You’re giving 12 daughters na..

Kushi : you’ve become too naughty these days

Arnav : I’m damn serious kushi.. I don’t want to disappoint any of my girlfriends.. Huh I mean ex-girlfriends.. ( he tease )

Aman & la come to them..

La : I’m hungry guys come let’s go somewhere..

Kushi : me too..

They forcefully take Arnav & Aman to some dhaba.. Arnav give some lecture how unhygienic its here..but these 3 doesn’t care & start having as if they’ve starved since a week.. Arnav just sign.. & try to have it..

Suddenly Lavanya get up & move out.. These 3 followe her & find her vomiting…

Aman : la are you alright..

Kushi : have some water..

Arnav : didn’t I say its not hygienic here..

Lavanya : that’s not the problem

Arnav & Aman : then what..?

Lavanya smile kushi understand..

Precap :

Anjali : you both do everything together.. Wow

Aman : di…

Arnav’s cabin..

Aman : he must be named raavan instead of ram..

Arnav : I know what to do with him.. He’ll remember his whole with whom he messed

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  1. Wow awesome dear… ….Arnav and Aman are really funny and cool….Is it Gng to be Ishra’s entry?…..I mean Raavan in precap….waiting for next epi

  2. La too is pregnent
    Nice treatment to arnav and aman
    Seriously 12 kide too compensate for 12 gfs
    liked the episode too much

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    Made my day
    Next episode soon plz
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  4. Wow!!!
    Arnav wants 12 daughter ??
    Very funny.
    Arshi scenes were soooooo cute..
    Lavanya is also pregnant.. Wow! Awesome yaar..
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  5. Fanficoholic

    Hehehehe 12 daughters fr arnav. Cooll!!!!!! Arshi scenes were damn cute. And arnav is trying soooo hard to control his anger. Poor arnav bituwa. Awesome epi. Continue writing like tis.

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