A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 49)


Recap : Kushi is pregnant.. Harish plan a revenge

Anjali : kya hua.. Chote ne Kuch kiya hai.. ( what happened.. Did Arnav do something.. )

Shyam : nahi.. ( no )

Anjali : then why are you asking?

Shyam : he was very angry on Mrs Gupta & Harish malik so..

Anjali : ( suspiciously ) you are hiding something.. What did he do ..?

Shyam : nothing rani sahiba let me sleep now..

A week later..

Raizadas’ have returned to Delhi.. Everyone taking good care of Kushi.. There was happiness in whole house.. Everyone were excited & took at most care of kushi… but there was a storm to come today..

Kushi on call

Kushi : when are you coming back Arnavji its already 5.. You didn’t even come for lunch today

Arnav : I’m in meeting now.. Will come in an hour or two ok.. Seems like both my babies are missing me too much..

Kushi : yes..

Arnav : ok quickly give my gift..

Kushi kiss..

Arnav : only one.. Where is my little babies gift..

Kushi give one more kiss..

Kushi : happy now..

Arnav : very much..

Kushi : ok come soon bye..

Arnav : love you both..

Kushi : we too love you..

Kavya : enough bhabhi.. If you two keep romancing like this.. Instead of junior arshi.. Junior Romeo or Juliet will take birth ( she tease)

Kushi : kavya ki bacchi..

Kushi throw the pillow but Kavya escape & someone else hold it.. Both are shocked to see that person..

Kavya : Papa.. Yaha..? ( here..?)

Harish : kyun nahi aa sakta.. mein toh apni beti se Milne aaya hoon.. ( why.. Can’t I come.. I’m here to meet my daughter )

Kavya talk with him for a while.. Anjali Nani, mami have went to temple..Only kavya kushi payal at home..

Kavya : you met me naa now leave others may come anytime..

Harish : arre.. Still I have to meet Anjali after all she’s my elder daughter..

Kavya : what..? Why you want to meet her.. Please you go from here

Harish : what’s your fear .. Ah..? ( he smile evily)

Kavya : look.. ( she’s about to shout but see Anjali , nani & mami coming )

nani & mami get annoyed by seeing him but doesn’t react much for kavya’s sake

Anjali : how are you chachaji..

Harish : I’m still alive beti.. That’s it..

Kushi call shyam & ask him to come home soon

Anjali : what happened..?

Harish explain what happened in kavya’s marriage & how she artempted for suicide but doesn’t tell it was done my Arnav..

Anjali : what?? All this happened with kavya..

Harish : yes beti.. Upon that Arnav is behind me to get me arrested.. He thinks kavya got hurt because of me..

Anjali : don’t worry I’ll explain him.. He won’t trouble you more..

Harish : thanks..

He head to leave but while going he plant doubt in anjali’s mind

Harish : By the way I got more hurt because the one who broke marriage was from your family only.. That’s why I fear more.. Bye beta…

He leave.. Shyam Nk come..

Anjali : kavya.. Who broke your marriage..

Kavya : no one di.. He’s a liar don’t believe him..

Anjali : then how did it break..

Kavya : me & nk eloped as I loved him soo..

Nk : but kavya… You didn’t even..

Kavya gesture him to keep quiet & Anjali sees it..

Anjali : kavya tume hamari kasam kisne kiya yeh.. ( kavya you have my word who did this )

Kavya is in fix she can neither lie nor say truth..

Kavya : di leave it naa.. Now I’m happily married to nando… Then why all this..

Anjali : who did this.. ( tears fill her eyes.. She’s almost on verge of crying.. )

Shyam : me.. I did this..

Everyone is shocked..

Kushi : jijaji.. No..

Shyam asks her to be quite

Kavya call Arnav.. But he doesn’t pick..

Anjali : I don’t believe this..

Shyam : but this is the truth..

Anjali in tears.. Kushi & Kavya are tensed

Anjali : kise bacha rahe ho aap.. Kis ke liye jhoot bol rahe ho ( who are you protecting .. For whom are you lying )

Shyam : I’m not lying rani sahiba this is the truth..

Anjali : nahi.. Hum nahi maante.. Aap aise kabhi nahi karenge ( no.. I don’t believe.. You can never do this.. )

Anjali recall past events how Arnav was tensed during kavya’s marriage time.. She recall Arnav even visited Lucknow making excuse of office work.. How kavya was cold towards him in beginning, Arnav who didn’t like kavya before that but after marriage he didn’t utter a word, how a week back shyam was talking about arnav.. She is feeling her chote has done this.. But she isn’t ready to believe he can do anything like this.. She just want her assumption to be wrong.. But she can’t even run away from truth…. All past events roll in front of her eyes..

Anjali sit on couch & start crying.. Because somewhere her heart confirmed her that her chote did this.. Shyam can never strain his relationship with her for anyone except Arnav

Kushi : di please don’t cry..

Kavya : di look I’m so happy now.. Why are you thinking about past events..

Anjali doesn’t respond.. Shyam come & sit infront of her..

Shyam : I’m sorry rani sahiba.. I took bad decision..

Anjali : why are you lying.. ( she ask crying)

Shyam is not able to see her condition.. But he is quite for arnav’s sake..

Shyam : rani sahiba please stop crying.. I can’t see you like this please.. I’m sorry..

Anjali : why are you sorry I know who did this.. Chote ne kiya haina ( Arnav did this right )

Shyam about to deny but arnav come home..

Arnav : what’s this ? I was in meeting & you people call 100 times.. (He see Anjali crying & go to her )

Arnav : what happened di.. Why are you crying..

He hold her hand but she shove off & get up..

Anjali : I’m asking for last time tell me the truth shyam.. Please.. ( she cry more )

Arnav come forward..

Arnav : what happened di.. Tell me what happened I’ll solve everything don’t cry.. ( he’s very much worried seeing tears in her eyes but doesn’t realise its because of him )

Anjali : tum door hi raho humse..

Shyam : Anjali please.. Come we will talk in room not here..

She push him back & scream..

Anjali : no.. Tell me the truth now..

sorry guys

no precap..

I will post next epi tommorw

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Oh!! So, that’s the matter!!
    I was so scared… But I think Anjeli will forgive Arnav, right?? Yaar, Anu, I don’t know what will happen next.. But I am sure, tere won’t be anything wrong…

    I am so happy that u became regular… It’s really nice to read your ff regularly..
    Waiting for tomorrow.. The next episode. 🙂

  2. Oh m g
    Very scaey episode
    I was just biting my teeths while reading this
    What will happpen tomorrow
    Waiting for next
    Loved it

  3. Amanigatta

    Ohh feeling bad for arnav and anjali?so the truth is out?waiting for ur next episode…by the way awesome episode?

  4. Fanficoholic

    Oho bechara arnav??????? bt anyways nice epi. Though it was a sad epi it was really good. After all happy times cant last forever na. Keep updating regularly like u u r doing nw and lots of luv from me anaya???????????

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