A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 51)

Recap : Anjali know the truth of kavya’s marriage & is reluctant to talk to Arnav

Arnav’s nightmare

Shouting Di , he woke up and realised it was a nightmare but he became restless & got upto check out his di once..

Kushi : what happened arnav..

He didn’t pay any attention to her & moved out kushi too followed him..

Anjali was resting on Shyam’s shoulder both slept in a sitting position itself leaning to bed.. It seemed as though they talked for long & dozzed off.. Arshi retreated seeing it..

Arshi room..

Kushi : what happened you look soo worried & why did you shout soo..

Arnav : that.. that..dream

He explained her what he saw..

Kushi : aap bhi na.. Kyun aise kyaal aane de rahe ho aap.. Now stop worrying woh kabhi sach nahi honge..( why are you letting such thoughts haunt you.. They’re nevva gonna happen )

Arnav : I know I was just scared.. Mumma is also angry on me.. Di is also angry.. Damn what have I done..

Next day..

Shyam bring breakfast to room & keep it on table..

Anjali : I’m not having anything..

Shyam : if you don’t eat Arnav won’t eat & if he doesn’t eat then kushi will also not eat.. Then what about the baby..

Anjali start eating..

Shyam : eat fast & get ready.. I’m taking you to temple..

Anjali : ok…

1 hour later…

Arnav : what ? Di is not at home..

Kavya : jijaji took her out..

Arnav make sad face.

Kushi : stop thinking about what you have done & start thinking about what you have to do

Arnav : what shall I do.. She’s not even ready to talk to me…

Kavya : go & apologise in evening.. By that time jijaji must have convinced her

Arnav : I’m ready to face any punishment but she should talk to me..

Kushi : I’ve a idea..

She share her idea..


Its in outskirts of city.. Very less people no disturbances calm place perfect for a picnic

Anjali shyam sitting on a bench.. Both are silent

Anjali : why are you not talking..

Shyam : I thought you need some peace.. Do you want me to talk anything ..?

Anjali : you very well know what.. So start your argument in favour of your client then… Mr Jha..

Shyam : hold on Mrs Jha I’m not here for any argument.. Anyway argument is permitted with lawyers not with judges.. So your honour I’m at your service..

Anjali : ok stop this now.. Tell me what do with him..

Shyam : your wish.. Aapke chote hai.. Gunegaar aapke hawale.. Jo marzi saza dijiye ( your brother.. Culprit hand overed to you.. Give whatever punishment you want )

Anjali start thinking..

Shyam : but tell me one thing rani sahiba.. Why did you stop talking with him.. ?

Anjali : I’m angry on him for what he did so..

Shyam : so..? Daatiye une.. Zaroorat padi toh unki pitayi kijiye.. ( scold him.. If necessary give him nice beatings )

Anjali : you are saying this ?

Shyam : haan.. Galathi ki hai unhone saza toh milegi ( yes.. He did a mistake & he deserve a punishment )

Anjali : that’s why I’m not talking to him that’s his punishment

Shyam : you are not punishing him.. You are punishing whole family.. If you both won’t talk then no one will be happy in home.. And what’s use of your punishment.. He will spoil his health sleep & peace.. Nothing more..

Anjali : hmm.. I know.. That’s why I ignored his mistakes every time thinking he will upset his health but this time what he has done is it forgivable.. ?

Shyam : I’ve seen him repenting for it rani sahiba trust me I’ve seen him suffering I’ve seen that pain for doing it.. You know his anger & if its related to you then he’s out of control

Anjali : so you want me to forgive him..

Shyam : yes but lay some rules for him..

Anjali : what rules..?

Shyam : I’ve talked to my friend.. I wanted him to join meditation centre to control his anger..

Anjali : hmm done..

Shyam : so case solved your honour.. Shall we go

Anjali : no Mr Jha.. There’s one more case which needs my immediate attention..

Shyam : and what’s that..

Anjali : you.. How dare you hide things from me ah.. And yesterday you were taking his blame on you… you’ve started lying to me

She frown..

Shyam : Let’s postpone this case till night everyone will be waiting its already 4 & by the time we reach it will be 6..

Anjali : ok.. But be ready to stand in place of culprit Mr Jha..

Shyam : now you are scaring me


Everyone are waiting for them to return Arnav is restless.. Finally they arrive its already 6:30.

At 7

Anjali’s room

Shyam is arranging is law books & anjali is helping him.. Arnav enter with stick in his hand. Both leave their work & sit.. Arnav place the stick beside Anjali & kneel down infront of her holding his ears.. ( Remember kushi did the same in ipkknd when garima refused to forgive her for hidden marriage.. Its Kushi’s idea now )

Both feel bad seeing him like this..

Anjali : what’s this now.. You want me to punish you this way. Ah ? You very well know Arnav I’ll never raise my hand on you that too with a stick

Arnav is silent just looking down.. Tears start flowing from his eyes.. Seeing it Anjali couldn’t control anymore..

Anjali hug arnav

Arnav : di sorry di..

Anjali : its ok chote.. Stop crying now..
she caress him… & wipe his tears..

Shyam : where is your partner in crime..

Aman enter.. Anjali hold both of their ears..

Anjali : if you both do anything like this again then.. This stick is surely gonna break.. Samjhe..

Both nod..

Shyam : now sit we both have planned something for you both..

Anjali : 1. You are not supposed to scream chote
2. No throwing things here & there in anger
3. Last & most important one.. We’ve got you both admitted to meditation center so never miss the sessions there

Aman : but di why me ? I never scream neither throw things.. I’m not at all a short tempered person then ?

Shyam : galati saath mein ki hai toh saza bhi saath mein milegi ( when you both have done mistake then both will get punishment )

Arshi room..

Kavya : really.. Di said so..

Aman : yes..

Kushi : thank God she forgave you..

Arnav : hmm.. From tomorrow we should go to that meditation classes..

Nk : you & meditation..!!?

Akash : sher ko gaas khaane ke liye kaha gaya hai bechare bhai.. ( lion is made to eat grass poor Arnav )

Precap :

Arnav : what..? You didn’t have anything yet..? Kushi are you.. ( he shouting )

He see Anjali giving angry glares & change his tone

Arnav : its already late kushi.. Have breakfast

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