A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 5)


Gupta house ( Lucknow )

Garima: I don’t believe in all this jiji, yeh shaadi nahi hogi, bus ( this marriage won’t occur that’s final)
Buaji : Panditji ne yeh aakri raasta bataya hai shashi babua ko bachaane ka aur mein apne bhai ke liye Kuch bhi kar sakti hoon( priest said this the last chance of saving shashi & I can do anything for my brother)
Garima: oh now I understand u want to get that kushi married before your brother die so that I cant torture her after that right
( buaji give tight slap to garima)

Buaji: not a word more , nothing will happen to my brother. At least have some courtesy towards that girl she call u Amma even though you never gave her love . she didn’t even address u has chachi forget complaining. Aur ek aur baat khaan khol ke sun lo yeh shaadi hokar rahegi aur mere bhai ko kuch nahi hoga samjhi tum ( one more thing , this marriage will definitely happen & my brother will be alright very soon)

Kushi all ready in her bridal dress standing in a temple & Arnav is in his car driving towards temple . All Raizada & Gupta family present in temple just praying for nani & shashi Gupta.. Arnav & kushi lost in their own thoughts

Kushi remembers her lovely time with shashi how he took care of her after her parents died in accident , how he played with her, how he rescued her from his evil wife garima. He never diffrenciated between kushi & payal she remembered all those lovely moments

Arnav remembered how nani took care of him & anjali after they were thrown out of house by their chacha when their parents died, how his nani loved & cared for them & protected from this evil society.

Both thought at once
“I can even give my own life to save them”

Arnav reached temple & came to mantap , as they neared each other there was a gust of cool breeze, their hearts stared beating louder in sync with each others & the marriage rituals started. It was kept very private only family members ,aman & lavanya( kushi’s friend) were present. Arnav & kushi never ever thought they would get married this early age, kushi was just 18 she had just joined her fashion designing course & though Arnav was well established businessman he never thought of getting married as he was only 24 & neither did he believe in marriage but he had a girlfriend ( her identity will be revealed later)

Now all the rituals were completed , they look pheras , Arnav tied mangalsutra & applied sindoor making kushi his forever. They took blessings of elders & reached hospital & seeked blessings from nani & shashi.

Doctor: Mr.Raizada, Its a miracle that both have started responding to treatment, there is still a hope that they can be saved

Anjali: Dekha chote panditji ki baat sach nikli naa ( see chote what priest told became true)
Buaji : yes anjali now everything will be fine gham ke din bahut dekh liye ab sab kuch accha hi hoga( we saw lots of sorrow from now on everything will be fine)
Anjali: ji buaji.. Chaliye ab aap dono hum mandir jaake pooja shuru karte hai ( come let’s go we have to start Pooja in temple)

The solution priest gave to save nani & shashi is Arnav & kushi should get married & perform some poojas from 3 months . only Everyone returned to Delhi to take care of nani & shashi as they were shifted in big hospital. Only Akash ,Payal & Aman stayed in Lucknow with Arshi to help them & even lavanya accompanied them always.

That marriage night both stayed in a same room. Kushi was weeping all night sitting on bed while arnav didn’t utter a word he was blank . He himself was not under control. Both didn’t notice when they dozzed of on bed.

Next day morning
Payal & Akash knocked the door but didn’t get any response, as the door was open they entered & saw arnav & kushi sleeping holding each other’s hand. From there faces it was evident they slept very late..but they have to wake up & go to temple.. So payal & Akash waked them up.. Arshi were surprised to see them like this but there was no time for all these thought so they got ready & reached temple. There they performed all poojas with utmost care & dedication though Arnav didn’t believe in all this he did it with full dedication & it was completed time was already 3pm they got in car drived back home.

In car
There were very much silent no one talked at last Arnav broke the silence
Arnav: kushi you okay
This was first time he was talking to her
Kushi nodded yes
Kushi: aap teek ho( are you okay)
He nodded , their conversation was restricted nothing else they talked till reaching home . Kushi , payal, lavanya were sitting in a room while arnav , aman, & Akash were in hall. Both were asked same questions by their respective siblings & friend.

Payal (to kushi )& Akash( to Arnav): how was everything
Kushi & Arnav: fine
Lavanya (to kushi ) & Aman ( to Arnav) : you didn’t sleep properly yesterday ..?? Look so tired
Arnav: she was crying whole night I think she is very much worried so please u both inform this to payal & lavanya so that they can make her feel better.
Kushi : He was blank whole night . I could see immense pain in his eyes, I think he need someone to share his grief, so please u both inform this to akash & aman so that they can make him feel better.

When Akash ,Payal, Aman& lavanya shared these talks they were surprised
Payal: already they’re so much concerned for each other
Akash: bhai can’t see tear in bhabhi’s eyes
Lavanya: & she cannot see him in pain
Aman: they are made for each other

A week passed

They shared this with anjali on phone
Anjali : that’s good news, its good that they are understanding each others pain & trying to ease it down at least indirectly. Take care of them.
Akash : sure di , how is nani & uncle
Anjali : they are recovering Akash doctor said they might get consciousness in a day or two

The same was informed to Arshi both were very happy in excitement even Kushi hugged arnav he too didn’t resist & later she lighted diya in front of devi maiyya.
Everyone were happy except one person & that person tried to kill shashi Gupta by turning off the ventilator.. But shyam noticed it in time & doctors were informed they checked him & took to ICU. After 10 hours of efforts they could save him. After knowing this kushi was startled ,arnav was angry & he became more furious seeing Kushi’s condition. He ordered police to find that person .

PRECAP: Kushi hugging arnav & he is caressing her .A person is shown talking on phone that there plan has failed.

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Itz awesome. I loved it

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  2. Eho is that person is she garima or what

    1. It will be revealed later. There are lot of connections between 2 families

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    1. Its hard to find here. U visit that page mentioned above on Facebook you will find all the parts

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    3. hey shubhi … just change the number 5 to 4.. u will get part 5… means… http://www.tellyupdates.com/new-ff-arshi-majbooriyaan-part-4/... also.. u can see her all ff in iss pyar ko kya naam dhoo ek jashn page of telly updates…

  4. Who s lavanya here???

    1. She is kushi’s best friend cum classmate

  5. voww it ws a cute epi loveed to d core update next part asap

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