A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 50)


Recap : Harish spill half truth to Anjali. Anjali is suspicious on Arnav

Shyam : Anjali please.. Come we will talk in room not here..

She push him back & scream..

Anjali : no.. Tell me the truth now..

Arnav : will anyone tell me what happened..

Kavya message Arnav : Di got to know my marriage truth.. She suspects you did it but jijaji is taking blame on himself..

Reading that message arnav felt as if his world sank down.. He looked at his di who was highly disturbed & tears were continuously flowing from eyes.. The day which he feared the most had arrived.. He cursed himself for hiding it from her. He wanted to accept his mistake now but he couldn’t utter a word. He feared what would she do but he cant even let his jijaji take the blame… He gathered some courage & spoke..

Arnav : Di..

Everyone looked at him..

Arnav : di… I bro.. ( shyam interrupt )

Shyam : stop arnav..

Arnav : no jijaji I need to do this… ( to Anjali ) di I broke her marriage

He look down.. Anjali couldn’t stand their anymore she shrug off his hand & went upstairs & locked herself. Everyone started knocking the door..

Arnav : di I’m sorry please open the door..

Shyam : rani sahiba this is not a way to behave.. I know you are disappointed we can sort it out talking open the door now..

There is no response from inside she’s just sobbing. She couldn’t digest her chote could do anything like that..

After an hour..

Everyone try but she doesn’t open the door. Arnav is standing there like a statue..

Kushi : di.. Aapko humari bacche ki kasam darwaaza koliye.. ( di you have our baby’s word open the door )

Hearing it Anjali open the door.. Her eyes all red still tears flowing from them.. She go & sit on bed.. Shyam, arshi & kavya get in..

Kushi, Shyam & kavya are trying hard to convince her but she’s not uttering a word.. Arnav is standing in a corner lowering his head..

Kavya : di.. Look am I not happy today.. That marriage was meant to be broken di. He doubted me di.. If he ever loved me he would not have left me alone in mandap.. Today I’m happy with nando.. He accepted me with my past.. This is my fate why are you getting angry on bhai.. Its not his mistake..

Anjali : not his mistake..? How could you say that.. He broke a marriage that too his own sisters he defamed you infront of everyone.. You tried to commit suicide.. What if anything would have happened to you..?

Kavya : but nothing happened na di..

Anjali : you are right its not his mistake its my mistake.. I failed miserably in putting values in him.. I failed in bring him to right path.. I always ignored his anger which destroyed everything today.. I thought his anger is just for a while it won’t harm anyone but never in my dreams I thought it will make him do this Its my mistake..

Kushi : di please.. Its not your mistake why are you blaming yourself.. He did it in anger.. He couldn’t tolerate anyone hurting you.. So..

Anjali : that doesn’t justify what he did kushi.. He defamed a girl in front of whole city.. I’m really sorry kavya.. You had to go through all that

Kushi : di aap.. ( Anjali interrupt )

Anjali : leave me alone.. Please…

Shyam ask kushi & kavya to go out.. & sit beside her.. Holding her hand..

Shyam : you’ve not failed in anything rani sahiba.. I agree he did a mistake.. But trust me he repents it & had tried hard to make everything right in kavya’s life as a result she’s happy today.

Anjali : I don’t want to talk anything let me alone

Shyam : look at him Anjali.. He’s so worried seeing you like this.. At least talk to him.. Forgive him one last time..

Anjali : no not this time.. Ask him to go out & do whatever he wants I won’t ask him anything, no need to fear from me now.. He can hurt anyone he want I won’t ask.. But just leave me alone.. Its not his mistake my mistake..

Arnav : di galathi hogayi I’m.. ( I did a mistake I’m.. )

Anjali : this is not a small mistake for me to forgive & what’s need of it.. I won’t ask anything from today..

Tears start flowing from arnav’s eyes… he stand numb there..

Shyam : why are you doing this.. He did a mistake right then punish him but not this way.. You know he can’t tolerate your silence..

She’s silent just staring at her mother’s photo

Shyam convince Arnav to go & assure him he will convince Anjali. Arnav go out Anjali break down in Shyam’s arms crying bitterly

Arnav come to room kushi go & hug him.. Trying to comfort him.. He too break down in her arms..

Arnav : di is not ready to talk to me.. She won’t forgive me kushi.. I’ve broken her heart this time

Kushi : please you don’t cry.. Di will surely forgive you she’s just hurt Arnav.. ( she cup his face) It was a big mistake we cannot expect her to accept it so easily.. Its hurting her more because your parents left your responsibility on her.. She’s feeling herself responsible for your acts.. She’s angry on both you & herself give her some time we will talk tomorrow…

Arnav was totally drained out and he didn’t realise when he fell asleep.

In his dream..

He was standing in the middle of a dark room and he saw his di crying and saying I am not a good daughter.. I failed to fulfill promise given to mumma ..My chote is spoiled because of me..  his mamma saying Always take care of your di…

then he saw his mother crying and saying you are not my chote . My chote can never stoop so low that he ended up breaking a marriage defaming his own sister.. He never hurts his di & today she’s broken because of you..

Tears start flowing down his eyes..

Then he heard her mamma saying I am taking my Anju with me… You don’t deserve her..
He saw her holding Anjali’s hand & taking her away from him & they vanished in dark..

Shouting Di , he woke up and realised it was a nightmare.

Precap :

Anjali hug arnav

Arnav : di sorry di..

Anjali : its ok chote.. Stop crying now.. ( she caress him… )

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Oh it was really nailbiting episode
    Precap was quite relaxing
    Waiting for next

  2. Veronica

    How cute…I mean the precap….Awsome epi dea

  3. Amanigatta

    Firstly a big congratulations on ur 50 episode?I appreciate ur work from the core of my heart all the episode were really awsm❤️❤️well today’s episode was Gud arnavs dream was so scary?I also felt bd?again congrats on ur 50 episode☺️u r such and amazing writer keep writing with the same spirit?

  4. And ya congratulation on ur 50th episode i.e. golden jubliee
    Keep on entertaining us
    And i m so happy that u have become regular

  5. Fanficoholic

    A veryyyyyyyyyy biggggggggggg congratulation anaya fr ur golden jubliee. Continue tis amazing ff of urs. Cmng to the episode it was aweeeesomeeeeee. U depicted the emotions of anjali and khushi perfectly. And i am very excited abt the precap.

    Love u and ur ff loadsss

  6. Oh ho!!!!!! I am sooo late for commenting
    Full emotional episode ?
    Arnav ke liye bohot hi bura lagrahihe ??
    But I think everything will be fine in the next episode….
    Waiting for the next episode..

    1. And Congratulations my dear Anu,
      For completing 50th episode.. Many many congratulations. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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